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GFT ODP Statuario FT


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GFT ODP Statuario FT

The Statuario FT falls in Orientbell’s forever tiles category. Forever tiles last really long the way they are made. It is made using a denser mixture of clay and feldspar and heated at a very high temperature. Forever tiles do not get faded or damaged even after being in place for years. They are also germ-free, anti-skid and scratch-resistant. They can be placed as floor tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, parking lots, rooftops, restaurants, offices and public areas. With a simple design and rich colour, this tile adds up as a fabulous decor. The Statuario FT is offereded in a size of 600mm x 600mm and is packaged in a box of four tiles each. The price for these tiles is Rs 66 per sq.ft or Rs 708 per sq.metre. Try out the TruLook feature available on our website to get your home designed using our tiles in place. 

Other Details

Size 600x600

Tiles Per Box 4

Number of Faces Random>4

Factory Dora

Recommended Laying Pattern -

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