Orientbell Manufacturing Capabilities
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Orientbell Manufacturing Capabilities

Orientbell Tiles has manufacturing units in Sikandrabad (Uttar Pradesh), Dora (Gujarat), Hoskote (Karnataka), India and other associated entities in Morbi (Gujarat), generating a total production capacity of 36.9 million square meters annually.

Four Patent-pending technologies

Orientbell Tiles has been at the forefront of technological innovations. We, at OBL, capitalize existing resources to innovate products that are unique in appeal, aesthetics and application. Orientbell Tiles has four patent Pending technologies to its name.

Forever Tiles - Forever tiles come with a surface that is highly abrasion, scratch and stain resistant. These tiles are rated 8 on Moh's scale of hardness where diamond is on 10 and iron is on 4. So, if you try to scratch them with any knife, the knife will get scratched.

The invention is a corundum based coating composition and the method of applying it on the ceramic tiles for producing tiles with extreme abrasion and scratch resistance.

Germ-free Tile - This technology in tile kills more than 99.5% disease causing bacteria. What is amazing is that these tiles are safer than ceramic cookware which doubly protects your family health.

Life Tiles - Life tiles is an amazing technology. In the presence of solar light or artificial UV light, it removes smog & poisonous No and CO gases improving air quality. Just 1,000 sqft of x 2 Life Tiles work like 150 trees. This technology also kills >99.2% bacteria. 3 Miracles in every Life Tile. Believe it!

Cool Tiles - Cool Tiles have an amazing Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value of 98! They reflect solar heat.


Religion of excellence

Our every move is aimed towards achieving excellence. It is not surprising that such devotion has earned us not only the patronage of our customers but also the accreditation of ISO 9001: 2008 for our quality control management systems.


Technological Advancements

Our manufacturing units employ the latest technology to manufacture products that adhere to international standards. We strive to raise our own benchmark, thus meeting the demands of both aesthetic appeal and durable functionality of our customers.

Orientbell HONORS


In May 2000, OBL was awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 certification by the internationally recognized BSI Management Systems, U.K. In 2015, our Sikandarabad plant was awarded with prestigious ISI certification for Sikandarabad produced products. We won the “Certificate of Merit” in National Energy Conservation Award’ 2016 organized by Ministry of Power for saving Power and Fuel Consumption.


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