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11 Stellar Ideas to Decorate The Nursery Room

Stellar Ideas to Decorate The Nursery Room

The nursery is the first room that a child experiences. It is the space that welcomes it to this world. That is why it’s important that the nursery has a warm, inviting, and fun feel to it. The nursery is also the space where the child slowly starts becoming independent, from sleeping independently, playing and even walking. An ideal nursery should be full of items that will fuel a child’s curiosity and imagination. While being a fun space, there shouldn’t be any compromises on the functionality of the space.

In this blog we have rounded up a bunch of ideas that can inspire you to create the perfect, fun, and functional nursery for your little bundle of happiness.

Ideas to Decorate The Nursery Room

Discover 11 creative and stylish ideas to decorate the nursery room.

  1. Choose A Fun Light Source that goes well with the Decor
  2. Create an Area Where You can Rock or Comfort The Child in Peace
  3. Create Cute Wall Accents
  4. Invest in Multipurpose Furniture
  5. Create A Self-Sufficient Changing Area
  6. Go Wild with Colour
  7. Add a Small Bookshelf
  8. Plenty of Storage will be Required
  9. Create A Little Gallery Wall
  10. Add A Fun Mobile Toy
  11. Make The Ceilings Eye-Catching


Choose A Fun Light Source that goes well with the Decor

Say goodbye to the same old boring light fixtures and opt for a fun light fixture that will help set the mood for the room. It can be a funky hanging light, a colourful floor lamp or a quirky wall light. While choosing the light for the nursery, make sure that it isn’t too bright and offers a subtle and comfortable glow to the room. Also, when you choose a light, keep in mind that the nursery will be a child’s room in a few years, so the light fixture should be able to adapt well or be easy to replace.

Warm whites whose brightness can be adjusted are perfect fit for a nursery. You can also choose elements that are backlit and can act as night lights.

Quirky wall light in the Nursery room

Create an Area Where You can Rock or Comfort The Child in Peace

Children, especially in their early months, require lots of comfort and cuddles. It can be back breaking to carry them out to the living room or your bedroom, in order to comfortably sit and rock the child. For this scenario, consider creating a small and comfortable seating area next to the crib. This could mean adding an armchair, a comfy love seat or even a cosy swing that makes rocking a breeze.

Seating area near crib in Nursery room

Create Cute Wall Accents

Add a pop of colour and texture to the room with the help of peelable wallpapers, odourless paint, and tiles. Accent walls are a fun way to highlight a particular zone without going overboard. Add an accent wall behind the crib for maximum impact.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

Furniture for babies can be expensive. Doing away with furniture, after just months of use, can be hard on the heart as well as the pocket. This is why you should always invest in furniture that can be repurposed easily. The crib can be used as is for the child to sleep, and once the child has outgrown it, the crib can be converted into a stylish sofa for the kid’s room.

Multipurpose Furniture in Nursery room

Create A Self-Sufficient Changing Area

If you don’t have everything that you need in one place while changing the baby, you will end up running around. It is best to store all the changing essentials in a single place, around the changing table, to make diaper changes a smooth and problem-free experience. Add a small mobile toy over the changing area to keep the baby busy while you change them.

Changing area in the nursery room

Go Wild with Colour

Gone are the days of a simple, monochromatic nursery. Add a pop of colour to the room with a beautifully painted wall and further accent it with quirky stickers. A brightly coloured footstool can also do wonders to the aesthetic of the room. If you don’t want to go too bold with colours, you can add colourful throw pillows and blankets to add pockets of subtle colour to the space.

Blue wall with brown flooring and matching furniture in the nursery room

Add a Small Bookshelf

Make story time a lot more fun by adding a small shelf to hold all your child’s favourite books. It does not need to be a separate shelf; it can be combined with the toy shelf for now. The open display of books also doubles up as a colourful design element for the room.

small bookshelf in the nursery room

Plenty of Storage will be Required

You will be surprised by how many things a little human will need in a span of days. From diapers to clothes to lotions to toys, it all adds up! Make sure you add plenty of storage space to the room so that there is enough space to store all your child’s belongings in one place.

small storage sections in the nursery room

Add a few framed pictures to create a cute gallery wall in the nursery. These can be cute illustrations of animals or fruits, meaningful quotes, or even pictures of family members.  These frames can be interchanged often, and even upgraded with time quite easily, making them a very cost-effective décor item.

 gallery wall in the nursery room

Add A Fun Mobile Toy

Mobile toys are an easy and fun way to keep the child engaged. The constant circular motion of these toys also helps them fall asleep easily. Mobile toys help add a touch of character and add playfulness to the room without coming across as too cheesy.

mobile toys in the nursery room

Make The Ceilings Eye-Catching

Let’s face it: in the first couple of months, all your child is going to be doing is lying on his or her back, staring at the ceiling. Mobile toys can be eye-catching, but how about creating an interesting ceiling for them to look at? Adding décor to the ceiling draws your eyes upwards and creates an unexpected yet pleasant-to-look-at scene.

customized Ceiling in the nursery room

Decorating the perfect space for your child can be a tall order. With excitement and hormones at their peak, making the correct decision for your space might feel very difficult. We hope some of the tips mentioned in this blog help you create the nursery of your dreams.


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