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    Serenity Collection

    The strength and durability of double charge tiles is what makes them a popular choice amongst buyers. Serenity is a collection of double charge tiles with classy designs that come with a long-lasting gloss finish. The charm and beauty of these tiles tend to provide peace of mind. The price of these tiles starts from Rs. 84 per sq. feet and goes up to Rs. 121 per sq. feet. These tiles are available in two sizes, 600x1200mm and 800x1600mm. These large-sized tiles come with a glossy finish that accentuates the beauty of their designs. River White, Canto White, River Black, River Creama and Canto Creama are some of the popular tiles available in the serenity collection. You can buy these tiles from a store near you or use the tile visualiser tool, TriaLook on the Orientbell Tiles website and check out the tiles in your space before you make a purchase online.

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      Serenity Collection for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Automotive Tiles, High Traffic Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x1200 mm ft
      Serenity Collection for Living Room Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Accent Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
      Size 600x1200 mm ft

      Give Your Space An Elegant Look With Serenity Collection

      The elegance and charm of the beautiful tiles available in the serenity collection can emphasize the beauty of the appearance of any commercial or residential space. Be it a living room, showroom, shopping mall, banquet hall, bedroom, factory, metro station or any place, these double charge tiles can be used to transform the look of any area. The natural designs available in this collection make it a popular choice among buyers. Made with these stunning tiles are durable and robust. The upper layer of these tiles is 3-4mm thicker than regular tiles, which reduces the chances of losing its charm. These tiles are scratch-resistant, so even if you scratch them with a sharp object or place any heavy thing over them, the surface of these tiles will not get any marks or scratches. The shine of this serenity collection is long-lasting and can keep your space shining for a long time. The glossy finish further accentuates the elegant sheen of the tile surface and enhances the beauty of marble granite designs available in this range.

      Serenity Collection Price

      Tile Type

      Minimum Price

      Maximum Price

      Serenity Collection

      Rs. 84 per sq. feet

      Rs. 121 per sq. feet

      Places Where Serenity Range Can Be Used

      1. Living room
      2. Bedroom
      3. Banquet hall
      4. Shopping mall
      5. Factory
      6. Airport
      7. Office
      8. Restaurant
      9. Showroom
      10. Lobby area

      Popular Serenity Range Tiles

      Popular Serenity Range Tiles

      Price Range

      River White

      Rs 92 per sq. feet

      Canto White

      Rs 84 per sq. feet

      River Black

      Rs 97 per sq. feet

      River Creama

      Rs 92 per sq. feet

      Canto Creama

      Rs 84 per sq. feet

      For best prices, visit your nearest store.

      Serenity Range Size

      Serenity Range Size

      Size in MM

      Large Tiles



      FAQs About Serenity Range

      • 1. What type of material is used in the manufacturing of serenity range?
        • These beautiful and classy tiles, with natural designs, are manufactured using double charge material. This material tends to provide a 3-4mm thicker surface to the tiles and makes them last longer. The advanced technology used in manufacturing makes these tiles strong and durable.
      • 2. What are the different designs available in the serenity range?
        • The tiles available in the serenity range consist of tiles with natural designs that are inspired by the look of natural marble and granite. Be it the gorgeous river flowing design or salt and pepper design, this entire range is full of classy and stylish tiles that can modify the appearance of any space and transform it from bleh to exciting.
      • 3. What are the properties of these double charge tiles available in the serenity range?
        • These appealing and stylish double charge tiles are long-lasting. They absorb minimal water and can be washed easily by using water and soap. You can even use a wet cloth or mop to remove any accumulated dust or dirt. Also, these tiles have a 3-4mm thicker scratch-free surface.
      • 4. What is the special feature of serenity range?
        • The beautiful and classy designs available in this range are all about peace of mind. The special feature of these tiles is that these designs are evergreen .Like River Black is inspired from Agatha Black Granite, whereas other River Creama and River White are like free flowing water. The canto designs are evergreen as they are trendy among the buyers. All these designs available in serenity range possess utmost durability and class even when it comes to strength or beauty. Our Serenity range is creating a buzz in the industry. The product has been featured in publications such as Projects Monitor, Commercial Design, and Interiors & Decor that have recognized ‘Serenity Tiles, a range offering customers peace of mind! Read the full media coverage here.

      Tile Visualiser: TriaLook

      The Orientbell Tiles website has a tile visualiser tool known as TriaLook. You can simply upload a picture of your room or use a preset image and see how the tiles of your choice will look after installation. This tool can be accessed from the comfort of your home on your laptop or smartphone - making tile choosing and buying a hassle-free experience.

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