Patent Application No. : Life Tiles : 5553/CHE/2012

Life tiles is an amazing technology. In the presence of solar light or artificial UV light, it removes smog & poisonous No and CO gases improving air quality. Just 1,000 sqft of x 2 Life Tiles work like 150 trees. This technology also kills >99.2% bacteria. 3 Miracles in every Life Tile. Believe it !

Three Miracles in each Tile Clean, Green & Healthy
A technology that fuses Titanium Dioxide (TiO ) 2 along with other minerals in the glazed surface of tile in a patent pending process. It provides relief from harmful smog in the environment created by burning fossil fuels.
A technology providing safety from harmful bacteria.
Life Tiles is an amazing technology that removes smog and poisonous No and CO x 2 gases improving the air inside and outside your living spaces.
Test results confirm killing of over 99.2% germs touching the tile surface & proving they are absolutely free.
Reduces bad odour.
Fit to use at every place where human beings inhabit.
These tiles also have self cleaning property as tested by Queens IPS Lab, U.K.*
Photocatalytic activity induced by titanium dioxide, oxidizes the harmful air pollutants emitted by vehicles burning fossil fuels.
Neutralizes smog in presence of sunlight or artificial UV light converts smog into useful fertilizer (ie nitrous oxide to calcium nitrate).
10,000 sq ft of tiling area neutralizes poisonous NO gas equivalent to that done by 1,500 trees.
*Self cleaning means that Life Tiles disintegrate stains so they are easier to wash and spread any liquids placed on its surface thereby accelerating the process of vaporization.
What is smog?
  • Smog is formed when nitrogen oxide mixes in the air with other chemicals in presence of sunlight & heat.
  • Nitrogen oxide is also emitted as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels (coal, petroleum, natural gas etc which contains high presence of carbon) in vehicles and electric power plants.
  • Smog is a type of air pollution caused by exhaust from cars, trucks, generators and other internal combustion engines and industrial fumes that react in the atmosphere with sunlight to form secondary pollutants that also combine with the primary emissions to form photochemical smog.
What is smog?
How does it work
  • When tile is exposed to light, the photocatalyst on the surface speeds up the oxidation process to reduce pollution.
  • When it rains, the small quantity of organic residue is washed off the roof.
  • During the tile-making process, our engobe, glaze, top coating base has titanium dioxide (TiO ) to fight smog. 2
  • Glaze made from frit containing borates of calcium, magnesium and zinc oxide, which have anti-microbial property.
  • The base glaze contains zinc oxide - a powerful anti-microbial agent.
  • Magnesium oxide which comes from dolomite which is in the frit makes it anti-microbial.