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10 Traditional Design Elements to Add to Your Space

The saying “Old is Gold” perfectly captures the timeless appeal of antique materials.  So, why not add a few classic features that can bring out the best in your new house while still giving it a modern feel with an amalgamation of traditions? It can be a vintage image gallery in the passage of your home, a timber beam, or charmingly old-school furniture.

Enjoy a little nostalgia, reminisce, and indulge in modern-day comforts while admiring these crucial details about vintage things with tips for traditional home design.

Here are the ideas you can incorporate to add those old home design elements to your new building.

  • The Traditional Entry

Start with your home’s entrance. Like in the past, the entrance used to make a statement in addition to simply serving as an entryway.  Wide curtains, high ceilings, and lovely built-in benches were common features of these rooms. Create a welcoming porch with a few timeless elements to convey this same grandeur to your new house. To add height and beauty, start with a tray ceiling. For subtlety and texture, add wainscoting to the walls below. To create a relaxing space for sitting, add a comfortable window seat at the end. These components will provide a wonderful first impression and make your doorway timeless and enjoyable.

  • Hint of Class with Storage 

Built-in cabinets, bookcases, and window seats are feasible and offer aesthetic appeal. Add built-ins to the areas beside windows, fireplaces, and hallways. They offer storage options with a vintage-inspired feeling of warmth and elegance. 

Not only do these built-ins provide functional storage, but they also create a sophisticated, vintage setting that can warm up any space and make it feel more inviting. Installing built-ins is a chic way to blend practicality with classic style, whether you use them to organise books, showcase ornaments, or create a comfortable reading area. With their timeless appeal, plain spaces can be transformed into sleek, well-organised settings that evoke a feeling of refinement and tradition. 


  • Wall & Room Floor Tiles For Old Style Home Design

Patterned Tiles: 

Choose patterned floor tiles, such as OHM Shale Stone Artisan Art HL, ODH Arrow Cedar BR HL, or something similar, from Orientbell Tiles. These tiles come in a beautiful geometric pattern and can give your space an elaborate and vintage look when placed on a wall or floor. BDM Anti-Skid EC Kite Multi tile has anti-skid properties and can be added to entryways, balconies, kitchens, or bathrooms to bring visual interest to your space.


Metro Classic Tiles: 

Metro tiles, which we have all seen on the kitchen backsplash, are a classic addition to give off an old vibe that never goes out of style. Use it for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, or even as a floor for a timeless look with a hint of retro. You can choose from ODH Metro HL, OHG Tea Cup Golden HL, OHG Calendula Multi HL, or any similar one from a vast range of options available at Orientbell Tiles.

Moroccan Tiles:

If you can’t decide which tiles to use to give the space a classic yet opulent feel, go with Moroccan Tiles. For example, OHG Moroccan Art Multi HL can create dramatic backyards and exposed walls for an element of Mediterranean flair with these intricately patterned polished tiles that are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and finishes.

Terracotta Tiles: 

If you have an Indian streak, choose warm, inviting terracotta tiles that look well in a formal environment. The OPV Chex Terracotta, Terrain Cotto, from the terracotta tiles range by Orientbell Tiles, contrasts with their natural surroundings since they are made of ceramic and vitrified materials. For a touch of rustic appeal, use it as an accent in living rooms or on outdoor walkways.

  • Vintage Look with Glasses

Decorate your entryway, bathroom, or kitchen cabinet door with sunlight filtering through vibrantly coloured glass. This timeless design bathes the space in bright, stripy light and adds an artistic touch that makes a statement. Other than stained glass, other glass-related accessories for an old-home vibe can make your new room more appealing. Leaded glass windows infuse the rooms with elegance and sculpture, while glass French doors create an airy, open feel. 

Glass block walls provide privacy without sacrificing natural light, making your new home exude character and paying homage to the craftsmanship of a bygone era while embracing modern comfort and elegance.

  • Old World Charm With Wood

Indian handicrafts have long valued wood, a trait that has been passed down through the generations. In addition to its artistic appeal, carved wood has functional uses. A room’s centre point, and carved furniture add character and charm, and carved doors and windows allow light in while maintaining privacy. 

This woodwork adds character and sophistication to your house, whether it’s a carved pillar in the living room or a handmade headboard in the bedroom. Furthermore, carved panels can be made to fit your home’s overall design scheme specifically. There are countless ways to incorporate carved wood into the aesthetic of your house, regardless of your preference for a modern or classic look. There are other valuable benefits to decorating your home with wood. 

  • Bricks For Indian Feel

Any space becomes more appealing with a unique textural appeal and an additional sense of comfort when exposed brick walls are included.  From industrial elegance to contemporary, the bricks’ natural texture adds an evident dimension and works well with a range of design styles. The living room or kitchen of your new house can be decorated to look welcoming and comfortable by using exposed brick walls as décor. 

EHM Brick White is a beautiful piece by Orientbell Tiles that not only exudes classiness but also gives off an old-school vibe. The pattern of evergreen white and black and diagonal lines creates an evident magic in the hard texture of the bricks. Whether you’re going for a modern farmhouse look or a homey city loft feel, exposed brick walls can elevate your private home’s layout while adding a timeless and alluring touch. Therefore, consider adding this traditional architectural feature to your new home to boost its visual appeal and create a room that seems both elegant and comfortable.

  • Hand Painted Charm

  • Hand-painted murals are a splendid way to infuse your house with a conventional touch while at the same time celebrating India’s wealthy creative history. Incorporating those vibrant artworks into your living area can add intensity, character, and cultural significance to your home decor. 

Here’s how you can upload hand-painted murals to bring a traditional touch to your house: 

  • Firstly, pick out the gap where you need to show off the mural. Whether it’s a prominent wall in your living room, a focus for your dining region, or maybe a ceiling or staircase, choose an area to allow the mural to polish and emerge as a fascinating centrepiece. 
  • Next, take into account the subject matter or difficulty of the mural. Draw inspiration from India’s diverse cultural landscape, from the complex floral motifs of Rajasthan to the mythological depictions of gods discovered in South India. 
  • Once you have a subject matter in mind, discover a nearby artist who makes specialty of hand-painted works of art. Or just visit places that sell such artworks. 
  • Collaborate with the artist, discussing the scale, colour palette, and style of the mural. Provide any reference images or thoughts that inspire you; however, also supply the artist with innovative freedom to interpret the subject matter in their specific manner. 
  • Consider incorporating conventional painting techniques and materials into the mural. 
  • Once it is complete, plan its installation to make sure that it’s showcased to its full potential. It’s a good idea to place such artwork on a pastel wall. 


  • Consider Items That Resonate with Your Personality

Start your adventure by looking through online marketplaces, flea markets, and antique stores on the internet. These spots provide a wealth of untapped potential. Seek out things that reflect your personality and communicate a story. These adorable elements, which also have a nostalgic feel to them, can become eye-catching focal points in your house.

Rustic Charm for an Old Vibe Look

Think for instance about what kind of appearance you want the space to have. Whether you’re inclined to the refined elegance of a classic home, the eclectic mood of a bohemian getaway, or the rustic appeal of a farmhouse, vintage objects may enhance any design. Don’t be afraid to mix and match diverse components to create a distinctive and varied look.

Don’t throw away antiques

An old door can become an amazing centrepiece in your entryway. Repurposed windows can be used as dividers between rooms or as artistic wall hangings. A historical cloth wardrobe can find new life as superb restroom decor and an antique box can be transformed into a chic coffee desk. Upcycling offers endless possibilities; let your creativity run wild and find new uses for old devices.

Upcycle Treasures

Don’t turn away from rolling up your sleeves and getting your fingers on with your upcycled portions. Sanding, portraying, staining, or reupholstering antique furniture can give it a fresh appearance that complements your home’s décor. Embrace the flaws and age-related tarnish that add character and authenticity to your repurposed treasures. Every component will have a distinct backstory and a personal connection that will never be matched by store-bought furniture.

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Now that you know, you may furnish your home with classic and antique pieces to give it a timeless appearance. Rich wood finishes, antique lighting, and furniture are a surefire combination. You can find meticulously designed traditional-looking tiles from Orientbell Tiles, which we have also discussed in the blog, to finish the ensemble. It blends well with your environment, adding a touch of modernity to its timeless appeal.

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