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    Latest Stone Tiles Design Images

    stone tile for wall

    These distinctly patterned ceramic tiles that mimic the look of natural stone are perfect, not only for the outdoors, but for the indoors as well. They are simple, bold, and elegant and look perfect as accent tiles. Thanks to their matte finish they feel just like the real thing. Use them on your walls to add a distinct character to your space. 

    Outdoor wall stone tile

    Are you looking to bring a coolness to your space with shades of off-white? Then this tile might be the perfect choice for you. This ceramic tile is styled to mimic the look of plain natural stone and looks amazing. It is especially recommended for people who love a minimal and industrial aesthetic. This tile has a matte finish and can be used as an accent or elevation tile. Your walls will love it and so will your guests!

    stone tile for garden wall

    Get the stone-like look without the hassle of extra installation and maintenance with Orientbell Stone tiles. These ceramic tiles feature a stone-like design and a matte finish and are perfect for outdoors including garden areas. These are best used as accent and elevation tiles and are perfect to be used on walls. 

    stone tiles for wall and outdoor

    Bring in the look and feel of an ancient castle, or a rustic house with these amazing ceramic tiles. These tiles are perfect for outdoor decor as they bring the look of stone bricks and even the texture with the matte finish. These are suitable to be used as accent as well as elevation tiles making them a perfect addition to your house. These tiles are sure to grab attention with their time-less and dramatic look.

    Natural Looking Stone Wall Cladding Tiles for Your Outdoor Spaces

    Stone tiles by Orientbell Tiles are not only beautiful, but are affordable, durable, and low maintenance. As most stone tiles are made of ceramic material, they are easy to clean and maintain.

    Stone tiles are available in various textures, finishes, and colours so you can always find something that will go well with your space. You can also create a custom look for your space thanks to the different sizes in which stone tiles are available.

    Places Where Stone Tiles Can Be Installed

    It is possible to install stone tiles in a variety of commercial as well as residential spaces thanks to their classic look that never goes out of fashion. Stone tiles make for a sturdy, durable and aesthetic option for both flooring and wall cladding. These tiles are perfect for outdoor areas as well as high-traffic areas such as kitchens. They are sure to last for a long time if you take proper yet minimal care. 

    FAQs on Stone Tiles

    • 1. What are Stone tiles?
      • Stone tiles are tiles that are generally made of ceramic and what gives them a uniqueness is the texture on their surface. The texture of these tiles gives them the look of natural stone including marble and slate.
    • 2. What are the benefits of Stone tiles?
      • Stone tiles are easy to clean, highly durable, and can change the look of any room. They are also resistant to scratches, water, and stains to a certain extent, making them good for bathrooms and kitchens too. They have low-porosity and are quite sturdy and strong.
    • 3. Can stone tiles be used in bathrooms and kitchens?
      • Stone tiles can be utilised in both the kitchen and bathroom. They are durable and water resistant. These tiles are also popular in bathrooms and kitchens of both residential and commercial spaces due to their aesthetics, low maintenance and ease of cleaning.
    • 4. Is there any special precaution that I need to take while cleaning Stone tiles?
      • Just use some non-abrasive mop or rag with a solution of mild detergent and warm water and wipe the tiles clean.
    • 5. Are stone tiles suitable for both residential and commercial projects?
      • Stone tile can work in both residential and commercial spaces. These tiles can be used in any space including kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. They are adaptive and can fit various design preferences and come in multiple styles, colours, and finishes. Due to their high resistance to damage, moisture, wear and tear, stone tiles are ideal for commercial areas with high foot traffic.
    • 6. Is it possible to modify or cut stone tiles to precise sizes?
      • Yes, stone tiles can be customised or cut to a specific size. So, it is always recommended to get some help from professionals. This makes it possible to personalise it and ensures that it will fit properly in a wide range of settings, such as counters, walls, or flooring. Stone tile customisation permits the creation of specialised spaces and offers design flexibility.
    • 7. Are stone tiles susceptible to staining or discolouration?
      • Stone tiles made of ceramic material have outstanding colorfastness, which ensures that their durable finish will remain consistent even when exposed to UV radiation for extended periods of time. These inherent qualities of ceramic have made stone tiles highly resistant to such unfavourable impacts, preventing fading or discoloration.


    Orientbell Tiles’ TriaLook, is an amazing tool that allows you to visualise how a particular tile or combination of tiles will look in your space. You just need to upload clear pictures of your space, select the tile, and voila - the image with new tiles will be right in front of your eyes!

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