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12+ Smart Room Divider Ideas for a Luxe Interior Look

Are you on the hunt for a stylish accent that zones out areas in an open-plan living space? Room dividers are a clever way to transform interiors while creating a stunning partition in the space. They can enhance storage and provide privacy, which are much needed in modern home interiors. So, if you are looking to fashion your space with some room divider ideas, here are some excellent ideas that you can consider to glam up your living spaces. 

Stunning Room Divider Ideas 

Room Separator with Shelves 

If you are looking for a room divider that splits your space elegantly while offering some storage room, then you should consider a prosperous-looking room divider design with shelves for storage. You can use the shelves to keep your books or put on a show of your showpieces in your living room.

Minimalist Room Divider Idea

Add some simplistic room divider ideas to style up more modern houses while creating a not-so-overwhelming separation. You can add a minimal glass wall divider with doors to separate the dining room from the kitchen. If you prefer some privacy in the space, you can go for opaque glass wall dividers. 

Wooden Wall Divider Idea

Wood is a classic choice for Indian homes. So, you can think of adding a wooden wall partition in your open-plan living room, separating the living room from the dining area. A modern and sleek wooden wall divider design can provide a stylish look to the overall traditional space with wooden tile flooring. Go for a dark-toned wooden partition to complement the light-toned wooden tile flooring and walls. 

Top-to-Bottom Drapes 

The simplest room divider partition is to add a drape hanging from the ceiling to the floor. You can add a floor-to-ceiling drape that provides some privacy to the space, like the bathroom and the bedroom in the image. 

Hanging Room Divider 

You do not always have to add a large partition wall or divider to separate zones in the same room. There is no need to add a separate partition to your living-cum-dining room to create a sense of seclusion. Instead, you can simply add some statement hanging lights to strategically separate one area from the other, creating a sense of boundary. 


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Frosted Glass Sliding Doors 

When it comes to adding a room divider partition to home interiors, glass sliding doors offer a contemporary look while being a convenient solution with easy accessibility. However, if you prefer privacy in your space, you should consider having frosted glass for the sliding doors in your dining room or bedroom. 

Classy Jaali Partition 

Jaalis has always been an attractive addition to Indian homes, not just for decorating spaces, but also to provide some privacy. You can pick any beautiful traditional jaali design to create a living room partition that matches the aesthetics of the spacious living room design. 

Slat Wall Divider Idea

Jazz up your foyer with some excellent room separator ideas. Just add a stylish brass slat wall divider to separate the entrance hall from the dining space. This room partition idea offers a sense of privacy by limiting direct view of the dinner table to your guests while they enter your place. Besides, the large open slat partition allows an organic flow of light and space. Also, you can add decorative lights and mirrors to provide some character to the space. 

Partial Glass Wall Divider Idea 

Go for a partial glass partition if you want to combine unique wall separator designs. With this glass partition idea, you can easily open up the space, combining two areas to create a larger space. Also, you can opt for opaque glasses to get some privacy, making full use of the glass partition wall. 

A Simple and Charming Divider Design 

If you live in a compact, modern flat, you should prefer simpler room divider ideas that can style up your space without looking too cluttered. So, you can incorporate a simple wooden divider that can separate your living room from the corridor. Plus, a partition with simple wooden slats offers an elegant look, complementing the wooden tile flooring, while offering privacy. You can use the shelves to store books or display showpieces. 

Folding Room Divider 

Looking for some collapsible room-dividing solutions? Then, you should opt for a folding room divider that can be easily folded and unfolded as per your needs. Also, it is an easy way to get some isolation in your dining area. Plus, you can add some potted plants and glass cabinets to keep other decor items. 

Wooden Wall Divider Design 

Wood can never let you down. If you want to add a room divider partition to your living room, you should go for something with a wood finish. Wooden finish can provide warmth and a cosy, inviting feel to the space. 

Fabric Partition Idea

Need simple DIY room partition ideas? You can simply add a fabric partition to separate areas within the same space. You can hang a curtain to create a partition in your living room. Also, you can infuse this idea in your pooja room by opting for white drapes to separate the mandir area from the rest of the room. This idea is one of the most cost-effective ways to separate zones elegantly in interiors. 


If you are residing in apartments and flats, you will need room dividers to separate areas in multifunctional spaces. That’s why you should infuse some smart room divider ideas to zone out areas where you sleep, work, entertain, and cook. While picking the right room divider design for your space, make sure to consider complementing tiles for room, which are readily available in Orientbell Tiles Boutique in your city. 

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