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46 Wall Panel Design Ideas for a Modern Home for 2024

Discover Latest Wall Panel Design Ideas for a Modern Home
Wooden Wall Panel Design Idea for Living Room

Wall panelling is an interior design trend that is gaining popularity. If you want to add some character and texture to your home, wall panelling is the perfect way to do it! It offers a unique way of expressing yourself through design.

Whether you want something sleek and modern or ornate and traditional – there’s something for everyone – from solid wood planks to decorative plywood-like panels with intricate designs carved into them.

Not only does wall panelling increase visual appeal, but it also serves as an extra layer of insulation and helps reduce sound levels within the room.

10 Decorative Wall Panelling Design Ideas for the Living Room

Even the wall panelling in your hall can get attractive with the right design choice! Here are 10 modern wall panel design ideas to suit your aesthetics:

1. Add Symmetry with Vertical Lines

Add Symmetry with Vertical Lines
Symmetry with Vertical Lines Panelling Idea for Living Room

A series of rectangular, vertical panels with varying depths and alternating light and dark colours give a sense of symmetry to the space and create a striking feature wall in your living room. You can experiment with textures, direction, as well as the material you use to create such a stunning wall. The options are endless with this idea.

2. Go for Wood

Go for Wood
Dark Wood Panel with Sofa Sitting Idea

If you love natural elements and want to add a rustic touch to your living room, this dark shade wooden-finished wall panel design is perfect! The visible grain pattern adds a natural and organic texture and creates a contrast with lighter-coloured furniture.

3. Mix Leather with Wooden Wall Panelling Design

Mix Leather with Wooden Wall Panelling Design
Leather with Wooden Wall Panelling Design Idea

Wood-finished wall panelling design in a horizontal orientation adds a subtle groove pattern and, when mixed with leather, gives the wall a sophisticated and modern look, creating texture and depth to the living room. You would find this wall panel design warm and inviting if you love minimalism, clean lines, and natural materials.

4. Bring a 3D Feel

Bring a 3D Feel
3d Wooden panel Design Idea

The vertical orientation with a repeating pattern of thin vertical lines adds texture and creates a 3D vibe. Set a comfortable beige coloured sofa and paint the upper half of the wall to create a contrasting effect.

5. Get Luxurious with a Geometric Play

Get Luxurious with a Geometric Play

Cover the entire wall behind your sofa with a set of dark-coloured geometric panels that provide a textured surface and give the wall a unique and modern look. You can play around with various materials to go as luxurious are you wish.

6. Use a Tiled Wall Panel Design

Use a Tiled Wall Panel Design

Wall tiles are a huge hit in modern interior designing. You can use beige-coloured Moroccan tiles for your wall panelling in the living room and pair them with cream-coloured furniture and wall paint for a monochromatic sophisticated look, or you can use contrasting or complementary colour schemes as well.

7. Laminate to Add a Glossy Touch

Laminate to Add a Glossy Touch

This laminated wall panel design has a horizontal orientation with a pattern of thin, parallel lines that run across the width of the wall, creating a sense of movement and depth. With laminated wall panels, you have endless possibilities, so explore the various ideas and work with your interior designer to finalise what you love best.

8. Involve Fabric

Involve Fabric

Using fabric as the primary material in your wall panel gives the wall a distinctive and eye-catching design. It brings a unique and soft texture to the room, making it feel more comfortable and inviting. The fabrics are also visually interesting, with subtle variations in colour and pattern that add depth and interest to the wall.

9. Turn to Embossed Wall Panelling Design

Turn to Embossed Wall Panelling Design

The embossed wall panel creates a three-dimensional effect and adds texture and interest to the room, making it more visually dynamic and engaging. An embossed wall panel design would look good in a warm beige colour and neutral tones to mix with a beige sofa, wooden coffee table, and potted plant.

10. Make a Statement with a Wall Art Panel Design

Make a Statement with a Wall Art Panel Design

Make a statement piece of wall art as the focal point of the living room by including it in the wall panelling for added personality and character to your space. This is a bold choice to take it very seriously and think about what you will love day after day, week after week.

6 Wooden Wall Panelling Designs

A wooden wall panel has been a hot favourite trend for a few years. Let’s explore six ways in which you can incorporate this into your living space:

1. Go for the Classic

Go for the Classic

Wooden slats that run vertically across the wall create an inviting yet warm atmosphere. When complemented with a darker shade of furniture like leather chairs, this natural wood can create a seamless and cohesive look.

2. Get a Touch of Contemporary

Get a Touch of Contemporary

Create drama with colour and patterns created out of wood panelling on any wall for an instant character. You can go as bold or subtle as you want depending on your space and desired look.

3. Include Decorative Mouldings

Include Decorative Mouldings

Intricately designed panels with various patterns and details, carved borders, and decorative mouldings gives your room a spacious and luxurious feel with added warmth.

4. Bring the Finesse with Clean Lines

Bring the Finesse with Clean Lines

Simple yet elegant, these light and dark coloured mixture of wooden wall panelling designs create a clean look. When recessed into the wall, it creates depth and visual interest.

5. Follow a Grid Pattern

Follow a Grid Pattern

This wall panelling design is characterised by clean lines and a monochromatic colour scheme that exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic. The wall is panelled with a flat grid pattern, with some panels oriented vertically and others horizontally, adding texture to the wall.

Vertical Wooden Wall Panelling Design

Vertical Wooden Wall Panelling Design

A vertical wooden wall panelling design brings out the modernity and elegance of a room and creates a sense of movement. Pair this with wooden tiles for a cosy vibe.

8 Wall Panel Designs for the Bedroom

A bedroom is a space where you can unwind and leave the day’s frustration. Hence, it’s essential to design it for an inviting atmosphere.

Here are eight modern wall panel design ideas to choose from:

1. Combine the Modern and Industrial Feel

Combine the Modern and Industrial Feel

Featuring two styles – moulding and concrete – this wall panel design for a bedroom creates an interesting contrast, giving the space a unique and distinctive character.

Rectangular-shaped moulding panels, with intricate details painted in a light grey colour, complement the lower wall’s grey concrete texture.

2. Go Extravagant with Intricate Details

Go Extravagant with Intricate Details

Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom interior with this extravagant wall panelling design that extends from the headboard to the ceiling. Feature a decorative moulding to add an extra layer of sophistication and illuminate the design with several wall sconces.

3. Get a Modern Take on the Grid Pattern

Get a Modern Take on the Grid Pattern

This wall panelling is covered with a classic series of square and rectangular panels framed by thin, decorative mouldings. It also features an embossed design, which adds a three-dimensional element to the overall look, giving it a modern and fresh look.

4. Create a Grunge Effect Wall Panel Design

Create a Grunge Effect Wall Panel Design

The distressed wood wall panelling design in this creates a grunge effect followed by a muted colour palette of brown and beige. Incorporate elements such as peeling paint and chipped or exposed plaster for edgy and raw aesthetics. Pair this design idea with wooden plank tiles in a similar shade for a cohesive look.

5. Add Some Groove

Add Some Groove

Ditch the traditionality of regular rectangular patterns by adding thin lines of groovy design on it to create a bright and lively atmosphere.

6. Get Cohesive

Get Cohesive

Intricately patterned rectangular panels with horizontal patterns exude a grid-like effect across the entire wall, creating spaciousness and opulence.

7. Bring Harmony and Uniformity

Bring Harmony and Uniformity

Create a uniform pattern with vertically placed wall panels that resemble a luxurious bedroom. Blend in the colour of the headboard with the wall panelling to balance out the look.

8. Drive Simplicity with Concrete

Drive Simplicity with Concrete

You might have heard of concrete flooring, but the material is not limited to floorings. Create a concrete wall panelling design to give your bedroom an industrial and raw feel. Spread rectangular panels on the wall and separate them with narrow horizontal and vertical lines. Decorate the room with modern furniture to balance out the look.

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4 TV Wall Panel Designs

One of the most common areas where people usually incorporate a wall panel is behind their TV screens in their living rooms. If you are planning to get one, here are four stunning TV wall panel designs for inspiration.

1. Create a Sense of Sleekness and Modernity

Create a Sense of Sleekness and Modernity

This glossy-finished wall panel design adds depth and sleekness to the living area with a hint of modernity and chicness. Combined with wooden furniture and a subtle coloured plush chair, it enhances the beauty of the space.

2. Give it a Smooth and Glossy Finish

Give it a Smooth and Glossy Finish

Divide the TV wall panel design into several rectangular panels for a sense of structure and order in the design. You can even place the centre panel slightly recessed from the rest of the wall to create depth and sleekness.

3. Include a Rustic Style

Include a Rustic Style

Divide the wall panel into several vertical panels, each featuring a different size and texture of wood. Mount your TV in a larger rectangular panel with a smooth finish to create a subtle contrast against the rougher textures of the surrounding panels.

4. Create an All-Wood Look

Create an All-Wood Look

Bring the rustic side of your aesthetic with an all-wooden TV wall panelling design that features vertical wooden slats extending from floor to ceiling. Recess the TV into the wall and frame it with a wooden border for a clean and neat appearance.

5 Mix and Match Wall Panel Design Ideas

Why go monochromatic with your design aesthetics when you can mix and match different patterns for your wall panelling? Here are five excellent mix-and-match wall panel design ideas for your reference:

1. Hint it with the Green and Prints

Hint it with the Green and Prints

Blend prints and patterns together! Keep the ruggedness of a wooden wall panel design and have a printed wall beside it to create a simple yet classy look.

2. Mix Stone Wall with Wood

Mix Stone Wall with Wood

The irregularity of a stone wall, when mixed with the wooden wall panelling design, gives an old-fashioned rustic look to the space.

3. Bring the Greenery Inside

Bring the Greenery Inside

Don’t want to leave your living space with just a plain, vertically lined wooden wall panel? Get creative with plants! A 3D circular design of green plants between the wooden wall panel brings warmth perfect for relaxation. Mix different shapes, sizes, and shades of green creating a natural and lively atmosphere in the room.

4. Get Luxurious with Marble

Get Luxurious with Marble

Create a central focus on your dark-coloured wooden wall panel by installing a dark-coloured marble slab in front of it for an added sense of luxury and sophistication!

5. Pair a Stone Wall with Chalkboard

Pair a Stone Wall with Chalkboard

A white stone wall creates a rustic and interesting visual effect. When paired with a dark-coloured chalkboard wall, it results in a stark contrast creating an eclectic and industrial feel with a contemporary touch.

3 Marble Wall Panel Designs

Marble is another material you can incorporate into your living space to eliminate the boring setup. Here are three unique wall panel design ideas to speak volumes with this luxurious natural stone!

1. Include a Symmetrical Marble Wall

Include a Symmetrical Marble Wall

Arrange the marble slabs in a symmetrical pattern with its veins meeting and creating a continuous pattern across the panel for a cohesive look. Keep the panel backlit to add depth and dimension, and keep the rest of the room minimalistic and simple for a contemporary feel.

2. Get Abstract

Get Abstract

This modern living room contains an abstract mix of marble veinings of different shades of grey, with some tiles having darker grey veins running through them. The extended wall panelling design gives the room a luxurious feel and complements the modern décor.

Incorporate marble tiles with grey veinings for a classy all-white marble look!

3. Create a Luxurious Backdrop

Create a Luxurious Backdrop

Feature a large, rectangular slab of marble as a wall panel to cover the entire wall behind a seating area for an elegant and high-end finish. The overall effect is both modern and timeless, with the natural beauty of the marble adding warmth and texture to the living room.

8 Patterned Wall Panel Design Ideas

Patterns are fun and can never go out of style! Here are eight different patterned wall panel design ideas for your space:

1. Get Geometric

Get Geometric
Create an interlocking pattern with hexagonal wooden, white, and black tiles for a three-dimensional effect. Getting a wall of vertical wooden wall panels behind this unique geometrical pattern enhances the visual interest of the space, creating a modern and minimalistic effect.

2. Create a Visual Separation

Create a Visual Separation
A glass-patterned wall panel design that serves as a partition between two areas of the room adds a modern look. This creates a wall of visual separation while not blocking off two areas.

3. Use Wood for a Seamless Look

Use Wood for a Seamless Look
A seamless wooden wall panelling design with vertical and diamond-shaped patterns and no visible break adds warmth and texture to the room. Paired with minimalistic interiors, this look adds to the overall simplicity and elegance of the space.

4. Add a Dark Colour

Add a Dark Colour
Give your room a warm and natural look with a wall panel design made of wooden slats arranged horizontally. You can add a dark colour to the varying slats for a decorative appearance.

5. Play with Symmetry and Geometry

Play with Symmetry and Geometry
Featuring a series of square or rectangular panels arranged in a grid pattern on the wall, this patterned wall panel has a raised, three-dimensional pattern on its surface that creates a textured effect. The geometric design, with straight lines and angles, add visual interest.

6. Incorporate Aluminium Gold Lines on Black

Incorporate Aluminium Gold Lines on Black
Using aluminium gold trim lines on a black-coloured wall panel design by arranging it in horizontal and alternating patterns creates a modern and textured look.

7. Get Colourful with Hexagonal Wall Panel

Get Colourful with Hexagonal Wall Panel
Featuring a pattern of colourful hexagons arranged in a honeycomb-like shape with different shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, and orange, creates a vibrant and playful atmosphere.

 With an incredible selection of tile designs created to improve your living environment, our tiles showroom is unmatched. Our showroom provides the ideal tile selections to enhance your space, whether you’re going for a modern, traditional, or eclectic design. Discover how our amazing tile designs can improve the aesthetics and utility of your space by perusing our wide collection. After using our tiles, you will be amazed at the overall effect, which is a modern, eye-catching design that adds a unique touch to any room.

The overall effect is a modern, eye-catching design that adds a unique touch to any room.

8. Bring the Gloss

Bring the Gloss
A glossy 3D wall panel design creates a dramatic and luxurious effect in the living room. Arranging panels in a geometric pattern add depth and texture to the wall, and the glossy finish reflects light, creating a shimmering effect.

2 LED Wall Panel Designs

Want to get more creative and modern with the wall panel? Here are some chic LED wall panel designs for you:

1. Get Modern with a Wooden LED Geometric Wall Panel

Get Modern with a Wooden LED Geometric Wall Panel

The LED lights placed behind the panels illuminate them in a soft, warm light, and the geometric pattern made of different sizes of overlapping rectangles creates a visually interesting design.

2. Create an Elegant LED Patterned Wall

Create an Elegant LED Patterned Wall

A series of rectangular panels arranged in a staggered pattern on the wall with embedded LED lights within the panels that emit a soft, warm glow gives your room a dynamic, eye-catching, and stylish decorative effect!

With all of these design ideas, you are sure to add style and pizzazz to your wall. Make a decision after careful contemplation, and choose from our wide range of wall tiles if that’s what you pick to add to you space.

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