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20 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas That Are Pretty and Practical

Every room in your dream home deserves attention to create a cohesive and satisfying space. The welcoming living area, restful bedrooms, and efficient kitchen have a distinct purpose. The bathroom, in particular, demands special attention as this is the most personal space in any house. It needs to be not just beautiful but also serene, calm, and clean. It is a space for daily routines and relaxation, so it is important to make your bathroom an oasis of relaxation or a source of morning energy. Modern bathroom tiles, along with classic options, can be used to create a bathroom that is not just beautiful but also functional and durable. 

Allow your creativity to fly freely while choosing bathroom tiles and check out various patterns, styles, and designs, including both classic as well as modern ones. Let’s dive into some inspiring modern bathroom tile design ideas that can seamlessly elevate your room – whether you desire a calming retreat or a refreshing space to start the day.

Bathroom Tiles New Design Ideas

  • Mosaic Magnificence: Mosaic Tiles for Bathrooms

The distinct look and charisma of mosaic tiles have been alluring humans for centuries now- and why not, after all the delicate patterns, beautiful colours, and fascinating designs of the mosaic tiles are enough to breathe a fresh life into any wall or floor. Right from the royal mosaics of the Roman Empire to the contemporary abstract designs, mosaic tiles continue to enjoy widespread popularity, especially in spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. 

  • Rustic yet Elegant: Brick Tiles

The raw appeal of exposed brick adds a touch of urban edge to any bathroom. However, real brick can be a challenge to keep squeaky clean in a moisture-rich environment. Thankfully, brick-look tiles, one of the most popular bathroom tile ideas, offer the same industrial charm without the impracticality. Their weathered textures and warm tones create a striking accent wall while maintaining easy upkeep.

  • The Bolder the Better: Black Tiles for Bathrooms

Black bathroom tiles exude timeless elegance and sophisticated luxury. Their bold presence can instantly elevate your bathroom design. This dramatic effect can be further amplified by pairing black, modern bathroom tiles with contrasting colours or metallic accents.

Black tiles offer versatility in application as they are perfect for bathroom floors, walls, accent walls, border tiles, and backsplashes- the list is practically endless. 

  • Master of Class: Marble Tiles for Bathrooms

Marble-look tiles are inspired by real marble and come with a wide range of patterns and veining, you can personalise your bathroom and create a truly sophisticated space with the help of iconic bathroom floor tiles and wall tile options. 

  • Beautiful Blue Bathroom Tiles

For a bathroom that reflects peace and serenity, go for neutral and cool colours such as the iconic blue. Blue tiles can be used as a soothing backdrop for various other colours and patterns. You can use textured tiles and different patterns along with blue tiles to add depth to your washroom. 

  • Black and White Look in the Bathroom

Black and white tiles can help you create a stunning, classy, and timeless aura in your bathroom in no time. These tiles and combinations can be used in all kinds of bathrooms as the design possibilities using this combination are only limited to your creativity. 

  • Earthy Brown Bathroom

To create a bathroom design that reflects the serenity and peace of nature itself, go for earthy brown tiles. Brown tiles are available in many different shades and they can be used to create diverse ranges of styles and themes- right from cottage-core, rustic, and farmhouse, to even elegant and palatial styles. Brown tiles can be paired with other ‘nature-inspired’ elements such as green tiles, floral tiles, olive bathmats, etc. to create a natural and unique washroom. 

  • Moroccan Motifs and Magnificence: Moroccan Tiles for Bathrooms

For a bathroom inspired by the alluring beauty of the Orient, go for Moroccan tiles. Their vibrant colours and captivating patterns introduce a sense of exotic elegance. Consider using them as a statement floor, a captivating shower feature, or a playful accent wall. To create a bathroom that will be the envy of royalty, choose Moroccan tiles with beautiful metallic and chrome fixtures. And if you have ample space, put in a small chandelier in your bathroom itself. The combined beauty of Moroccan tiles and the chandelier will surely be the talk of the town. 

  • Wooden Aesthetics in the Bathroom

Wood continues to enjoy a prominent position in interiors thanks to its elegant look and timeless appeal. While wood is mostly used for living spaces and never in kitchens and bathrooms, you can always use wood-look tiles to achieve a similar aesthetic in no time. Real wood gets damaged from water and heat quickly, but wood-look tiles are sturdy enough to resist heat, water, and stains with ease. 

  • Aquatic Ambience using Aquatic Tiles

Let your bathroom reflect your love for the ocean with playful fish and aquatic tiles. These printed tiles come in a variety of colours and styles all of which go with the serene yet exciting aquatic theme. These tiles featuring digitally printed fish and aquatic motifs can be used to turn any regular bathroom into one that emulates the deep sea. Adding conches, seashells, and other sea-related elements can help you take your aquatic-themed bathroom to the next level. 

  • Herringbone: Style, Tiles, and Designs

Herringbone tiles and the pattern itself offer remarkable design flexibility. Their clean lines and neutral tones create a sleek, contemporary feel.  For a more modern look, try this pattern with bold, vibrant colours, and metallic shades.

  • Mini Tiles But Large Effect

Mini tiles offer a world of creative possibilities for a truly bespoke bathroom. Their petite size makes them adaptable to a vast range of applications, allowing you to express your personality through intricate designs and playful accents. By creatively using mini tiles, you can turn any unassuming space in your bathroom into an eye-catching focal point. Whether you prefer going for bold and elegant style statements or prefer a more timeless appeal, you can use mini tiles in all kinds of bathrooms with ease. 

  • Terrazzo Tiles: Vintage Style, Retro Aesthetics

Terrazzo tiles are stylish, bold, practical, and durable. As terrazzo tiles are made with high-grade materials, they offer strong resistance against moisture and heat. This factor, along with their beautiful patterns, vibrant colours, and stylish looks, Terrazzo tiles continue to be a popular <bathroom floor tiles choice. But you can always go for a unique and contemporary-looking bathroom by using Terrazzo tiles on countertops, wall tiles, etc.  

  • Flower Power: Floral Tiles for Bathrooms

Allow Mother Nature to take over your bathrooms with the help of stylish and charismatic floral tiles. Flower tiles, also known as floral tiles often feature an interplay of natural or nature-inspired motifs such as flowers, leaves, vines, etc. which can quickly add a touch of natural beauty to your day-to-day life. Whether gracing an accent wall or decorating your shower space, floral tiles create a cheerful and calming ambience. For a harmonious look, pair your floral focal point with soft pastels or natural elements like textured wood or smooth stone. This will create a bathroom that will remind you of beautiful gardens and parks. 

  • Glorious Green Bathroom Tile Ideas

Escape to tranquillity with stylish green tiles in your bathroom. This popular choice can tap into the feelings of calm and serenity, transforming your space into a private oasis. Bring nature home by incorporating textures like stone, wood, or earthy tones alongside the green tiles. This harmonious blend fosters a sense of comfort and relaxation, making your bathroom a daily retreat. 

  • Geometric Ingenuity: Using Geometric Modern Bathroom Tiles

Geometric tiles can transform any regular bathroom into a beautiful, modernist landscape in no time. Their crisp shapes and captivating patterns create a sense of movement and energy. Geometric tiles, as the name suggests, feature distinct design aesthetics that use various geometric shapes and motifs. You can use geometric tiles on your bathroom walls, floors, and more. 

  • Try Out Texture: Textured Tiles in Bathrooms

Textured tiles can prove to be a unique addition to your bathroom as they combine the senses of sight and touch. Right from textured surfaces to the organic feel of stone or wood-look tile, these tiles not only provide a lot of visual depth but also a delightful tactile quality. But textured tiles are not just known for their visual appeal, their ‘rough’ surface can reduce accidents, especially in spaces that tend to be wet all the time. Textured tiles such as stone, slate, terracotta etc. can truly change the way your bathroom looks and feels instantly. 

  • Pretty in Pink: Using Pink Tiles

Pink tiles can be used to create a beautiful bathroom design that will introduce a timeless appeal to your home. Pink tiles are available in delicate and soft shades and thanks to their versatility, pink tiles can be added to almost any style of bathroom and can be used to enhance the beauty of your dream washroom. While you can use other shades along with pink tiles to create a muted and minimalist-looking bathroom, some people may find this look to be a bit washed out. To avoid this, use accent tiles and accessories in earthy shades such as brown, green, and metallics. These shades will create a beautiful contrast with the pink tiles and will also add a lot of visual interest to your washroom. 

  • Interesting Industrial Design for Bathrooms with Concrete Tiles

The exposed concrete look is one of the main features of the ‘industrial’ theme and design, but as everyone knows, maintaining exposed concrete is quite difficult and the material is rarely durable. If you would like to bring the rustic appeal of exposed concrete to your bathroom without the hassle of maintenance and regular touch-ups, go for concrete-look tiles. Not only do they capture the raw, contemporary feel, but they are also easier to install and keep clean compared to real concrete. Plus, their durable construction resists stains and moisture – ideal for a bathroom designed to withstand daily use. Check out the stylish cement-look tiles offered by Orientbell Tiles to breathe a contemporary look into your bathroom today. 

  • Granite Tiles for a Glorious Bathroom

Granite-look tiles are special tiles that are designed to reflect the beauty and rustic look of real granite. These tiles are perfect for not just bathrooms, but also other spaces in the house. There are many different bathroom tile ideas and patterns in which granite tiles can be used to beautify your space.

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These are just some of the many bathroom tile ideas and design options that you can use in your bathrooms to create a beautiful, personalised, and timeless space. Let these ideas serve as inspiration to you- you can always modify them as per your requirements and style. You can always visit your nearest Orientbell Tiles shop or the Orientbell Tiles website to find out more about how tiles can be used to create stunning interiors in not just residential but commercial spaces as well.

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