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    Vitrified Tiles

    Vitrified tiles are made up of the best quality clay, silica and quartz which are compressed together to make a solid tile. Vitrified tiles price ranges around Rs 82 per sq. feet and above. There are four types of vitrified floor tiles - polished, glazed, double-charged and full body. Some of the best vitrified tiles available at Orientbell are Lucent Gold, Canto Creama, Star White and Tropicana White. These tiles are mainly available in sizes of 2x2 feet, 2x4 feet, 1x1 feet and 145x600mm and can easily go with all kinds of places. Vitrified tiles are value for money options for the buyer in the long run.

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      Vitrified Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Balcony Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office, Outdoor/Terrace
      Size 300x300 mm ft

      Vitrified Tiles Design - Toughest Tiles for strength and durability

      Orientbell never compromises with the product quality and makes sure to provide buyers with utmost satisfaction. Vitrified tiles are one of the most enduring and powerful tiles that are usually 3-4mm thicker than any other normal tile available in the market. The thickness of the tile ensures that it provides additional strength to the tile and makes it last longer than any ordinary tile. These tiles are easy to install, maintain and clean. Also, these tiles are less water absorbent and prevent water leakage as well.

      Different Types of Vitrified Tiles

      There are mainly two types of popular vitrified floor tiles:

      1. Double Charge Tiles
      2. Full-Body tiles

      There are polished and glazed varieties too. Double-charged vitrified tiles are simply a combination of two colours that are clubbed together at the initial stage of manufacturing. On the other hand, full-body vitrified tiles have one single colour equally spread throughout the tile body. Double-charged and glazed vitrified tiles are the most durable and cost-effective.

      Ambiences where vitrified tiles can be used

      Vitrified tiles are an ideal option for floors of commercial as well as residential areas. These tiles are stronger than any other ordinary tile as they are made with 3-4mm of extra tile layer. Places, where these durable and long-lasting vitrified floor tiles can be installed, are

      • Bedroom
      • Kitchen
      • Restaurant
      • Office or commercial space
      • School
      • Parking
      • Porch
      • All places with heavy foot traffic

      What are the popular vitrified tiles available at Orientbell?

      Here are some of the popular varieties:

      • PGVT Statuario Super
      • Lapato Diva Grey Light
      • DGVT Ankara Multi
      • Office or commercial space
      • PGVT Royal Opera Blue
      • DGVT Birch Wood Creama

      What are Vitrified Tiles? Which is better - Vitrified or Ceramic Tiles

      Vitrified Tiles Price

      There are different types of vitrified tiles available at Orientbell and all of them vary in their price. Here is a generalised list of the price range of different vitrified tiles.

      Vitrified Tiles Categories Price range
      Double-charge vitrified tiles Rs 279 per sq. feet
      Polished glazed vitrified tiles Rs 121 per sq. feet
      Full-body vitrified tiles Rs 82 per sq. feet
      Digital glazed vitrified tiles Rs 86 per sq. feet

      Vitrified Tiles Size

      Vitrified tiles are available in many sizes. You can buy a suitable size in keeping with the area of installation and your preference.

      Popular Vitrified Tiles Size Size in MM
      Large vitrified tiles 600x1200mm
      Regular vitrified tiles 600x600mm
      Small vitrified tiles 300x300mm
      • 1. What are the different types of vitrified tiles available?
        • Vitrified tiles are available in a wide range of options such as full-body, double-charge, glazed, printed double charge, polished etc. It depends on the choice of the buyers, as to what kind of tile they are looking for in their special space.
      • 2. What kind of vitrified tiles are available at Orientbell?
        • DGVT Jungi Cotto is one of the most popular vitrified floor tiles available at Orientbell. This tile is made up of a glazed vitrified body and comes with the finishing of matte. It doesn’t absorb water and can be cleaned very easily in less time. Moreover, this tile can be used in various places such as accent walls, balconies, schools, offices, restaurants, bedrooms etc. It is available in an ideal tile size of 600mm x 600mm.
      • 3. What are the different tile sizes available in the vitrified tile category?
        • These tiles are available in various sizes: 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 1200mm, 300mm x 300mm and 145*600mm are some of the most commonly used tile sizes that can easily go with all kinds of places.
      • 4. What are the properties of vitrified tiles?
        • These tiles are resistant to scratches, stains, and do not get affected by any kind of chemical or acid. Moreover, they do not require maintenance for years and can be cleaned very easily just by using a wet mop or cloth. Definitely, these are the most durable and strong tiles available at Orientbell.

      Tile Visualizer - TriaLook and Quick Look

      You can use Orientbell’s Quick Look and TriaLook, two interactive tile visualiser tools, to visualise the room with the tiles of your choice and then buy whatever suits your space best.

      Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about vitrified tiles:

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