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PGVT Rosalia Beige


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About PGVT Rosalia Beige

Orientbell’s PGVT Rosalia Beige brings the beauty of rose to any place with its creative texture and colour. This tile will not only give you a chance to recreate the beauty of roses around you but will also make your room the most eye-catching part of your place. You can easily clean this tile with a wet mop or cloth and even wash it. Moreover, this tile is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, which reduces most of the hard work to maintain it. Not surprisingly, this tile requires almost no maintenance for years. It can be used at multiple places like living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. PGVT Rosalia Beige is so finely and creatively crafted that no one can take their eyes off it. This tile is very affordable and makes it easy for anyone to choose it. The tile will help you bring class and style to your place.

Other Details

Size 600x600

Tiles Per Box 4

Number of Faces 4

Factory West Zone

Recommended Laying Pattern Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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