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    Pink Marble Tiles

    Pink is the colour of charm and that is why pink marble tiles are popularly used in residential and commercial areas. These tiles are available in 300x450mm size and can be installed on the walls to give a stylish look to the room decor. The price of pink marble tiles is Rs. 50 per sq. feet. These tiles are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and ceramic material that provide durability. Also, the glossy finish provides a smooth look to the marble design and adds an elegant sheen to its surface. There are two most popular tiles available in this category, SHG GlassWare Line HL and SBG Travertine Beige DK. These beautiful tiles are available for purchase at a store near you and on the Orientbell Tiles website. You can use the TriaLook feature on the official website of Orientbell tiles to visualise the tiles in your space.

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      Tile Visualiser - TriaLook

      TriaLook is the tile visualiser tool available on the official website of Orientbell Tiles, which can help you out on choosing tiles sitting at home on your phone or laptop. You just need to upload a picture of your space, and you will be able to see how the tile will look when installed in that space


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