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    Swimming Pool Tiles

    To beat up the heat in summer, the swimming pool is a go-to place! For people looking for new swimming pool tiles, Orientbell Tiles have a wide range of tiles which vary in size, design, colour and material. The swimming pool tiles price starts at Rs 42 per sq. feet and goes up to Rs 101 per sq. feet. The materials used in the manufacturing of swimming pool tiles are vitrified, ceramic, anti-skid, digital, glazed vitrified, non-digital and pavers. Further, these tiles are available in 300x300mm, 195x1200mm, 400x400mm, 395x395mm, 295x295mm and 250x375mm sizes. TL Octo Grey, DGVT Lumber White Ash Wood, Terrain Cotto, Hexa Dove and Hexa Nero are some popular swimming pool tiles available at Orientbell Tiles. You can buy these tiles at a store near you and on the Orientbell Tiles website. You can use the TriaLook feature on the website to visualise the tiles in your space.

    • 1000x1000 mm

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    Enhance The Charm Of Your Space With Swimming Pool Tiles

    Swimming pool tiles are durable and can withstand direct sunlight as well. Most importantly, these tiles have low porosity and are less water-absorbent, making them suitable for swimming pool areas. These tiles come with a matte finish that gives a subtle touch to the tile design and makes it less slippery to walk on.


    Further, some of the swimming pool tiles have a special coating over them which makes them anti-skid. Vitrified, ceramic, digital, glazed vitrified, non-digital and pavers are the materials in which you will get swimming pools made. Also, these tiles require minimal maintenance and can withstand exposure to water. 


    These tiles are available in multiple designs like wooden, stone, texture, cement, 3D, geometric, pattern, plain, plank and stylized. You can choose among this wide range of designs and can with the one that suits the best according to your ambience. Moreover, these tiles are easy to clean and can be washed or mopped easily using a wet cloth or sponge.

    Swimming Pool Tiles Price

    Tile Type

    Minimum Price

    Maximum Price

    Swimming Pool Tiles

    Rs. 42 per sq. feet

    Rs. 101 per sq. feet

    Colours In Which Swimming Pool Tiles Are Available

    1. Cream
    2. Green
    3. Terracotta
    4. Wenge
    5. Sandune
    6. Orange 
    7. White
    8. Brown
    9. Blue
    10. Ivory
    11. Beige
    12. Black
    13. Grey 

    Popular Swimming Pool Tiles

    Swimming Pool Tiles

    Price Range

    TL Octo Grey

    Rs. 76 per sq. feet

    DGVT Lumber White Ash Wood

    Rs. 101 per sq. feet

    Terrain Cotto

    Rs. 52 per sq. feet

    Hexa Dove

    Rs. 48 per sq. feet

    Hexa Nero

    Rs. 48 per sq. feet

    For best prices, visit your nearest store.

    Swimming Pool Tiles Size

    Swimming Pool Tiles Size

    Size in MM

    Large tiles


    Small Tiles






    FAQs About Swimming Pool Tiles

    • 1. What types of materials are used in the manufacturing of swimming pools?
      • Swimming pool tiles are available in vitrified, ceramic, anti-skid, digital, glazed vitrified, non-digital and pavers materials. All of the materials are unique in their own right and provide many useful functionalities. Also, mosaic tiles are suitable for swimming pool areas as they can withstand exposure to water and sunlight.
    • 2. Where is the cost of swimming pool tiles?
      • Swimming pool tiles differ in sizes, materials, designs and price as well. The price of these tiles starts at around Rs 42 per sq. feet and goes up to Rs 101 per sq. feet. You can go for the tile according to your requirement and choose the one that goes well with your decor and budget.
    • 3. What are the properties of swimming pool tiles?
      • Swimming pool tiles can be cleaned or mopped easily in no time. Also, the water absorption rate of swimming pool tiles is low, which makes it easier to be cleaned with running water and soap. Besides, these tiles are durable and require minimal maintenance.

    Tile Visualiser: TriaLook

    The Orientbell Tiles website has a visualiser tool named TriaLook, through which you can visualise how the selected tile will look at your place after installation. You just have to upload a picture of your space and choose the tiles of your choice, and that will show you how your space will look in real post-tile installation.

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