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    Versalia Vitrifled Tiles Collection

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      Tiles To Match All Your Spaces and Moods

      Whenever any of us think about retiling our house, we spend weeks pondering over a range of tiles images in magazines and online. It helps us visualise what tiles would best suit our space. You have the time to think over the right fit and design which you don't necessarily find in a store. The fact is that most of us are unaware of the type of tiles that meet our requirements, what to choose between ceramic and vitrified tiles, which are more resistant to scratches? We wouldn't know. All that we are sure of, in our heads, is that we want eye-grabbing, new and better designs to replace the old and shabby ones. So, if you are thinking of adding some drama to your bedroom or your reading nook, but the ever-increasing tile price is holding you back, Orientbell has just the solution.

      The wide range available across all types can give life to the ideas swirling around in your imagination. While you can choose between ceramic, marble or porcelain looks among others- the versatility of these and the tiles price associated with them make Orientbell the best pick for revamping your old and new spaces. They are easy to install, require low maintenance, and come in a variety of tiles design. Unglazed ceramic ones have an earthy finish while the glazed ones come in an assortment of designs with a liquid glass outer coat.

      In addition to these options, cement tiles are also making a comeback with newer designs and images. The porosity of these, which results in oxidation, enhances their pattern over time, made them a staple of 19th-century architecture. So, if you are in the mood to push off remodeling your balcony for a couple of years, they are a good choice!

      Choosing tiles online has never been easier because, with options ranging from mosaic to granite to limestone, Orientbell offers you the best tiles rate and design for each room. And then it's up to you to mix and match according to your preferences, with a little help from that bookmarked page filled with tiles images of celebrity homes.

      Below are the answers to some of the questions that you might have!

      • 1. How are the tiles made?
        • Different types of tiles are made through distinct processes that involve mixing and blending of several raw materials, pressing, glazing, and firing. The most common raw materials used in their preparation are clay, silica, quartz feldspar, and pottery stone.
      • 2. How do you calculate the tile area?
        • The easiest way to calculate the tile area is to multiply the length and the breadth of the tile. You can then calculate the area of the space where they need to be installed. Next, you just need to divide the total area of the space by the area of the tile to know the exact number that you would require. It is generally recommended to add an additional 10% to account for wastage and breakage of tiles. You can also use our tile calculator online. You get the option to calculate the number you would need for your space by clicking on whichever option tickles your fancy!
      • 3. Can we buy tiles online?
        • With the latest range of tiles design available in different colors, textures, and patterns, it is now very convenient to buy, check out, and visualise tiles online from Orientbell. You can filter the price range, and use the selector on our website to find the best options to redesign your home. You can find a guide to take you through your tile needs via this link:
      • 4. How do I calculate how many tiles I need?
        • You can find the correct number of tiles you would need to install in a particular area simply by using the tile calculator. You just have to enter the dimensions of the wall or floor along with the dimensions of tile and you will get the total number that is required.



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