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10 Different Tile Types and How to Select the Most Suitable One for Your Home


Looking for a robust surfacing material to give your home a fantastic touch-up? Well, what else can be better than tiles? Be it your interior walls or exterior floors, tiling can drastically change the look of your home decor. Tiles were traditionally used in shower spaces and cooking areas, however, thanks to evolution in the tile industry, different types of tiles have been introduced in the market, which come with highly adaptable features. So, they can be used in different spaces both interiors and exteriors. This blog will enlighten you about 10 types of tiles that you should consider bringing into your home decor to transform your ordinary space into a stunning piece of art. 

Different Types of Tiles to Upgrade Your Home Interiors 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are one of the best tile kinds that are widely used across both private and public spaces. These tiles come in an amazing variety of tones and designs, from Moroccan-inspired to solid tones. Thanks to their adaptability, these tiles can work with any kind of interior design theme, be it contemporary or old school. Also, they are so made that they can resist getting stains and scratches. However, because they are generally thin, they are perfect for every wall in busy areas, but only for flooring in low-traffic areas. Keeping these tiles clean is so effortless. Soap and water are enough to get their original look back. So, if you are looking for the best tiles for home of diverse designs and at affordable rates, consider ceramic tiles. 

Porcelain Tiles 

Like ceramic tile types, porcelain tiles are made using similar raw materials, which is why there is a common confusion between these two tile variants. However, porcelain tiles are made by baking the material mixture at a higher temperature. Thanks to the process, these tiles are comparatively stronger and come with more resistant properties. These tiles are known for their shiny and smooth texture, which can provide an elegant and classical appeal to interiors. That’s why they have made their way into residential and commercial spaces adorning walls and floors with their stunning elegance and high functionalities. Also, they are scratch and stain-resistant, making them a practical choice for spaces, like kids’ rooms or if you have furry babies at home. Above all, they are less porous and are a perfect choice for damp spaces. So, if you are looking for the right wall and floor tiles for home kitchen or bathroom, go for porcelain tiles. 

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles have come out as one of the most admired types of tiles in recent years when it comes to livening up any interior decor. Orientbell Tiles’ vitrified tiles are more robust and come with higher mechanical strength compared to other flooring options like natural stones like marble slabs. They are impervious to stains and scratches and even come with the ability to sustain heavy movement. Plus, they are not difficult to maintain, making them a suitable choice for walls and floors in busy spaces. They are highly adaptable, as they come in a diverse range with varying patterns and styles. These tiles come in four variants – polished, double-charge, full-body, and glazed, each one caters to creating a luxurious retreat in your home interiors.


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Marble Tiles

Marble is a type of natural stone that is widely used as a regal and opulent appeal within interiors. But it is quite expensive and also not durable and low maintenance. That’s why you should consider marble-effect tiles, which come with similar veining and grain patterns to give off the exact appeal of marbles. Whether you love those costlier Italian marble designs or prefer the Indian variants, you can find marble tiles in all options. Moreover, marble tiles come in a variety of tones, offering a glam and gorgeous appeal to interiors. You can find these tiles in diverse sizes and finishes, making them suitable for walls and floors in different areas.  

Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles are becoming increasingly popular choices in modern spaces, thanks to their undeniable benefits. These tiles come with the realistic appearance of real wood, which is digitally printed on the top of the tile to achieve the appeal and feel of real wood. Thanks to their replicating aesthetic aspect and special details that characterise wood, these tiles are widely used both indoors and outdoors. Visually, there is no difference between real wood and wood-effect tiles, making them a well-admired choice in modern spaces. Also, unlike natural wood which bloat, rot, or grow moulds, wooden tiles are resistant to water and do not support any bacterial growth. Moreover, they come in different hues and shades of various wood grains. Even well-known Bollywood celebrities prefer wooden tiles to add a timeless luxurious look to their interiors. So, whether you want to upgrade your space with wall or floor tiles for home, you should consider Orientbell Tiles’ wooden tiles or planks with the smallest details like species, grains, and knots


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Terrazzo Tiles 

Terrazzo tiles have a classic design that goes back more than 500 years, featuring an adaptable and appropriate design for both commercial and residential settings. These tiles possess decorative patterns that can provide a sense of movement in any space. Thanks to their new-age variety and beauty, they are used to accentuate walls and floors in different spaces, especially washrooms and culinary spaces. Moreover, they are highly customisable and durable, which makes them a perfect flooring material for high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms. Orientbell Tiles’ terrazzo tiles are carefully designed to combine modern designs with old-world beauty, adding a touch of charm to the space. You can explore terrazzo highlighter tiles which can be paired with similar-toned plain wall tiles to create a focal point in bathing spaces. So, if you want to get a magnificent tile variant that offers elegance to your interior setting, you should consider terrazzo tiles which come in a host of colours and patterns. 

Onyx Tiles 

Inspired by the look of real onyx marble, onyx tiles are affordable, marble-like tile variants with the beauty of real onyx. These tiles come with a smooth texture, that makes them highly manageable and perfect for any interior decorating needs. Also, they come with high-quality features like resistance to erosion, scratches, stains, and fading. That’s why these marble look-alike tiles can be used in both public and private spaces. You can consider white onyx marble tiles, which possess a cloudy pattern design, which makes them easily identifiable. Also, onyx tiles come in diverse designs and colours with glossy and satin matte finishes, which can instantly accentuate the elegance of the tile surface by offering a lustrous look to the cloudy designs. These tiles are perfect for backsplashes, TV walls, and wall claddings, creating a focal point in spaces. So, if you are looking for gorgeous types of tiles to add a luxurious vibe to your home decor, you should consider Orientbell Tiles’ onyx tiles. 

Mosaic Tiles 

Since ancient eras, mosaic tiles have been used to create designs and patterns to add visual elegance and striking factors to the spaces. Today, mosaic tiles are still a well-liked choice in modern spaces. After all, these tiles are perfect for infusing visual interest and texture into spaces as they carry a visual texture to spaces. These tiles usually possess a composition design of small-format fragments, which create a dynamic geometric look. Orientbell Tiles’ mosaic tiles come in both glossy and matte finishes, allowing you to experiment and incorporate them into your style. Moreover, these tiles are highly customisable, elevating their adaptability. Also, they are less porous, so they don’t absorb stains or odour. They can be used in different spaces, including for accent walls in living rooms. So, whether you prefer colours or a simple look, choose mosaic tiles to add a subtle visual interest to the space. 

Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles are an innovative tile design that is a stronger and better alternative to natural granite. Even though natural granite is a strong material, it is porous and hard to take care of, making it unsuitable for busy spaces, including Indian kitchens’ backsplashes and countertops. Orientbell Tiles’s granite tiles, also known as Granalt, are vitrified tiles which are digitally printed to achieve the appearance of natural granite. Not only do these tiles offer more durability and affordability but they also are easy to install compared to natural granite slabs. These granite tiles come in various finishes, but you have to choose something that will complement the overall decor of your space while providing a classy, stunning, and elegant look. So, if you are looking for an exotic look that grabs attention and is of high quality at the same time, you should go for granite wall and floor tiles for home to lend flair, style, and elegance to your home interiors.

Geometric Tiles 

Geometric tiles feature bold and eye-catching designs that are used to make a statement in modern spaces. The geometric shapes include squares, rectangles, diamonds, and many more. The geometric tile patterns come in various patterns and designs made using these shapes, adding a contemporary look to any space decor. Orientbell Tiles’ geometric tiles are available at an affordable price range, allowing you to add a creative flair, texture, and pattern to your space effortlessly. These tiles are perfect for creating a feature wall or a statement floor that instantly grabs attention whenever anyone steps into the space. With geometric tiles, you can add exciting colours and emotions to your space. So, whether you wish to add a retro-chic or a modern-sleek look to your space, consider different geometric tile patterns

How to Pick the Most Suitable Tiles for Your Home? 

Select the Right Material

Since there are different types of tiles offered by Orientbell Tiles, you need to understand your needs and the purpose of the space to determine the right tile material for your home. Like, ceramic tiles come in a multitude of tones and styles, which are perfect for culinary spaces while vitrified tiles are ideal for heavy traffic spaces as they are durable and easy to maintain. Likewise, porcelain tiles are more suitable for moisture-prone zones.

Choose the Perfect Size

Picking the right tile size is crucial as it has a great impact on the visual impression and usability of the space. Small tiles like mosaic tiles offer an intricate design to the space. Medium tiles help strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality while large tiles help create an impression of large spaces.

Select the Right Tile Finish

The tile finish is important for both aesthetics and usability. Glossy finishes are ideal for small spaces as they radiate and reflect light, making spaces look larger. Matte finishes are perfect for high-traffic areas as they look subtle and sophisticated. Also, you can find textured finishes which offer visual impact and provide better grip, making them perfect for flooring. 

Design Tips to Select Tiles

Big slab tiles in neutral tones work great in living rooms and bedrooms, creating a sense of elegance and spaciousness. Prefer to choose porcelain or vitrified tiles for kitchen and bathroom flooring and walls, especially around the wet zones. Glazed tiles look amazing on walls, offering a luminous and visually appealing effect. 


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Now that you know more about different types of tiles, you should consider infusing them into your home to create a personalised, stylish living space. You can visit any nearby tile store of Orientbell Tiles in your city to explore the best tiles for home

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