Patent Application No. : Forever Tiles : 685/CHE/2011

Forever tiles come with a surface that is highly abrasion, scratch and stain resistant. These tiles are rated 8 on Moh's scale of hardness where diamond is on 10 and iron is on 4. So, if you try to scratch them with any knife, the knife will get scratched.

The invention is a corundum based coating composition and the method of applying it on the ceramic tiles for producing tiles with extreme abrasion and scratch resistance.
How is this achieved? During the manufacturing process:
First engobe coating is applied.
Second corundum base glaze coating is applied.
Third corundum paste base coating is applied.
Fourth corundum base over coating is applied.
These tiles have self cleaning property as tested by Queens IPS Lab, UK.
Rated 8 on Moh’s scale of hardness where diamond is rated 10.
Very high scratch resistance.
Impact resistance.
Very low water absorption.
Where to Use?
Inside homes, specially those with children
Driveways, pathways
Bedroom, kitchen
High traffic areas.
Shopping malls.
Commercial spaces.