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Best 20 Wall Texture Designs for Living Room for 2024

An orange chair and a cactus in front of a gray wall.

Wall textures are a vital aspect of interior design that goes beyond aesthetics, impacting a space’s ambience and functionality. They enhance aesthetics by adding depth and character to a room, allowing for creative personalisation. Wall textures, including wall texture designs for the living room, can also influence the ambience, with options ranging from sleek and modern to rustic and cosy. 

They create warmth through their tactile quality and can conceal imperfections, reducing repair costs. Additionally, some textures improve acoustics, while others define zones within open spaces. They also serve as excellent backdrops for art and decor and can contribute to energy efficiency. Lastly, textured walls are often low-maintenance and practical for high-traffic areas. In summary, wall textures are integral to interior design, offering versatility in creating various atmospheres and functional benefits. Let us look at the latest wall texture designs for the living room in this blog, which will inspire you and motivate you to redo your living room today!

Wall Texture Ideas for Living Room 

Fancy Florals wall texture designs for living room 

A green chair in front of a floral wallpaper.

Floral wall textures have emerged as a captivating choice for living rooms, infusing these spaces with a delightful touch of nature-inspired aesthetics. These textures often feature intricate floral patterns and motifs that evoke a sense of tranquillity and elegance. Whether rendered in delicate pastels for a serene ambience or vibrant hues for a lively atmosphere, floral textures bring a harmonious blend of the outdoors and indoors. They serve as a charming backdrop for various decor styles, from classic to contemporary, and are particularly suited for creating a cosy and inviting living room ambience. Additionally, their versatility allows for seamless integration into both large and small living spaces, making floral wall textures a captivating choice for those seeking to infuse their living rooms with natural beauty and timeless appeal.

Woody Panels wall texture designs for living room

A living room with a wooden wall and a white couch.

Wood-like panel wall texture offers a captivating fusion of rustic charm and contemporary elegance, making it an ideal choice for enhancing the ambience of living rooms. These textures mimic the natural warmth and grain patterns of wood, providing a cosy and inviting atmosphere to the space. They harmonise effortlessly with various interior styles, from modern minimalism to traditional cosiness, making them a versatile and enduring option for those who desire the warmth of wood without the maintenance demands.

Ravishing Rustic wall texture designs for living rooms

Rustic wall textures bring the charm of the countryside indoors, making them a perfect choice for infusing living rooms with cosy characters and a touch of nostalgia. These textures emulate the rugged beauty of natural materials like reclaimed wood, aged stone, or distressed plaster. 

Whether you prefer the weathered appearance of barn wood or the earthy allure of stone, rustic textures introduce warmth and authenticity to your living space. They are a versatile backdrop for both traditional and contemporary decor styles, creating a timeless and inviting atmosphere. Rustic wall textures can be used on accent walls, fireplaces, or entire rooms, providing a sense of heritage and visual richness that makes your living room feel like a welcoming retreat from the modern world.

Mesmerising Marble and Tile wall texture designs for living rooms

A modern living room with a marble wall.

Marble and tile pattern wall textures are a luxurious choice for elevating the aesthetics of living rooms. These textures capture the timeless elegance of marble and the versatility of tile patterns, bringing sophistication and a touch of opulence to your space. Marble-inspired textures often showcase intricate veining and a polished finish, adding a sense of grandeur.

On the other hand, tile pattern textures can range from geometric designs to intricate mosaics, allowing for creative expression. Whether you opt for classic white marble or vibrant mosaic patterns, these wall textures create a focal point that exudes elegance and complements various interior design styles, making your living room a showcase of refined beauty.

Matte Paint wall texture designs for living room

A living room with blue walls and white furniture.

Matte texture paints are an excellent choice for living rooms, imparting a subtle yet inviting charm to the space. These wall textures offer a smooth and velvety finish that complements a variety of interior design styles. Unlike glossy finishes, matte textures provide a sophisticated, understated elegance while minimising glare and reflection. 

Explore Living Room Tile Design

They create a cosy ambience, making your living room feel warm and comfortable. Matte texture paints are versatile, allowing for easy integration with other decor elements, such as artwork and furnishings, while their low-maintenance nature ensures that your living room retains its timeless appeal with minimal effort. Whether you prefer a monochromatic look or want to use matte textures as a backdrop for bolder design elements, they provide a versatile canvas for your living room’s aesthetic transformation.

Block Textures wall texture designs for living room

3d rendering of a white wall with hexagonal tiles.

Block textures, with their bold and distinctive patterns, can add a unique and captivating dimension to your living room’s interior design. These textures create a visually striking focal point that exudes modernity and creativity. Whether achieved through textured wallpaper or 3D wall panels, block textures introduce depth and a sense of architectural artistry to your living space. 

Their geometric precision and structured appearance make them particularly well-suited for contemporary and minimalist design themes, allowing you to experiment with contrasting colours and lighting effects. Block textures can evoke a sense of order and visual interest while seamlessly blending with other elements in your living room, making them a dynamic choice for those seeking a cutting-edge and artistic atmosphere.

Charming Canvas wall texture designs for living room

3d rendering of a modern living room with a white couch and coffee table.

Canvas on the wall texture adds a touch of artistic elegance to your living room. This texture resembles stretched canvas, creating a tactile and visual connection to artistry. It provides a subtle yet textured backdrop for your decor, enhancing the room’s sophistication. Ideal for those who appreciate a blend of modernity and artistic charm in their living space.

Creative Concrete living room wall texture design

An empty room with a concrete texture wall, chair and a potted plant.

Concrete wall texture in the living room offers an industrial-chic vibe, combining raw aesthetics with modern design. Its rugged surface adds depth and character to your space while conveying a sense of urban sophistication. This texture complements minimalist and contemporary decor, creating a trendy and edgy ambience. Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of exposed materials and a touch of urban style in their living rooms.

Vertical Tile living room wall texture design

Modern living room with vertical wall texture and white furniture.

Vertical tile wall texture in living rooms provides a timeless and elegant design element. The elongated tiles create a sense of height and spaciousness, making it perfect for smaller rooms. It adds a touch of sophistication and can be paired with various interior styles, from traditional to modern. This texture choice not only enhances aesthetics but also brings a sense of balance and visual interest to your living space.

White brick tiles living room wall texture design

A white living room with a brick wall texture.

The white brick tile texture in the living room imparts a chic and contemporary vibe. The clean, minimalist look of white bricks brightens the space while adding an industrial edge. It effortlessly complements various decor styles, from urban lofts to coastal beach houses. This texture choice infuses character and a touch of rustic charm into your living area.

Amazing wooden panels living room wall texture design

A living room with a wooden wall and a leather couch.

Large wooden panels as a wall texture in the living room create a striking focal point. These panels exude warmth and natural beauty, adding a rustic yet modern touch to the space. The sizable wooden surfaces enhance the room’s visual appeal and contribute to a cosy ambience. Their versatility allows for a range of design styles, from traditional to contemporary, making them a timeless choice for living room decor. The tactile quality of wood panels adds texture and character, making your living area feel inviting and sophisticated.

Cubic tiles and triangle tiles living room wall texture design

A gray couch in front of a white wall.

Combining cubic and triangular tiles as a wall texture in the living room can yield a visually dynamic and contemporary design. The geometric patterns create a sense of movement and depth, making the space feel vibrant and modern. Cubic tiles offer a sleek and orderly appearance, while triangular tiles introduce an intriguing asymmetry, adding visual interest. The juxtaposition of these shapes can evoke a sense of balance and creativity, making it an excellent choice for stylish and unique living room decor. Additionally, the different tile orientations can play with light and shadow, enhancing the overall ambience of the room.

Jewel Beige and Green living room wall texture design

A living room with green walls and wooden furniture.

Combining green and beige paint for a living room wall texture creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere. The green hue brings a refreshing and natural vibe, while beige adds warmth and neutrality. Together, they form a balanced backdrop that’s perfect for a tranquil and inviting living space.

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Why not White?: White living room wall texture design

A white room with a chair and a potted plant.

A plain white painted wall texture in the living room exudes timeless elegance and simplicity. It provides a clean and versatile backdrop that complements various decor styles. The crisp white surface enhances the sense of space and brightness, making the room feel open and airy. This classic choice allows for easy customization and showcases artwork and furnishings beautifully.

Two-colour living room wall texture design

A yellow sofa in a room with blue walls and a plant.

A two-colour wall panel texture in the living room combines contrasting hues to create a visually dynamic and contemporary look. By using two complementary colours, you can define zones within the room or add depth and dimension to the space. For instance, a combination of deep blue and soft grey can evoke a calming ambience while maintaining a sense of sophistication. This texture choice offers versatility, allowing you to experiment with colour combinations that reflect your style, and it can serve as a striking backdrop for your decor and furnishings.

Block print wallpaper living room wall texture design

A living room with block print wallpaper, white furniture and a tv.

Block print textured wallpaper in the living room brings an air of timeless elegance and craftsmanship to your space. These wallpapers feature intricate, handcrafted designs that often draw inspiration from traditional patterns and motifs. They can add a touch of cultural richness and depth to your interior, making them particularly suitable for bohemian, eclectic, or globally-inspired decor styles. Whether you opt for a subtle, monochromatic design or a vibrant, colourful pattern, block print textured wallpaper can transform your living room into a captivating and visually engaging haven.

Smashing Stucco living room wall texture design

A living room with a stucco texture wall and wood burning stove.

The stucco wall texture in the living room exudes a Mediterranean charm, with its textured, rough surface adding depth and character to the space. This classic finish can create a warm and cosy ambience, making it suitable for rustic, traditional, or even modern decor styles. Stucco textures can be customised with different application techniques, allowing you to achieve varying degrees of texture, from subtle to more pronounced patterns. Whether you prefer a natural, earthy look or a crisp, white stucco finish, it can lend a timeless and inviting quality to your living room.

Tantalising Texture Paint Living room wall texture design

A living room with a blue couch and a blue wall.

Texture paint on living room walls adds depth and tactile interest, enhancing the room’s visual appeal and creating a unique ambience.

Geometric living room wall texture design

A room with a green wall and a pink table.

Geometric pattern textured walls bring modern sophistication to a living room, with clean lines and visual intrigue. These textures create a dynamic backdrop for contemporary decor, adding depth and a sense of artistry to the space. Whether it’s hexagons, triangles, or other geometric shapes, this wall texture choice transforms your living room into a stylish haven.

Carved Texture Plaster living room wall texture design

A white room with ornate frames and a potted plant.

Carved texture plaster walls exude timeless elegance in a living room, showcasing intricate designs and craftsmanship. These walls boast a sense of luxury and sophistication, with their depth and three-dimensional patterns adding visual interest. 

Whether adorned with floral motifs, intricate scrollwork, or geometric shapes, this wall texture choice becomes a stunning focal point. It pairs seamlessly with both classic and contemporary interior styles, elevating the living room’s aesthetic appeal and creating a sense of grandeur.

Choosing the Right Texture for Your Living Room

Here are some pointers that you must keep in mind while choosing a good wall texture for the walls of your living room.

  • Identify and Analyse Your Style:

Start by identifying your preferred interior design style. Whether it’s contemporary, rustic, minimalist, or eclectic, your style will play a pivotal role in selecting the appropriate wall texture. For instance, if you lean towards modern aesthetic, sleek and smooth textures may be ideal, while a rustic style may call for textured or natural finishes like wood or stone.

  • Keep Functionality in Mind:

Consider the functionality of your living room. Is it a high-traffic area where durability and ease of maintenance are essential? If so, opt for textured wallpapers or paints that can withstand wear and tear. On the other hand, if your living room is primarily a space for relaxation and entertainment, you can explore more intricate and delicate textures that prioritise aesthetics. And to add more elegance and practicality to your living room floor, you can always pick floor tiles as they can make a great impact. 

  • Keep the Existing Elements in Mind:

Take into account the existing elements in your living room, such as furniture, decor, and flooring. Ensure that the chosen wall texture complements and enhances the overall harmony of the space. If you have vibrant and eclectic furniture, you might opt for a subtle and neutral texture to balance the room’s visual appeal.

  • Do Try Out Different Textures:

Don’t hesitate to experiment with various wall textures before making a final decision. Many stores offer sample swatches or small quantities of textured paints and wallpapers. 

By following these points and considering your style, functionality needs, existing elements, and experimenting with samples, you can confidently choose the right wall texture that will enhance the beauty and comfort of your living room while aligning with your personal preferences and design goals.


  • Which texture is best for the living room?

No particular texture is the best or the worst for the living room, as it solely depends on the taste, aesthetics, space, and function of the room.

  • What is the latest wall texture?

Some of the latest and most popular wall texture trends have been covered in this blog already.

  • Which texture is best for interior walls?

Anything that is not too pointy or sharp works well on interior walls. Similarly, it should be paired and balanced carefully with the surroundings; otherwise, your interiors may end up looking too busy and chaotic.

  • How do you texture a living room wall?

You can use textured paint, wallpaper, tiles, wood, metal- or just about any material to create unique and highly personalised textures on your walls.

  • What is the most modern wall texture?

Contemporary design aesthetics are largely focused on industrial and minimalist trends, so concrete and rustic textures are some of the most popular and modern wall texture trends now.

  • What wall texture is in style 2024?

The trending wall textures have already been mentioned in the blog. Choose a texture according to the space instead of focusing on what is trending.


In conclusion, the importance of wall textures in interior design cannot be overstated. Beyond their role as mere decorative elements, wall textures are integral to shaping the ambience, functionality, and aesthetics of a space. They offer a versatile canvas for designers and homeowners to create unique atmospheres, from cosy and rustic to sleek and modern. Wall textures add depth and character to a room, transforming it into a captivating and personalised haven. They conceal imperfections, improve acoustics, and define spaces within open layouts. Moreover, wall textures contribute to energy efficiency and often require low maintenance, making them a practical choice. 



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