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    Granite Tiles

    Granite tiles are the newest and strongest alternative to natural granite. Granite tiles are vitrified tiles that have a granite-like print on their surface that gives them the look of natural granite. With Orientbell Tiles’ range of granite tiles called Granalt, especially large format full body tiles, you can bring home the luxurious look of granite with equal durability. 

    Natural granite is a strong material and has been used in the past for flooring and countertops. However, a newer alternative, especially in residential spaces where you do not require granite’s strength, is the Orientbell Tile’s Granalt range of tiles.  Granalt tiles are easier to install than natural granite slabs, and can be cut into any shape and polished too. They also require less maintenance than natural granite and are equally, if not, more durable! Granalt tiles are also available in a wide range of different patterns and colours and will not get dull with time – unlike natural granite that requires regular polishing to maintain its sheen.

    Granite tiles are basically Double charge and full body vitrified tiles and are available in three finishes – glossy, matte and rocker and are available in six sizes -  600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 800x800mm, 800x1600mm and 800x2400mm. Some of the most popular granite tiles are Marstone Grey, Canto DK Black, Canto DK Coffee, River Smoky, Nu Canto Ash and Star DK Black. In the Granalt range of tiles, Granalt Royal Black, Granalt Royal White, Granalt Brown, Granalt Grey and Granalt Galactic Blue are the most popular tiles.

    Want to take a look at all the Granalt tiles and their specifications? Click here to view the catalogue.

    Popular Granite Tiles for Floor & Wall

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      Granite Tiles for Step Stairs Tiles
      Size 300x300 mm ft
      Granite Tiles for Step Stairs Tiles
      Size 300x300 mm ft
      Granite Tiles for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Granite Tiles for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Automotive Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Granite Tiles for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Automotive Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Granite Tiles for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x600 mm ft
      Granite Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Accent Tiles, Hospital Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x600 mm ft

      Granite Tiles Design Images

      Want to add a grand granite touch to your space? The Lara Gold is just the tile for you! This double charge vitrified tile is robust and long lasting and its subtle ivory colour pairs well with all kinds of colour and décor schemes. Measuring 600x600mm, this beautiful granite tile comes with a glossy finish that makes the tile gleam. Pair it with darker furniture and décor pieces for a dramatic impact.

      granite tiles for lobby flooring

      With the NY Canto Azul tile you can bring home this exquisite blue granite look. Measuring 600x600mm this glossy double charge floor tile can grace the floors of your residential or commercial space quite effortlessly. Pair it with white furniture, cabinet or décor pieces for a soft and mesmerising look. Looking for something more dramatic? Pair the tile with furniture or décor in darker shades of blue and see the magic!

      granite tiles for kitchen flooring

      With subtle orange notes atop an ivory base, the Star Orange is a thing of beauty.  This double charge granite tile is not only durable, but it also comes with a glossy finish that enhances the appeal of the tile manifold. This neutral coloured tile can easily be paired with any shade that has a warm undertone – go for similar colours for a minimal modern look or opt for contrasting darker colours for a more dramatic flair – either way your space is bound to look stunning!

      granite tiles for kitchen floor

      Terrazzo has always been popular and it is making a comeback again. With the DGVT Terrazzo Brown you can add this classic granite tile to your space. The matte finish of this large 600x1200mm tile ensures that you can use these tiles in both wet and dry spaces. With a beautiful beige and brown colour scheme this granite tile will fit in with almost every colour and design scheme – be it modern or contemporary. Add some greenery to freshen things up and spruce up your space!

      granite tiles for bathroom flooring

      Advantages of Granite Tiles Over Granite

      The choice between a natural stone or granite tile might be confusing to many. Here are some key aspects as to why picking granite tiles over granite could be a better choice. 


      While natural granite is one of the strongest materials available, most residential and even commercial uses do not require this strength. Granite tiles are made using vitrified material and have strength and durability that can withstand both residential and commercial use. Granite tiles will be as long lasting as granite or even more.


      Since granite is a naturally occurring stone that requires to be mined and processed the cost is on the higher side. The cost of granite tiles is comparatively lower than natural granite, with the price of granite tiles starting at Rs. 64 per sq. feet.


      Granite slabs are heavy; transportation and installation can be difficult. Granite tiles, on the other hand, are lighter, making them easier to transport and install. It is also easier to cut tiles to fit into tight corners or around pillars and they can also be drilled easily. Granite tiles can also be used as countertops in any shape required. 


      Natural granite is porous and therefore is bound to be damaged by wear and tear, water exposure. Granite tiles however have low porosity and last longer even if exposed to water. Granite tiles don’t also require frequent polishing like granite does. 

      Colours & Designs

      While natural granite is available in limited colour options, Granite tiles are available in a wide range of colours and designs. You can choose from a range of colours such as beige, black, blue, brown, grey, green and more to match the colours of your wall or decor.


      Granite tiles have a big advantage over granite in the maintenance aspect. Granite requires regular polishing and other procedures because of its high porosity. Whereas granite tiles do not need to be polished and retain their colour and shine. 


      Since granite is a naturally occurring stone it requires extensive mining, processing and transporting – significantly contributing to pollution. Granite tiles are man-made and are significantly more eco-friendly. 


      Naturally occurring stones such as granite do not offer consistency of design and colour. Granite tiles, however, have a consistent design and colour across all pieces thereby ensuring your floors and walls have a uniform look and feel. 


      Be it residential spaces or commercial areas, wear and tear in the form of footfall, furniture drags and more are bound to occur. Granite tiles are made for such floors and can withstand this usage without losing shine or polish. 

      Spaces Where Granite Tiles Can Be Used

      Granite tiles can be used on floors, walls, countertops, window seats, in both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some popular uses for granite tiles: 

      • Granite Tiles for Kitchen
      • Living Room / Hall Granite Tiles
      • Granite Bathroom Tiles
      • Granite Tiles for Bedroom
      • Commercial Granite Tiles
      • Office Granite Tiles
      • Granite Tiles for Porch
      • Granite Tiles for Restaurant
      • Granite Tiles for Bar
      • High Traffic Granite Tiles
      • Granite Kitchen Countertop
      • Granite Bathroom Countertop
      • Granite Tiles on Steps

      Tips To Choose The Best Granite Tiles For Your Need

      Choosing the right granite tiles for your space is extremely important. Here are some tips to choose the best granite tiles for your need:

      1. Choosing The Right Colour

      Remember to choose granite tiles that are in flow with the colour and design scheme of your space in mind. You can choose granite tiles that match the colour of your furniture and/or upholstery for a seamless look. A synchronised look or a unique contrast - either of these can be achieved by choosing the right colour. 

      2. Choosing The Pattern

      Granite tiles are available in various patterns

      1. Solid Pattern

      There is very little variation in pattern and is a great choice for smaller spaces.

      2. Marbled Pattern

      These tiles have a smooth transition between the colour and pattern and can be used in spaces of all sizes.

      3. Speckled Pattern

      This is one of the most popular options and can help make a subtle but lasting statement in your space.

      3. Dark Or Light?

      The choice of using dark or light tiles will depend upon various factors such as:

      1. Area Of Application:

      Are you using them on the floor, wall or countertop? You can opt for darker tiles on the floors and countertop, while opt for lighter tiles for wall cladding.

      2. Area Of The Space:

      Smaller areas benefit from lighter tiles since they can make the space look bigger. Darker tiles can add a cosy and warm feel to a larger space.

      3. Theme or Style:

      If your overall theme is light with light furniture, walls and décor pieces, you can get away with using darker coloured floor tiles. Conversely, if your upholstery, furniture and textiles are dark opt for light tiles for a contrast.


      The size of the granite tiles you use in your space will depend upon the area of your room. For smaller rooms you can opt for both small and large format tiles, but for larger spaces it is best to opt for larger tiles so that there is less visual clutter by way of grout lines.

      Granite Tiles Prices


      Lowest Price

      Highest Price

      Granite Tiles

      Rs. 64 per sq. feet

      Rs. 121 per sq. feet

      Granalt Tiles

      Rs. 204 per sq. feet

      Rs. 231 per sq. feet

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      FAQs on Granite Tiles

      • 1. Which is a better choice - tiles, marble or granite?
        • While all three materials are a great choice, tiles prove to be a significantly better option than marble or granite for the following reasons:

          1. Tiles are marginally cheaper than marble or granite.Tiles require no additional regular maintenance processes such as sealing or polishing.

          2. Tiles are easy to clean and can often be spot cleaned or mopped easily.

          3. Tiles are available in a larger variety of designs and colours for you to choose from.

          1. Tiles are easier to install, cut and drill.
          2. Tiles are better for the environment.
      • 2. Are granite tiles stronger than granite?
        • Granite tiles, especially granalt tiles, have a mohr value that is comparable to natural granite. They are strong and durable for use in most places that granite is used.
      • 3. Disadvantages of granite
        • Natural granite is a popular material, but comes with a host of disadvantages:

          1. Since granite is very hard (second hardest material on the planet), it can be quite a task to cut it into shape or drill holes in it.

          2. Granite is very heavy and can be difficult to install. Because of its weight certain floors may not even be able to take its weight.

          3. Since granite requires regular maintenance procedures you may have to hire a professional for the same.

          4. The cost of natural granite is significant.

          5. While granite is strong it is not dense. This means that the surface can still get flaked, chipped or shattered if care is not taken.

      • 4. Are granite tiles more long-lasting than granite?
        • Granite tiles are not as porous as granite and hence can withstand moisture and wear and tear. With granite slabs you will have to replace the whole stone in case of damage. But, with granite tiles, you can replace the affected area. This makes granite tiles last longer than granite.
      • 5. Where can granite tiles be used?
        • Granite tiles can be used in a variety of spaces in a variety of ways. It can be used as a flooring material, wall cladding, countertop, window seat, etc. it can also be used in a variety of spaces such as:

          1.       Kitchens
          2.       Bathrooms
          3.       Living rooms
          4.       Bedrooms
          5.       Offices
          6.       Restaurants
          7.       Bars
          8.       Cafes
          9.       Porches
          10.       Showrooms
          11.       Boutiques
          12.       Malls


      TriaLook is Orientbell Tiles’ revolutionary tile visualisation tool that makes the process of selecting and buying tiles easy. With this tool simply select the tile of your choice and upload a picture of your space (or use a preset image) – TriaLook will provide you with an accurate representation of how the tiles will look post installation in the space of your choice. This tool can be accessed via the desktop website as well as the mobile website and is available for free! 

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