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12 Top Tile Choices: Which One is Perfect for Your Home

What do you consider the most critical aspect of home design? The floors? Then you are getting it right because this part requires lots of discussion and brainstorming. With the type of flooring tiles available, deciding which is the best for flooring that has a direct impact on the look and feel of your home can be difficult.

In India, a wide variety of room floor tiles are available, and each has value and features. How do you understand which are the best tiles for flooring? The process is simple as you just have to match your need and the specific area’s need to the type of flooring, which goes well with it. This blog will explore the different types of floor tiles and the best floor tiles in India available. From ceramic room floor tiles and porcelain tiles to more specialised options like anti-skid and cool tiles, we’ll cover them all and more. 

Whether you’re renovating your house or buying a new one and getting it ready,  this guide will provide you with information on the types of floor tiles you need to choose for your space.

Why Choose Tile Flooring?

Tile flooring is a popular choice among Indian homes. It is easy to care for and offers many other benefits. It won’t stain easily, lasts for a long time, and requires minimal cleaning. Plus, there are many types of flooring tiles in a variety of styles and colours, so choosing them for flooring is never a bad idea.

Vitrified Tiles

If you want both style and quality, go for them. Tiles such as Sahara Rich Mushroom can handle almost anything, from high heels to heavy furniture. Use Sahara Rich Mushroom for your living room, as cleaning is not a problem. Such tiles have a glossy shine on them, which gives the space an upscale vibe. 

Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Explore the range of PGVT for the polished finish in your space. You can get the beautiful marble shine with the PGVT Classic Emperador Beige Marble, which comes in beige. It reflects light from the floor due to the glossy surface which makes the room look bigger and classy.

Glazed Vitrified Tile: 

The GVT comes under one of the most popular room floor tile ranges because it offers durability and a luxurious look to your space. The Carving Endless Silver Root Marble gives a beautiful golden marble touch to the floors of your main areas (living room, bedroom, etc.) with veins and a matte finish.

Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Just like you can see in the picture, sahara-creama for flooring in consistent cream colour and texture throughout makes the space look big and neat. Full-body vitrified tiles such as Sahara Nero, and Sahara Rock Gris are excellent flooring choices due to their high durability, water and stain resistance, and low maintenance. Their uniform colour and pattern make wear and chips less noticeable, while their hard surface resists scratches. You can achieve this look, too, in your living area, dining room, or bedroom by choosing the same colour of tile and wall, it enhances the overall feel.

Double Charge Tiles

Consider the “double-charge” tiles because they are long-lasting and resistant to fading or chipping as colour is pressed into them to go deeper than just the surface. Nu Canto Ash offers stunning looks when paired with a darker-coloured tile. You may be surprised to know that while DC Tiles offer a premium look, they are often more affordable than other high-end flooring options.

Ceramic Tiles

These are best for busy areas like kitchens, hallways, and pathways, as they are easy to clean and come in all sorts of colours, patterns, and styles!  The best part is that ceramic tiles such as BDM Cemento Cotto have excellent water resistance, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Stone Look Tiles

Stone-look tiles bring rustic charm and timeless beauty to your house. You will be happy to know that they are much easier on your pocket and to take care of. You can maintain their beauty with regular cleaning and proper care. Stone tiles such as Super Gloss Blue Marble Stone LT  can create a stylish and fresh atmosphere in your living room or your bedroom. These particular tiles mimic the look of marble for a luxurious feel to your space. 

Twilight Dk Lava tiles are also great for outdoor spaces like patios and garden paths, as they can withstand the weather and provide a natural, seamless look.

Porcelain Tiles

Whether it’s your house or a commercial property, they can go with it easily. Also, such tiles do not absorb much water, which means you can opt for them in places like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Check out PCG Moorish Wood, which has a brown crisscross line with a black and white pattern to give your floor an elegant and luxurious look. 

Forever Tiles

Forever tiles bring a tough look to any space with no compromise on quality and style

These scratch-resistant tiles are perfect for homes with babies and pets. So, use them in various settings, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and outdoor areas. Odf-aster-wood-brown-ft is one such design, which gives a wooden look in a matte finish. You can incorporate them in your bedroom or living room to get a rustic wooden vibe.

Cement Tiles

Consider Cemento Sand for the tough as well as aesthetic look on the patio area. Use them not just on floors but also on walls, backsplashes, and outdoor areas. It is made of high-quality vitrified materials, and it is incredibly strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Cool Tiles

Cool tiles, such as OPV Orient EC Cool Tiles, are specially designed to help keep interiors cooler, especially in hot climates. They work on basic technology: They reflect sunlight and absorb less heat. This way, the indoor area remains less hot, and you may need less air conditioning, which means less electricity bill. Cool tiles can be used on terraces, patios, balconies, etc. You can find them in various colours, patterns, and finishes.

Highlighter Tiles

A few highlighter tiles, like DGVT Ankara Multi in the picture, can make your dull space look amazing. They add something interesting to look at and make the whole room feel more alive.

You can also incorporate highlighter tiles in shower areas or behind sinks to add a touch of elegance and interest to your bathroom.

Anti-Skid Tiles

If you do not choose your flooring correctly, you may face the issue of sliding and slipping often. With these clever anti-skid tiles, you and your family can be safe and walk carefree.

Go for Hfm-anti-skid-ec-wooden-mosaic for entryways and even for bathrooms; it exudes rustic vibes with a wooden textured surface. 


Choosing the best floor tiles in India is a big decision. But with these fantastic, knowledgeable tips, you don’t have to worry. We discussed the best flooring tiles, the importance of vitrified tiles, double-charged tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and more. Forever tiles provide scratch resistance and durability; cement tiles offer designs and strength; and cool tiles help keep interiors cooler. Look into each kind of room floor tiles, understand their features and choose the perfect flooring for your home that meets your needs and beautifies your space. 

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