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    Zenith Collection

    Zenith refers to the highest or the maximum point that one can attain. Like most people, we have always been fascinated by the space, the various planetary bodies, and other stellar objects. And now, we have put this fascination and imagination in our Zenith Series. Inspired by the texture and color of planets, these tile designs are just like a collection from a different world. This incredible range of Double Charge Vitrified tiles are the epitome of perfection and uniqueness and are ideal for both residential and commercial areas. These double charge tiles are high on aesthetics, extremely durable, and low-maintenance, making it the ultimate choice for your homes, outdoor areas, restaurants, showrooms,etc. With exceptional quality and amazing benefits, our Zenith series is available at reasonable double charge tiles price ready to add beauty to your places.

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      Adorn Your Places With the Zenith Series– Collection From a Different World

      Our Zenith series of double charge tiles are manufactured by infusing two layers of tiles together, which is why these tiles are 3-4 mm thicker than other tiles. Due to its sturdy and shiny surface, it is among the best choices for both your homes and other outdoor areas. Due to the vitrification process, these double charge tiles possess high strength, can withstand heavy wear and tear, and do not lose their shine even after years.

      You can select from a plethora of double charge tile designs from our exclusive Zenith collection and add a more polished and classy look to your already beautiful homes. While Zen Mercury White and Zen Uranus Green are excellent options for bedrooms, living rooms, and commercial places, Zen Pluto Coffee can be used as the much-needed pop of color in your kitchens and balconies. And if it has rooms with light-colored walls, Zen Venus Brown, Zen Mars Charcoal Red, or Zen Neptune Blue can do wonders in creating a stylish yet classy look. The bright color and wonderful texture of these tiles are ideal for decorating the accent walls and modifying other commercial places as well. And if minimalism is your style, Zen Jupiter Beige and Zen Saturn Crema are the evergreen choices that will impart an elegant look to your places.

      There are countless double charged vitrified tiles advantages that make them a popular choice, both for adorning your homes and decorating the outdoor areas. Some of these are scratch-resistant, low-maintenance, resistant to moisture, frost, and harsh chemicals along with the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Once installed, these double vitrified tiles do not require much upkeep, just regular mopping will keep them gleaming like new for years to come. Also, the premium Zenith DC collection of Orientbell is available at incredibly economical double charge tiles rates to suit every budget.


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