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Subway Sandune


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Subway Sandune

Who doesn’t like bedecking their home and work spaces with gorgeous colours, artwork, furniture, and of course, a glamorous floor that becomes the talk of the town! Truth be told, there are a lot of flooring options available today, but tiling is undeniably considered to be most effective to choose and easiest to maintain. If you are looking for options to tile your floor, look no further than the Subway Sandune tiles by Orient Bell. A product from their latest range of floor tiling options, these subtle and minimalist 300x300 mm digital, ceramic tiles beautify your surroundings like no other. Designed in softer and neutral shades of beige and brown that replicate the colours of sand, the matte-finish tiles are best suited for commercial areas such as schools, parking spaces, bars and restuarants, schools and swimming pools but they also look fabulous at balconies, residential pathways, and outdoor areas. Highly durable and extremely low-maintenance, these wonderful tiles are effortless to clean and upkeep.

Other Details

Size 300x300

Tiles Per Box 10

Number of Faces 2

Factory Hoskote

Recommended Laying Pattern Brick Pattern, Random Pattern, Straight Pattern, Versailles Pattern

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