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    If you are looking for tiles for your restaurant or living room, then you should go for bigger sized tiles, including 1200x2400mm tiles. Bigger tiles make any area look more spacious. Also, you will need fewer pieces of 1200x2400mm tiles to cover any space, be it a living room, dining room, restaurant, school, showroom or bedroom. You can visit the nearest store of Orientbell for the best prices. Moreover, Quick Look and TriaLook are two tile visualizer tools available at our official Orientbell website which can help you out in visualizing your tile before the purchase.

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      Go For Them If You Want The Best Quality And High Strength

      Since 1200x2400mm tiles are versatile and available in delightful shades, they can make a room look classy and productive at the same time. Orientbell’s 1200x2400mm tile is available in a polished glazed vitrified body which is known to be the strongest tile material available in the market.

      1200x2400mm tiles are creatively crafted and these tiles can transform the environment of your room with their unique texture. The glimmer and sheen of these will never let your room look dull or exhausting. Most importantly, the bigger size of 1200x2400mm tiles can make your place appear spacious and brighter. Moreover, these 1200x2400mm floor tiles are flawless and easy to clean and maintain. They are also scratch- and stain-resistant, so you need not worry at all.

      Spaces Where 1200x2400 Tiles Can Be Used:

      • 1200x2400 Kitchen Tiles
      • 1200x2400 Bathroom Tiles
      • 1200x2400 Automotive Showroom Tiles
      • 1200x2400 Restaurant Tiles
      • 1200x2400 Office Tiles
      • 1. Where can 1200*2400 tiles be used?
        • 1200*2400 can be used at multiple places to enhance the beauty of your place. This tile can be used in a bedroom, office, bar or restaurant, living room and even high-traffic areas. The big size of the tile is a plus point as one piece can cover a large area. This means that you won’t have to spend a lot of money on multiple numbers of pieces. Laying of these tiles will also be quicker because there will be fewer pieces to handle.
      • 2. What are the characteristics of 1200*2400 tiles?
        • 1200*2400 tile is very unique because of its size. The bigger size of the tiles means you will use less number of pieces, which is a big advantage in terms of the budget. This tile is also very durable and requires less maintenance. Also, this tile absorbs less water and is scratch- and stain-resistant. Last but not the least, this tile can be easily cleaned with a wet mop or a cloth.
      • 3. What are the material and finishes used in 1200*2400 tiles?
        • These tiles are bigger in size and are crafted very creatively and finely. The materials used in these tiles are mostly digital, polished glazed vitrified, vitrified and many more. On the other hand, there are mainly two finishes used in these tiles, which are matte and glossy.
      • 4. What are the various laying patterns for 1200*2400 tiles?
        • 1200*2400 tiles can be laid in any pattern. The most common patterns in which 1200*2400 tiles are laid in brick pattern, diagonal pattern, herringbone pattern and straight pattern. Different patterns add a different style and look, so choose the pattern that best suits your space.
      • 5. What kinds of 1200*2400 tiles are available at Orientbell?
        • Orientbell has a wide variety of tiles be it for a living room, bedroom, office, bar or restaurant, school, hospitality industry and others. Also, the tiles we provide come in different sizes, colours, patterns, designs and textures. In the 1200*2400 tiles category, we have various options available that can add beauty and style to your space.

          For example, Orientbell’s PGVT Statuario Summer White is an ideal option available in the 1200*2400 tile category. This tile is made up of the material like polished glazed vitrified, digital with a finishing of gloss on it. This tile is very affordable and requires very less maintenance. Moreover, this tile absorbs less water and is also stain- and scratch-resistant.

          Orientbell’s PGVT Marmi Eramosa is another option available in the 1200*2400 tile category and is available in glossy finishing. This tile can be used in various places like the living room, office, bar or restaurant, dining room and many more places. Also, this tile can be laid in multiple patterns like straight pattern and brick pattern.

          All the tiles available at Orientbell are unique in their own way whether it be material, size, finishing, texture, design or colour combination. We assure you that we can provide you the best quality of tiles.

      Tile Visualizer - TriaLook and Quick Look

      The most interesting part of buying tiles at Orientbell Tiles is that you can visualize the tiles through its TriaLook and Quick Look visualiser tools available on its website. They can help you digitally try tiles in your space before you actually purchase them.


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