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    Red Marble Tiles

    The statement of red marble tiles is something that cannot be matched by any other coloured tile. These red marble tiles are stylish and full of aesthetics and can be used in residential and commercial areas. 600x600mm and 300x450mm are the two sizes in which red marble tiles are mainly available. The price of these tiles ranges from Rs. 50 per sq. feet to Rs. 81 per sq. feet. They are made using vitrified and ceramic materials which provide the endurance to the tile body. River Red and SHG Glassware Line HL are the two popular red marble tiles that can be bought at a store near you or on the Orientbell Tiles website. Before purchasing, you can also check out the visualiser tool called TriaLook which will help you see how the tile will make your space appear after installation.

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      Red Marble Tiles for Kitchen Tiles
      Size 300x450 mm ft
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