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    Add Elegance Of Travertine Stone At Your Space With Orientbell Tiles Travertine Tiles

    Travertine is a natural stone that gives a very weathered and raw look to the decor. But along with the great aesthetic comes the massive amount of maintenance that can be off-putting for certain buyers. Orientbell Tiles’ travertine tiles require minimal maintenance and provide you with the authentic look of a natural travertine stone. 

    These travertine tiles require minimal maintenance, especially as compared to natural stone, and can be wiped or mopped easily in no time. The water absorption rate of these tiles is low which makes them a great choice for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.. You can pair these tiles with the decorative elements of contrasting shades to create appealing decor.

    Travertine Tiles Price

    Tile Type

    Minimum Price

    Maximum Price

    Travertine Tiles

    Rs. 48 per sq. feet

    Rs. 106 per sq. feet


    Places Where Travertine Tiles Can Be Used

    1. Bedroom
    2. Dining room
    3. Office
    4. Restaurant
    5. Hospital
    6. Lobby area
    7. Living room
    8. Terrace
    9. Balcony
    10. Showroom
    11. Kitchen
    12. Bathroom 

    Travertine Tiles Price

    Popular Travertine Tiles

    Price Range

    ODG Vintage Crema

    Rs. 85 per sq. feet

    PGVT Marvel Bianco

    Rs. 82 per sq. feet

    PGVT Natural Slate Crema Light

    Rs. 83 per sq. feet

    SFM Travertine Beige DK

    Rs. 48 per sq. feet

    DGVT Travertine Beige

    Rs. 82 per sq. feet

    For best prices, visit your nearest store.

    Travertine Tiles Size

    Travertine Tiles Size

    Size in MM

    Large Tiles


    Regular Tiles





    Small Tiles



    FAQs About Travertine Tiles

    • 1. Where can you use travertine tiles?
      • Travertine tiles have the look of a natural travertine stone. But, unlike natural stone, it requires minimal maintenance, making it a great choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Be it a living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, terrace, hospital, bathroom, kitchen or any other space; these travertine tiles can be used in multiple areas.
    • 2. What are the characteristics of travertine tiles?
      • Travertine tiles require minimal maintenance and are robust and enduring. If they get stained or smudged, you can easily sweep them in no time just by using a wet cloth or sponge. Also, travertine tiles have a low water absorption rate, ensuring their use in wet areas.
    • 3. What are the materials used in the manufacturing of travertine tiles?
      • Vitrified, ceramic, digital glazed vitrified, glazed vitrified, polished glazed vitrified, and digital are the materials which are used in the manufacturing of travertine tiles. The cutting-edge technology used here in the manufacturing process provides a robust body to these tiles, making them last longer.

    Tile Visualiser: TriaLook

    TriaLook is a tile visualiser tool which is available on the Orientbell Tiles website, and it facilitates easy tile selection. You can visualise your space with the travertine tile of your choice by simply uploading a picture of your space or using one of the preset images. You can use this tool on your smartphone as well as your laptop.

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