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    Bedroom Wall Tiles

    Transform your ordinary walls into a stunning statement of style with our range of bedroom tiles for walls. Break the visual monotony of your space by infusing vibrant colours and captivating designs by using bedroom wall tiles. Orientbell Tiles has a collection that blends trendsetting aesthetics with durability, crafted using innovative technology and exceptional artistry. These wall bedroom tiles draw a stylish look that lets your bedroom's ambiance to new heights. 

    With Orientbell Tiles, walls transcend mere functionality—they become a canvas of design and elegance. There is a limitless potential of our exquisite bedroom wall tiles to make you reimagine your bedroom space that will boast perfection! 

    Popular Bedroom Wall Tile Designs

    Whether you're aiming for a trendy, modern ambience or a traditional, rustic charm, our collection provides the perfect avenue for incorporating wall tiles in bedroom design according to your preference. Discover innovative bedroom wall tile ideas to transform your space with our curated selection of wall tiles.  

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      Bedroom Wall Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Commercial Tiles, Accent Tiles, Office Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Hospital Tiles, Automotive Tiles, Bar/Restaurant, Commercial/Office
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      Size 600x1200 mm ft
      Bedroom Wall Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Bar/Restaurant
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      Size 300x450 mm ft
      Bedroom Wall Tiles for Bathroom Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Dining Room Tiles, Bar/Restaurant
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      Size 300x600 mm ft
      Bedroom Wall Tiles for Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Bar/Restaurant
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      Size 300x600 mm ft
      Bedroom Wall Tiles for Kitchen Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Accent Tiles
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      Size 300x600 mm ft

      Bedroom Wall Tiles Size

      Unlock the secret to bedroom bliss with the best tile size for bedroom walls from Orientbell Tiles! Whether you crave cosy vibes or spacious serenity, our selection of bedroom wall tile sizes ensures style and functionality in every inch. Check out the various options available to find the dimensions that best suit your design preferences and space requirements.

      Bedroom Wall Tile Size

      Size in MM

      Large Bedroom Wall Tiles

      600mm x 1200 mm

      Regular Bedroom Wall Tiles

      300mm x 600 mm

      300mm x 450 mm

      Popular Bedroom Wall Tiles Price

      Explore the spectrum of bedroom wall tiles price ranges to find the perfect fit for your budget. From the different sizes of tiles for bedroom walls to the cost of innovative options like 3D wall tiles for bedroom price range, you have to consider different pointers before investing. Below listed are the tiles for bedroom walls price ranges:

      Tile Type

      Minimum Price

      Maximum Price

      Bedroom Wall Tiles

      ? 37 per Sq.ft

      ? 325 per Sq.ft

      How Do I Choose The Right Bedroom Wall Tile?

      Several factors are involved in making the right choice for bedroom wall tiles to ensure they enhance the ambience of the space and its general functionality. Here's all you need to consider:

      Set a budget for your project

      Have a budget in mind before your tile selection process. This way, you can narrow down your choices and ensure that you get a tile that fits your preferences within your budget.

      Ensure the bedroom size and layout

      The kind of tile that you would choose is dependent on the size and layout of your bedroom. In small rooms, larger tiles are selected because the bedroom might feel comparatively bigger. Smaller tiles can create magic just the other way around. In larger areas, they lend an aesthetic appeal and depth to the theme of your bedroom.

      Consider the overall style and theme

      You must make sure the tile that you're choosing should match the decor of your bedroom. Be it a sleek, modern look or something more warm and inviting with a traditional feel, go with the tiles that complement them. Exploring bedroom wall tile ideas can inspire your choices. You can use our SameLook feature, to get similar recommendations of tiles on uploading an image of your desired ambience or tile.

      Assess the amount of natural light coming into the space

      Natural light can make your tiles look quite different. Lighter tiles can make a space bright, even with little natural light, while darker tiles can create a dim and cosy environment in a well-lit space.


      Take note of the durability and maintenance of different tile materials

      Each tile material comes with a unique set of requirements and durability. With greater durability and ease of maintenance, ceramic and vitrified tiles are great choices for bedroom walls. 


      Explore design options

      You can choose from lots of different patterns, textures, and finishes. Want something glossy and sleek? Or maybe something rough and natural? You can also consider a bedroom tile design wall for a cohesive look or experiment with a bedroom half-wall tile design to add a unique touch to your space. The possibilities are endless, so take your time and find the perfect style for your bedroom walls

      Latest Bedroom Wall Tiles Design Images

      Our Carving Decor Autumn Multi Leaf tile is perfect for creating eye-catching bedroom walls that combine both durability and style. Made from glazed vitrified materials with a matte finish, it offers longevity and a sophisticated look. The intricate carving finish features a nature-inspired multi-leaf motif, adding depth and visual interest to your master bedroom wall tiles design. Ideal for modern or rustic themes, this tile creates a serene and inviting atmosphere, enhancing your bedroom's overall aesthetic.

      The elegance of Portoro marble is unparalleled, and Orientbell Tiles' ODG Portoro Marble White captures this luxury with low maintenance compared to natural marble. Ideal for bedroom wall tiles, it combines timeless beauty with practicality. To create this modern bedroom wall tiles design, you can pair it with OHG Line Portoro Marble HL tiles and add some character to your walls. Durable and easy to clean, these tiles enhance any bedroom, creating a sophisticated and luxurious ambience effortlessly.

      Carving Metal Breccia Marble is a luxurious choice for bedroom wall tiles, featuring intricate patterns and unique textures that add elegance to any space. Its matte finish not only enhances visual appeal but also makes it suitable for flooring, providing a non-slip, soft look. This versatile marble tile creates a cohesive and stylish ambience, making it an excellent option for walls in your bedroom.

      ODH Baroque Floral Light HL tiles present an excellent option for individuals seeking simplistic floral patterns for wall tiles designed for Indian bedrooms. The enduring grey hue, coupled with delightful floral motifs, renders it suitable for accentuating bedroom walls. These ceramic tiles boast durability and ease of installation, along with resistance against stains and scratches which help retain their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, they harmonise seamlessly with ODM Cement Silver tiles for a coordinated floor design.

      Elevate your bedroom's ambience with the decorative floral motif of our Decor Autumn Petals Art Beige tiles. Made with durable glazed vitrified material, using state-of-the-art technology, it stands the test of time. The matte finish makes the autumn petals design feel more sophisticated, ensuring that your space looks chic. As one of the bedroom wall tile design ideas, consider combining it with complementary light-coloured tiles to create a captivating and elegant decor theme for your bedroom walls.

      FAQs About Bedroom Wall Tiles

      • 1. Which type of tiles is most appropriate for bedroom walls?
        • Ceramic and vitrified tiles are recommended for the bedroom walls, as these are highly durable and low in maintenance, and therefore ensure a hassle-free solution.
      • 2. What is the best tile colour for bedroom walls?
        • For bedroom walls, it is recommended to use light colours like beige, cream, or soft grey, which will maintain a soft and calm environment that enhances relaxation. They also bring the illusion of more space. On the other hand, walls in bold colours like navy blue, deep green, or rich burgundy add dimension and drama to the space, emanating personality in the room. However, in a bold wall colour, the key is to balance the elements with neutral add-ons so that the space maintains harmony.
      • 3. How to choose wall tiles for the bedroom?
        • Wall tiles should be selected for the bedroom based on room size, layout, and decor to be achieved. Select the colour and pattern that will complement the general ambience in the room. Finally, pick durable materials such as ceramic that are also easy to maintain. You might also look at how much natural light the room receives and choose finishes that accentuate the light in the room or give a cosy feeling—whichever you prefer.

      Tile Visualiser - TriaLook

      Simplify your tile selection with TriaLook, the visualisation tool from Orientbell Tiles. Just upload a photo of your space, choose your favourite tile, and get a realistic preview of how it will look. This makes the process of selecting tiles effortless and efficient.


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