ODG Luke Beige LT
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ODG Luke Beige LT

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  • Material: Ceramic,   Digital,   Light
  • Finish: Glossy Finish
  • Type: Wall Tiles
  • Size i 300x600 mm
  • Design Marble
  • Suitable for Bathroom Tiles,   Kitchen Tiles,   Bar/Restaurant
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Our recommendation for your drawings

Give us a photograph with measurements or a drawing of your space. Our in-house experts would design your space with tiles and share the same through email.

About ODG Luke Beige LT

White color has its own beauty but when it comes to the Beige color, no color can beat its charm! The Luke Beige tile comes with an interesting design that resembles real marble and the light beige color adds to its beauty! The Tile gives a bright and lively vibe and is sure to bring some positive energy to any space. Its glossy finish makes the tile suitable for places that get a little natural light as this finish reflects the light in the room. This aspect can also make the room look bigger. So a small downstairs bathroom or a storeroom or even your kitchen is an ideal place to use these tiles and reap their benefits. The tile is made of light, ceramic material which makes the tile strong and durable. The tile is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant and it does not absorb moisture as well. You can guess by now that the tile is very low maintenance and can be cleaned just by using a wet mop or cloth! Made in the size of 300mm x 600mm, the tile can be creatively laid in various patterns to beautify your space! Some of the most famous patterns are a brick pattern and straight pattern, just to name a few. You’re sure to love this tile and the vibe it brings to your space!

Other Details
Tiles per Box 5
Number of Faces 4
Recommended Laying Pattern Basketweave Pattern, Brick Pattern, Herringbone Pattern, Straight Pattern
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Wall Floor
ODG Luke Beige LT

We recommend accounting for an additional 10% wastage due to any accidental damage that might occur or when tiles have to be cut around the edges of the room.

Wall Floor
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Wall 1

tip-icon If there are large obstructions in the wall such as doors and windows, multiply the width by the height of the obstruction then subtract that from the total area you need to tile.

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