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    Glass Mosaic Tiles

    The mosaic tiles from Orientbell Tiles provide you with that much coveted mosaic look in a convenient form. These tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial spaces. The tiles are manufactured using materials like ceramic and glazed vitrified. The tiles are also available in a number of sizes, with 300x600mm, 200x300mm, and 300x450mm being the most popularly opted sizes. While glossy finish tiles are most popular, the tiles are available in matte finish surfaces too.. ODG Juno Multi DK, Square Brown, ODG City Khaki DK, ODG City Khaki LT, and ODH City Khaki HL are the most popular mosaic tiles on the Orientbell Tiles website. You can purchase the mosaic tiles at a store near you or on the Orientbell Tiles website. You can also use TriaLook, a visualisation tool developed by Orientbell Tiles, to visualise tiles in your space and make the process of tile selection and tile buying easier.

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    Mosaic Tiles Design – Add Some Spunk To Your Space With Mosaic Tiles

    The mosaic tiles at Orientbell Tiles are manufactured using some of the latest technology and materials, such as ceramic and glazed vitrified. This ensures that the tiles are robust and last you for a long time. Their durability also means that the tiles can be used in high-traffic zones and are an apt choice for residential and commercial spaces.

    The beautiful mosaic pattern of these tiles helps add a touch of timelessness and nostalgia to any space they are added to. While traditionally, the use of mosaic tiles was often limited to bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools, modern designers and homeowners are now using mosaic tiles for spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, malls, restaurants, and bars too.

    These stunning tiles can be used on both floors and walls of spaces. Adding mosaic tiles to the floor can make the space stand out and subtly help add some colour to any space. When it comes to walls, backsplashes and accent walls are two spaces where you will often find mosaic tiles used.

    The tiles are also available in a wide variety of different designs, such as wooden, marble, stone, cement, floral and geometric. These designs combine the beauty of mosaics with other designs to produce stunning-looking tiles. For example, wooden mosaic tiles marry the warmth of wood with the added “exotic” feel that comes with mosaic tiles. Similarly, geometric mosaic tiles can help add depth to a space and make it feel bigger. The combination of mosaics with floral designs can elevate the mood of the space.

    Similarly, the two finishes can also greatly impact the overall look of the space. Glossy tiles reflect light and can brighten up a dull or dark room, while matte tiles can give the space a rustic and earthy look.

    Properties of Mosaic Tiles

    The range of mosaic tiles available at Orientbell Tiles has certain properties that make it popular and highly sought.

    1. The tiles are durable and long-lasting.
    2. The tiles have low porosity and absorb very little moisture, protecting your floors and walls from water-related damage.
    3. The tiles come with an easy-to-clean surface that can often be washed or wiped clean in no time at all.
    4. The tiles require very little maintenance and do not regularly need special procedures, such as sealing.

    Spaces Where Mosaic Tiles Can Be Installed

    Mosaic tiles are durable and have low porosity, making them a versatile choice to be used in a wide variety of spaces. Some spaces where mosaic tiles can be used are:-

    1. Kitchens
    2. Swimming pools
    3. Bathrooms
    4. Accent walls
    5. Dining rooms
    6. Parking lots
    7. Balconies
    8. Porches
    9. Terraces
    10. Bars
    11. Restaurants
    12. Hospitals
    13. Pathways
    14. Stairs
    15. Malls
    16. Boutiques
    17. Showrooms
    18. Metro stations
    19. Airports
    20. Railway stations

    Popular Mosaic Tiles

    Price Range

    ODG Juno Multi DK

    Rs. 67 per sq. feet

    Square Brown

    Rs. 40 per sq. feet

    ODG City Khaki DK

    Rs. 53 per sq. feet

    ODG City Khaki LT

    Rs. 53 per sq. feet

    ODH City Khaki HL

    Rs. 53 per sq. feet

     For best prices, visit your nearest store.

    Mosaic Tiles Size

    Mosaic Tiles Size

    Size in MM

    Large Tiles


    Regular Tiles




    Small Tiles




    Plank Tiles


     Mosaic Tiles Colours

    The mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of colours as given below:

    1. Beige Mosaic Tiles
    2. Black Mosaic Tiles
    3. Blue Mosaic Tiles
    4. Brown Mosaic Tiles
    5. Cream Mosaic Tiles
    6. Green Mosaic Tiles
    7. Grey Mosaic Tiles
    8. Ivory Mosaic Tiles
    9. Pink Mosaic Tiles
    10. Purple Mosaic Tiles
    11. Red Mosaic Tiles
    12. Sandune Mosaic Tiles
    13. White Mosaic Tiles
    14. Yellow Mosaic Tiles

    FAQs about Mosaic Tiles

    Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding mosaic tiles:

    • 1. What is a mosaic tile?
      • Technically, the term mosaic tiles are used to describe tiles that contain a combination of different tile sizes, materials, colours and shapes that are set together on a single sheet to ensure easy installation. These tiles can contain a variety of materials, such as glass, ceramic, natural stone, mirrors and even pieces of metal that are set in a random or defined pattern on a mesh sheet.  The mosaic tiles found at Orientbell Tiles are mosaic look tiles. This means that the tile comes with a mosaic-looking print on its surface. Mosaic look tiles are easier to maintain than mosaic tiles since there are minimal grout lines and no indents for the dust to settle in.
    • 2. Are mosaic tiles out of style?
      • Mosaic tiles are a trend that never seems to fall off the “trending tiles” list. Maybe it is due to their timeless look or their versatility of use or even the nostalgia they invoke in us – mosaic tiles are here to stay!
    • 3. Do I need spacers for mosaic tiles?
      • Using a spacer can help you achieve great precision in getting accurate lines without having to spend hours adjusting tiles. Installing mosaic tiles without spacers, especially those with intricate grid patterns that need to match for a seamless look, can be a difficult and sluggish task. Without spacers, you will need to constantly adjust and readjust your tiles to get tiles to align perfectly.

    Tile Visualiser: TriaLook

    To make the process of tile selection and tile buying easy, Orientbell Tiles has developed a visualise tool named TriaLook. To use this tool simply choose a tile and click on the “try in my room” button. Once redirected, upload a picture of your space (or use a pre-uploaded image from the website) and sit back while TriaLook works its magic. In a matter of seconds, you will be presented with an image with tiles installed in the space. You can access this tool from the desktop website as well as the mobile website.

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