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Top 5 Tile Colours to Bring Positivity to Your Home

Bring Positivity to Your Home

The colours and hues you have in your house can have a significant impact on your mind and body. Particularly, the colours of the walls and floors have an impact on you. Some colours can make you feel relaxed and calm, bring out your creativity, and promote positive energy if you have them around. One of the best and most durable ways of adding colours around you is by installing coloured tiles. 

Play with Tiles and Colour Psychology 

Tiles come in a broad spectrum of bold, vibrant, and magnificent colours that you can think of having on your walls and floors. They not only provide an aesthetic appeal but also help boost the inflow of positivity in your mood, feelings, and even your physical behaviour. 

Besides that, research has shown that conclusions about colours are mostly deeply rooted in your own culture or experience. Even colour psychology suggests that cheerful colours bring calmness and relaxing energy to your life. So, you can think of laying different coloured tiles in different areas to trigger happy emotions.

Positive-Energy Tiles for Happy Homes 

Now, let’s discuss a few beautiful and relaxing tile colours for a peaceful environment at home. 

Renewing Blue

Renewing Blue

The blue colour represents water or ocean during summer. Just how you feel when you are near the sea – calmness and relaxation set in your body and mind. According to Feng Shui, shades of blue help to regulate negativity. That’s why people often incorporate different shades of blue in their interiors, and you can do so, too. 

You can use blue tiles within your interior space and welcome elevated and sustained happiness, eliminating tension and stress in life. Also, you can think of creating a Zen interior design within your space to provide calmness to restless minds and tired bodies. 

 blue tiles

Moreover, you can use light blue-coloured tiles to enhance the positive energy flow within the room – even in your bathroom to design a happier space and improve your mood. You can also create a Mediterranean-style decor with herringbone blue tiles in your bathroom for a soothing experience. 

light blue-coloured tiles

Peaceful White 

Peaceful White

White provides a sense of freshness, cleanliness, and purity when infused into any interior decor. In addition to that, this colour also helps to highlight everything that is around it. Because of its essence of neutrality, this colour is perfect as a backdrop colour for creating a focal point in a space. 

backdrop colour for creating a focal point

According to Feng Shui, the white colour belongs to the metal element. The white colour is also believed to bring peace and calmness into the house. So, if you want to infuse white tiles in your home interior space, you can select any lighter shade of white or pale white without going for the pure white shade. It also boosts the positive energy inflow within the space. However, do not select any greyish shade of white. They might have a negative impact and result in low energy inflow. 

Charcoal Black 


It is undeniable that the colour black symbolises luxury. It can add a great accent or contemporary colour to your room, making it look powerful and bold while having a neutral factor. 

Charcoal Black 

By opting for black tiles for your floor, you can add a distinct and intense statement to the space. If your room has a black base, the rest of the room seems to have a strong and fashionable foundation. However, if you do not want to infuse pitch black-coloured solid tiles for your floors, you can choose black-coloured patterned tiles or blend black tiles with other light-coloured solid tiles. Besides that, the black patterned tiles are also great for accent walls. 

black patterned tiles

Moreover, you also have to remember that black absorbs everything, including light. So, you have to infuse the black tiles carefully so that you do not end up losing the natural light in your room. 

Balancing Green 

Balancing Green 

Different shades of green provide a sense of freshness and fertility while helping to release stress. When you have these shades of green in your room, you can get a sense of balance and positive energy. You can easily do so by using high-quality green tiles or tiles with leafy patterns. 

Moreover, according to Vastu, using a light green colour in your home temple can boost the positive energy flow within the temple. 

You can think of using green tiles on walls with wood-like tiles on floors to get an earthy feel. Besides that, you can also create your bungalow’s interiors with low-key design elements and lush green plants to add nature and oxygen to the space. 

Spring-Like Pink 

Spring-Like Pink 

From little girls to married couples, pink is the colour for all. After all, the pink colour represents joy, love and affection. Also, it brings harmony and peace. That’s why people use pink tiles to look sophisticated while appearing too sweet. 

According to Feng Shui, the colour pink is the fire element. It helps to create a calm environment that lets you relax and have a peaceful sleep. So, it is a fantastic option for kid’s bedrooms. 

If you are a lover of different shades of pink, you can bring positivity and joy with a beautiful and bright hot pink shade to your kitchen splashback. Plus, you can combine pink tiles with white, beige, or grey tiles to have a delicate rosiness within your space.

combine pink tiles with white


Beautiful colours can add a sense of calmness and positivity to your space. Using coloured tiles, you can add sophistication and create a soothing atmosphere within your four walls. To check out more exciting coloured tiles, you can visit the nearest Orientbell Tiles Boutique. Also, you can check out a variety of tiles and shop online at Orientbell Tiles

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