Product Quality

A legacy that dates back to four decades wasn’t built in a day. It took our teams and departments to work day-in-and-out to ensure quality product in every batch.

Abrasion Testing
For Scratch Resistance
It is the resistance of the tile to any damage resulting from abrasion. The greater the hardness of the tile, the lower will be its wear and tear. Our Forever Tiles have achieved a rating of 8 on Mohs Scale (Making it Equivalent to Hardened steel)
MOR Testing
For Stress Resistance
MOR Testing determines the tiles ability to withstand sustained & repeated mechanical stress. A point load is applied till the tile reaches its Breaking Point
Water Absorption Test
For Measuring Water Resistance
Tiles are dried in low humidity. Then boiled in water and cooled to room temperature Depending on Water absorption they are categorized as
Impact Tester
For Impact Resistance
It measures the ability of a tile to withstand sudden impact. A s teel ball is dropped on a tile to measure the coefficient of restitution.
Drop test determines a tile resistance to impact.
For Temperature Resistance
The tiles are heated in an auto clave at a pressure of 750 kPa for 2 hr. They are observed for hairline cracks when they return to room temperature.