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6 Vastu Shastra Tips for the Right Mirror Placement at Home

Mirrors have a lot of significance in every Indian household, especially as they serve both decorative needs in interiors. According to Vastu Shastra, if you take an interest in making your home well-decorated while following all Vastu rules, you must know that the optimal placements of mirrors and other reflective objects in your home interiors are quite crucial. They can affect the presence of positive and negative energies in your house. Mirrors also have a huge impact on the overall vibe of the space, which makes it even more important to make correct decisions while installing mirrors in your home. This blog will enlighten you about the right mirror direction as per vastu in different parts of your house. 

Tips for Perfect Mirror Placement in Your Interiors As Per Vastu Shastra

Tip #1: The Right Placement of the Mirror As Per Vastu Shastra 

According to Vastu Shastra, mirror directions are quite crucial. Placing mirrors in the wrong places can bring a lot of harm to you and other inhabitants. Vastu suggests not to place two mirrors in opposite directions since they can bounce negativity around the space. Also, you must make sure that you place the mirrors at least 4 or 5 feet above the ground. For spaces like bedrooms, you can add a large-sized wooden vanity or dressing table next to the bed as per the correct placement of the mirror in bedroom Vastu. You can also install light-toned wooden bedroom tiles to complement the wooden vanity or table with a wooden-frame mirror. Also, you must make sure that you do not place the mirror opposite the bed as it is not auspicious to see your sleeping reflections. 

Tip #2: Select the Right Shape of the Mirror 

When it comes to picking the right mirror according to Vastu Shastra, you should prefer selecting square or rectangular-shaped mirrors. Square and rectangular shapes are considered fortunate and beneficial according to Mirror Vastu. Also, you should avoid picking mirrors in oval, round, and irregular shapes. However, you can feel free to play around with the sizes of mirrors as Vastu Shastra suggests nothing particular about the mirror sizes. You can find different interesting mirror designs with square and rectangular spaces. 

Tip #3: The Reflection Determines Mirror Placement As Per Vastu Shastra 

According to the mirror direction as per Vastu, you must remember that the reflection matters. If you have a beautiful home exterior which is visible through the windows, you can place a mirror opposite or beside the windows to promote the inflow of positive energy and beauty of nature in your home interiors while brightening up the space with natural light. Also, if there is any element in your house that feels negative, then consider placing a mirror in front of it to suck up the negative energy from that element as per Mirror Vastu. Also, remember not to keep a mirror or any reflective object in front of your main door. 

Tip #4: The Right Mirror Placement in the Dining Room

Dining rooms can also be beautified using mirrors. And Vastu Shastra says that adding mirrors to the dining room can bring good fortune and affluence. The mirror direction as per Vastu in the dining room must reflect a clear image of the table and brighten up the space even more by reflecting light from the elegant pendant lighting hanging above the dining table. Mounting a mirror on the opposite wall of the dining table can help in improving health and promoting wealth, food, and prosperity in the space. 


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Tip #5: Mirror Placement in Your Bathroom 

Don’t miss considering your bathroom mirrors while infusing vastu tips for mirrors in your home. When you install mirrors in your bathroom, you must ensure that you light up the space with elegant, modern light fixtures. So, don’t place your mirrors in the dark corners as it is not considered good according to Vastu. Also, the mirror direction as per Vastu should be in the north or east direction in the bathroom. 

Tip #6: Amplify Your Prosperity with Mirror Vastu Shastra

Mirror positions can amplify the influx of wealth and wellness in your home interiors. As per Vastu Shastra, if you have a locker at home, where you store all valuable items and money and want to welcome more success and riches, then you should keep the mirror in front of the locker to draw more money and fortune. Besides that, whether you place the mirror in front of the locker in your bedroom or dressing room, you have to make sure that the mirror is always clean and does not show an irregular image of the locker. A clear image is a must if you are adding mirrors to your home according to Vastu rules.

Do’s and Don’ts for Mirror Positions As Per Vastu 

  • Keep mirrors and other reflective glass objects clean all the time to avoid seeing distorted reflections. 
  • Ensure that all the mirrors that you add to your interiors are kept at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor. 
  • Mount mirrors, wall clocks, and any other reflective decor items on the north or east walls according to Mirror Vastu
  • Always mount mirrors flat on the walls and do not keep them leaned against the walls. 
  • Since the TV screen is also reflective, it should be kept in the southeast corner of the room and cover up the screen when not in use, according to Vastu. 
  • If any specific corner is missing in your home or apartment construction, place two mirrors in appropriate positions with no distortion to work as a remedy for your house. 
  • Avoid mounting mirrors on walls near staircases. 
  • Avoid keeping mirrors near study tables as kids may lose focus while studying.
  • The mirror position in the bedroom as per Vastu, should be behind the bed. 
  • Avoid installing transparent glass windows and doors. Instead, go for translucent. 


The mirror direction as per Vastu influences the energy flow and the overall ambience of your home. By installing the mirrors strategically with Vastu rules, you can amplify positive aspects and channel positive energy throughout the house. You can easily create an elegant and cohesive interior look by pairing beautiful mirror designs with stunning tile designs available at Orientbell Tiles. So, upgrade your home decor with optimal mirror placement and durable home tiles. 

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