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Wall Showcase Design Ideas for Hall

Modern living room with a built-in wall unit featuring a television, shelves, and storage compartments, accented by subtle lighting and decorative plants.

As a homeowner, when you are designing your living room, there are a few factors that should be paid ample attention to; these include proper wall treatment, an excellent floor, high-quality furniture, and ample storage options as well. The hall, i.e. the living room can be used to display a lot of collectibles, memorabilia, souvenirs, books, and a lot more similar items on proper shelves and showcases. This is why choosing a proper wall showcase design that can be displayed in the hall is so important. 

This blog will help you with a lot of different and inspiring ideas, along with a plethora of tips to have the perfect showcase design in the hall of your house. Whether you’re a fan of modern minimalism or classic elegance, use this blog to find out how a thoughtfully designed hall showcase can transform your living room into a cosy haven that reflects your unique taste and makes a lasting impression.

Showcase Design Ideas: How to Choose the Best Showcase Design In the Hall

Designing a showcase for your living room goes beyond showing off your favourite items; it’s about creating something that looks good and lasts. When thinking about getting or making a hall showcase, focus on durability. This way, your showcase won’t just be pleasing to the eyes but will also stick around for a long time, becoming a lasting part of your living space. Look for materials that balance looks and toughness. That way, your showcase isn’t just a display of your treasures but also a dependable and long-lasting addition to your home decor. Some factors that should be kept in mind while designing a traditional or a modern wall showcase design include:

1. Simplicity is the Key

The most ideal and basic way to design the hall showcase is to keep it as simple and as organised as possible. A simple and organised showcase design is an excellent choice to display your prized possessions as the simple design will not take over the beauty of the items that you want to display nor will it create chaos or a feeling of crowdedness. A minimal and modern wall showcase design goes well with all kinds of interior designs and aesthetics.   

2. Space is Important

For bigger and more spacious houses, while choosing a showcase design in the hall, it is possible to go for a style that is a bit more vibrant and luxurious. However, in smaller homes and living rooms, it is always better to avoid extravagant living room showcase designs and instead stick with simple, minimal, yet elegant showcases that will look quite sophisticated in the hall. 

3. Balance and Proportion For a Perfect Showcase Design

When looking for showcase design ideas for your living room or hall, it is always better to try to find a plan or an idea that can balance both aesthetic appeal and functionality. A showcase that looks beautiful but cannot hold all your items or does not seem to be durable and sturdy is pretty much useless. Similarly, a durable but aesthetically unappealing showcase can bring down the overall aesthetic and visual value of your living room. 

4. Lighting for A Good Hall Showcase

Nowaday, most custom showcase designs for the hall have proper outlets and space in which you can install lights. These lights are a perfect addition to your living room and your showcase. They add a decorative element to the living room and also provide a nice spotlight on items that you have displayed in the showcase. 

5. Creating a Budget for Living Room Showcase

Discovering the ideal living room showcase design that complements your living space and accommodates all your items perfectly is delightful, but often you end up realising that this perfect design exceeds your budget constraints. Despite the charm of a well-suited and spacious showcase, the financial aspect becomes a crucial consideration.

 In such situations, it becomes essential to explore alternatives that go well with your budget while still being faithful to the design that you have chosen. This is why it is quite necessary to create a proper budget plan while getting a showcase for your living room. 

Ideas for Wall Showcase Design in the Hall  

If you are a fan of collecting beautiful things and souvenirs and are planning to display them in your living room then choosing the perfect showcase design for your hall is a must. There are a plethora of living room showcase design options available on the internet to choose from, but your decision must be based on whether a particular design will look good in your hall or not. Here are a few specially curated plans and showcase design ideas with excellent photos that can inspire you to find the best showcase design in the hall of your house.  

1. Simple Showcase Designs for Hall with Cement

Modern minimalist living room with grey sofa and shelving unit.

Cement and concrete can be used to create a stunning showcase design in your living room for a look that is both minimal and rustic. This can be directly installed in the wall itself which makes it a great choice for smaller homes. You can use wallpaper or paint on the cement showcases to make them pop further. Another way to make a concrete showcase look a lot better is by using stylish wall tiles that are nowadays available in many different colours and patterns. 

2. Floating Modern Wall Showcase Design

Modern living room interior with grey sofa, decorative cushions, a throw blanket, white coffee table, and houseplants.

If you do not want to install permanent shelves or showcases in your living room, you can go for the floating shelf or showcase option. These shelves are created with the help of various wooden or metal boards and can be hung directly on the wall for a simple, quick, yet highly functional and efficient showcase. You can also add a variety of wall tiles and wall textures to the background of these shelves for a unique and personalised look.  

3. Laminated Living Room Showcase Design

Modern, compact kitchen and living area with clean design and wooden flooring.

For a more modern and stylish showcase design that uses bright lights and vibrant colours, homeowners can consider a modern laminated showcase plan. These showcases are often quite compact but are both stylish and sturdy. These showcases generally use wood as the base on which laminates of different patterns, colours, and textures can be installed. Do remember to match the laminate with the wall and floor tiles in your living room for a nice and uniform look. 

4. Showcase Design in the Hall with TV

Modern living room with a flat-screen tv mounted on the wall, a wooden media console, minimalistic decor, and indoor plants.

One of the most classic showcase designs for the hall that has been popular for a long time is a modular showcase with a TV. While bulky CRT TVs have become almost extinct now, you can still create a stunning and customised showcase design to flaunt your flat-screen TV with lots of style and elegance. Consider a wall-mounted shelf with a wall-mounted television set to save space and use vertical space in the best and most efficient way possible.    

5. Contemporary Living Room Showcase Design

Modern minimalist shelves with books against a gray wall, complemented by hanging pendant lights.

Enhance your living room’s style with a modern touch using stylish shelves and showcases. These additions are perfect for those who prefer simple and sophisticated home decor. The sleek and trendy designs elevate the overall ambience, creating a space that combines simplicity and elegance. A contemporary living room showcase design focuses on clean lines and subtle details, bringing a refreshing and refined look to your home. This transformation turns your living space into a modern and stylish haven.

6. Wooden Showcase Design For Stunning Living Room

Modern shelf against a plain wall with decorative items and books.

Wooden showcases for the living room are classic design ideas that can be used in a variety of settings and living room styles. You can always choose a traditional wooden showcase design or go for a more modern and eclectic design. This is an excellent and highly creative design for a showcase in your living room.

7. Minimal Hall Showcase Design

Modern living room with a grey sectional sofa, textured walls, and minimalist decor.

One of the most popular interior design trends nowadays is minimalism, which focuses on simple and bold shapes, minimal decor, and basic colours. This trend can also be used to design your showcase which then can be incorporated in your simple but stunning living room. These designs are simple, bold, and elegant and can work well with plain as well as textured and tiled walls. 

8. Trendy Wall-Mounted Showcase Design Ideas 

Modern living room interior with vibrant yellow walls, wooden accents, and contemporary furniture.

Wall-mounted showcase units can serve as an amazing addition to small living rooms as they do not take up a lot of space. They are quite simple and also easy to install. Another benefit of installing a good wall-mounted shelf in your living room is that it can be cleaned quite quickly as well as in an easy manner. These showcases or shelves are best for people who love a modern and contemporary look in their homes. 

9. Indian-style Showcase Design for A Stylish Hall

Elegant living room with white sofas adorned with decorative pillows, a wooden cabinet displaying blue ceramics, and a glimpse into an adjoining room.

A typical Indian showcase design can be as varied as the homeowner’s choice. It can be a simple shelf made using MDF or a delicate and intricately carved wooden showcase made using oak wood and high-quality glass. Choose an Indian-style showcase design that suits the overall aesthetics of your home and your living room to make it fit perfectly with your decor.   

10. Short and Sweet Showcase Design

Wooden shelf with books, plants, and a clock against a textured wall.

Short and small showcases are a perfect choice for homeowners who do not have a lot of space in their living rooms. These showcases might be small in size, but they can surely hold a lot of things efficiently.     

11. Built-in shelves as Showcases

Minimalist living room interior with wooden furniture and decorative plants.

For even smaller living rooms, built-in shelves can serve as showcases. These are made according to the size of your walls and your requirements, making them a perfect fit for your living room.  

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12.Picture Ledges for a Simple Design

A minimalist styled wall-mounted shelving unit with assorted decorative items and books.

If you do not want to display a lot of heavy items and are looking to showcase only frames and pictures then consider getting a picture ledge instead of a full-size showcase. The narrow shelves of the picture ledge are small yet durable so they can handle a lot of picture frames with ease.

Wall Showcase Design for Hall: Colours and Shades  

As a homeowner who has now selected a design for their latest showcase that they are going to put in the hall, you must have a lot of questions. One of these major questions is ‘how to decorate a showcase’ as you need to see which colours and patterns can fit your living room in a perfect way. 

  1. Neutral Elegance: Grey and beige are timeless, classic shades that always bring charm. They create a perfect backdrop, letting your showcased items steal the show. Add plush textures and subtle patterns for an extra touch of elegance.
  2. Bold Contrasts for Visual Impact: Go bold with deep navy or charcoal grey paired with contrasting tones like white or light beige. It’s a daring approach that brings visual excitement to your living room.
  3. Earthy Warmth: Infuse warmth with earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, or warm brown. These natural colours make your space cosy and inviting.
  4. Monochromatic Serenity: Keep it simple and elegant by sticking to a single-colour theme. Mix and match different shades of the same colour to achieve a uniform and pleasing appearance on your shelf. This creates a serene and harmonious vibe in your living room.
  5. Delicate Pastel Ambiance: For people who prefer simple and muted colours, a nice pastel palette can create a delicate ambience in your living room. Choose shades such as blush pink, light purple, lavender, or even mint green to paint your shelf or showcase. 
  6. Nature-Inspired Tranquillity: This theme includes using colours inspired by Mother Nature herself to make your showcase stand out. You can take inspiration from shades of various elements of nature such as the blue sea, green trees, or brown and ochre earth. 
  7. Luxurious Metallic Accents: Metallic colours are shades that are inspired by various shiny metals. Certain shades such as gold and silver can be used with darker tones like brown and black to achieve a classy look and can make your showcase look quite elegant.  
  8. Vibrant Expressions with Balance: While designing a showcase, a homeowner can use different shades of complementary and contrasting colours together to create a unique but balanced look. Using multiple colours together can add a lot of visual interest to your showcase in no time. 
  9. Timeless Black and White Elegance: Black and white is a colour scheme that is one of the oldest and a very classically pleasing combination. It is a quick and easy way to make your showcase look rich and elegant. Consider adding patterns or textures to your wall showcase for visual interest and enduring style in your living room.
  10. Welcoming Warm Tones: Infuse your hall with warmth and cosiness using tones like mustard yellow, rich orange, or deep burgundy. These warm hues create a welcoming atmosphere, making your living room a comfortable retreat for both family and guests.


1. How do I decorate my showcase?

Decorating your showcase can be a fun and creative process. Start by choosing a theme or colour scheme that matches your style. Arrange all the items that you plan to display on the showcase or the shelves in a stylish and well-organised manner. You can add a lot of visual interest to your showcase or shelf by using different combinations of heights and textures together. Don’t overcrowd the showcase; leave some empty spaces for a balanced look. Regularly update and rearrange items to keep the display fresh and showcase your personality and preferences.

2. How do you arrange a showcase?

Ideally, it is always better to arrange and organise a showcase in such a way that it does not look crowded and chaotic and in a way where every individual item receives ample focus. 


Showcases are a great addition to not only living rooms but various other rooms in the house as they allow for proper storage as well as display of a plethora of items. If you are looking for design ideas to make your showcases or your overall home look beautiful, you can always check out the Orientbell Tiles blog!

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