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    Flower Tiles for Floor and Walls

    Floral tiles are predominantly made using ceramic material which makes them strong and highly durable ensuring a good and long-lasting performance. Floral tiles are available in both glossy as well as matte finishes which allows them to be used in various spaces whether domestic or commercial. Thanks to their unique look, strength, and finishes, most floral tiles are suitable for walls as well as floors. 

    As ceramic tiles are largely stain and scratch resistant, you can use them in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and even as accent tiles. They have a low rate of water absorption thus making them a good fit for spaces that are prone to moisture such as walls and floors of bathrooms and kitchens. 

    Flower Tiles Size


    Sizes in MM

    Small Tiles

    300mm x 300mm

    300mm x 450mm

    200mm x 300mm

    250mm x 375mm

    Regular  Tiles 

    600mm x 600mm

    300mm x 600mm

    400 mm x 400mm

    Plank Tiles 

    200mm x 1200mm

    145mm x 600mm

    Large Tiles

    600 mm x 1200mm

    Flower Tiles Price

    Tile Type

    Minimum Price

    Maximum Price

    Flower Tiles

    Rs 36 per sq. feet

    Rs 356 per sq. feet

    Flower Tiles Finish

    Flower tiles are available in various finishes which include 

    • Matte Finish 
    • Glossy Finish 
    • Super Glossy Finish 
    • Sugar / Lapato 
    • Decor

    Flower Tiles Showcase Gallery


    The stunning ODH NU Amelia Decor HL tile, with its combination of leafy design, has a muted elegance and charm. This ceramic tile comes in a matte finish and can be used as accent tile as well as in bathrooms, kitchens, backsplashes and more. Here it has been used to break the monotony of plain grey tiles. 

    The SDH Crara Tea HL combines the beauty of floral motifs with the precision of geometrical shapes. This digitally printed ceramic tile has a stunning glossy finish that looks amazing in light. This tile is sure to enhance the look of your walls. Here, it has been used as a backsplash to create visual interest in a neutral-themed kitchen. 

    The SDH Lithia Leaf HL uses leafy motifs and different shades of grey to achieve a look that is elegant, simple, yet stylish. This ceramic tile is available in a shiny glossy finish that looks amazing on the walls. It is suitable for your bathrooms as well as kitchens. Here it has been used as a backsplash, combined with a nice teal shade. 

    The SDH Zonte Floral HL combines brown and beige shades to create a stunning masterpiece. It has delicate floral motifs inspired by traditional henna designs. This ceramic tile is available in a lovely glossy finish and is perfect for your walls- whether in bathrooms or kitchens. It can also be used as an accent tile, making it a versatile option for your space. 


    • 1. What are the flower tiles?
      • Flower tiles are ceramic tiling options that are thoughtfully curated with amazing flower designs. At Orientbell, you can find flower tiles both with traditional smaller prints and modern abstract prints that are well-suited for both residential and commercial spaces.
    • 2. What are the best designs for flower tiles?
      • The best part is you have myriad options when it comes to choosing flower tiles to decorate your walls. The patterns, colours and finishes are plenty, so you can take your pick and decide what goes best with your personality. For patterns in lighter hues, you could go for ODH Baroque Floral Light HL and ODH Stripes Cloudy Floral HL. If abstract designs are on your mind, especially in darker shades, then OTF Style Floral is a good option. You could either use the floral tiles as it is or use them as highlighters.
    • 3. Are flower tiles good for flooring?
      • Frankly, these tiles are best for walls, because they are ceramic-based highlighters. You could use them as it is, or use them with plain tiling options to create striking patterns for accent walls, basin backsplashes, and countertops.
    • 4. Are floral tiles expensive?
      • No, the price of floral tiles is affordable, and they are available in the same range as normal ceramic tiles. They are considered suitable for the walls of bathrooms and kitchens, so go ahead and take your pick.

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    Orientbell’s TriaLook and Quick Look tools let you digitally try various tiles in the application area and then decide which one looks the best.


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