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    Orange Tiles

    The brightness and happy vibe of orange tiles makes them a popular choice for a lot of commercial and residential spaces, especially for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. The variety of orange tiles available at Orientbell Tiles differs in size, material, design, texture and price. The price of these stunning orange tiles starts from Rs. 45 per sq. feet and goes up to Rs. 356 per sq. feet. These tiles are manufactured using vitrified and  ceramic materials and come with a glossy or matte finish. 600x600mm, 300x600mm, 300x450mm, and 250x375mm are the sizes in which these gorgeous orange tiles are available. The most popular orange tiles are ODH Printex Flora HL, Star Orange, ODH Charms Flora HL, Periodic Table Of The Elements and Food Chain Pyramid. They can be bought at a store near you or on the official website of Orientbell Tiles. You can even try the tile visualiser tool known as TriaLook, which helps in visualising the selected tile in your space just by uploading a picture of it.

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    Orange Tiles for Kitchen Tiles
    Size 300x450 mm ft
    Orange Tiles for Kitchen Tiles
    Size 300x450 mm ft
    Orange Tiles for Kitchen Tiles
    Size 300x600 mm ft
    Orange Tiles for Accent Tiles
    Size 300x450 mm ft

    Orange Tiles: A Perfect Combination Of Beauty And Style

    The orange colour is considered to be one of the cheerful colours and can modify the look of any space. These tiles are made with advanced technology and with different materials like vitrified, and ceramic. These gorgeous and stylish orange tiles are also available in  glossy and matte finishes. The glossy finish provides an elegant sheen to the tile design, while the matte finish gives a subtle rustic touch to it. 

    These orange tiles can be installed in all kinds of spaces, be it residential or commercial, especially when it comes to choosing tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from these two areas, you can get these appealing orange tiles installed in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals and so on. There are various orange-coloured highlighter tiles available which can be clubbed with plain or contrasting tiles to create an emphasising room decor. 

    There are various types of orange tiles available such as granite, texture, floral, geometric, brick, pattern and stylised. You can choose your choice of orange tile from the variety of designs available. 

    Orange Tiles Price

    Tile Type

    Minimum Price

    Maximum Price

    Orange Tiles

    Rs. 45 per sq. feet

    Rs. 356 per sq. feet


    Places Where Orange Tiles Can Be Used

    1. Restaurants
    2. Living rooms
    3. Bedrooms
    4. Accent walls
    5. Schools 
    6. Accent walls
    7. Kitchens
    8. Offices
    9. Bathrooms 
    10. Terraces
    11. Balconies
    12. Dining rooms

    Orange Tiles Price

    Popular Orange Tiles

    Price Range

    ODH Printex Flora HL

    Rs. 67 per sq. feet

    ODH Charms Flora HL

    Rs. 53 per sq. feet

    Periodic Table Of The Elements

    Rs. 104 per sq. feet

    Food Chain Pyramid

    Rs. 104 per sq. feet

    For best prices, visit your nearest store.

    Orange Tiles Size

    Orange Tiles Size

    Size in MM

    Regular Tiles




    Small Tiles




    FAQs About Orange Tiles

    • 1. Where can we use orange tiles?
      • Orange is a colour full of charm and style. These stunning orange tiles can transform the appearance of any boring space into an exciting and cheerful one. Especially when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, you can creatively club orange highlighter tiles with plain tiles to create an appealing decor. Also, these tiles can be installed in multiple places like restaurants, dining rooms, bedrooms, schools, hospitals, educational institutions, accent walls and so on.
    • 2. What are the characteristics of orange tiles?
      • Orange tiles are full of useful features. Be it related to their maintenance, cleaning or durability, these tiles stand up to the expectations. They can be cleaned or mopped easily in no time. These tiles do not require regular upkeep. The low water absorption rate of these tiles makes them suitable for use in wet areas like bathrooms, balconies, terraces and kitchens.
    • 3. What are the materials used in the manufacturing of orange tiles?
      • Vitrified, ceramic and double charge are the materials which are used in the manufacturing process of orange tiles. All these materials have unique properties and provide the endurance to the tile body. The cutting-edge technology used in the making of these tiles makes them last longer than standard tiles.

    Tile Visualiser: TriaLook

    Orientbell Tiles’ TriaLook is a tile visualiser tool through which the buyers can visualise how the selected tile will look post-installation at their space. You can find this tool on the Orientbell Tiles website and use it on your laptop and smartphone. All you need to do is upload a picture of your space and choose the tile of your choice, and you are good to go! 

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