Sahara Nero
Living Room Wall and Floor Tiles
Wall Tiles for  Accent Tiles
Living Room Wall and Floor Tiles
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Our recommendation for your drawings

Give us a photograph with measurements or a drawing of your space. Our in-house experts would design your space with tiles and share the same through email.

About Sahara Nero

The Sahara Nero tiles from the house of Orientbell are perfect, if you’re looking to beautify your spaces without worrying about the durability aspect. These full body vitrified tiles are made for long wear and tear, yet retain its original shape and looks, even after years of its use. You no longer have to deal with tiles chipping and the ugliness that comes with it. The base tile is combined with grains of the required colour, and you have the best-looking tiles that work well for both residential and commercial spaces. Lay these full body tiles in showrooms, hotel lobbies, pool decks or educational institutions, and they are sure to impress! They also work their magic in residential spaces, so go ahead and use them in bathrooms, living rooms or the porch area. These full body vitrified tiles have higher strength and lower water absorption than stone. What’s more, it is also chemical and stain-resistant, and does not have to be polished for maintenance. There’s enough and more reasons to get these tiles today!

Other Details
Tiles per Box 4
Number of Faces 1
Recommended Laying Pattern Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern
Tile Calculator

Here are the details for the tiles of your choice.

Wall Floor
Sahara Nero

We recommend accounting for an additional 10% wastage due to any accidental damage that might occur or when tiles have to be cut around the edges of the room.

Wall Floor
Yes No
Wall 1

tip-icon If there are large obstructions in the wall such as doors and windows, multiply the width by the height of the obstruction then subtract that from the total area you need to tile.

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