13 Jan, 2020
Digital Payments

We have facilitated customers to make payment by providing all three mode of digital payments required under section 269SU. Contact us at admndelhi@orientbell.com to process it.

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We all need to breathe some fresh air every now and then. We need a few places in our household that help us unwind, contemplate and recreate ourselves. It is essential that only the best of flooring material is equipped in that space. Not to mention that they will receive highest footfalls amongst all the areas of your household.
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With a wide range of floor tiles readily available in the market, picking the right tiles for your home can be tricky. The right flooring can enhance the beauty of your personal space and add a hint of that ‘classy’ you always wanted.
Finding the most durable full body tiles, also known as Rectified Tiles can be quite a challenge. You can change the look of walls or the furniture in your home/office/store even when you are on a budget, but changing the flooring is a task (a tough one).
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