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25 Stunning Home Decor Ideas for Beautiful Living Spaces

Do you want to decorate your home interiors to freshen up its looks? To decorate a creative home, you have to mix different tones, furnishing styles, flooring designs, wall art, and textiles to bring all elements together to complete the look, creating a cohesive look. After all, your end goal must be much more than visually elevating your home decor. So, here are some 25 amazing home decor ideas that you can incorporate into your interiors to aesthetically beautify your space, representing your style. 

Decorate Rooms With Ample Lights

Quirky Lighting 

One of the best home decor ideas is to improve the lighting in your interiors, and you can try the latest fancy lighting options to not only illuminate the space but also create a cosy ambience, making your house feel more comfortable and homely. You can find several stylish and quirky lighting designs that do not fail to take the limelight in the rooms, thanks to their warm glow. Don’t shy away from unusual materials, like a driftwood lamp or a light fixture from recycled materials to add quirkiness to your interiors. 

Wall Sconces 

Are you looking for a lighting option for multiple functions? Then, you should consider wall sconces, which can serve both your needs, i.e., mood and task lighting. If you install them next to your bed, the soft lighting can provide a cosy and intimate feel while allowing you to read books while you relax after a long hectic day. Not just bedrooms, you can install them in the bathrooms, halls, staircase walls, and others. 

Decorative Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are a classic choice for adding grandeur to any interior setting, like dining rooms, living rooms, and any space with a higher ceiling. Nowadays, you can find numerous decorative chandelier designs, including gigantic vintage designs and simple, stylish, and modern designs. With these lighting options, you can uplift your room’s ambience, creating an inviting feel with their warm-toned lights. 


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Upgrade Your Storage for Room Decoration 

Keep It Simple with Bookshelves 

If you are a bookworm and have plenty of books lying around your house, why don’t you add a decorative and organised storage unit, like some bookshelves to keep your books neatly? You can easily upgrade a seamless wall with shelves above and cabinets below for complete custom bookshelves with a more eclectic charm. Also, you can build a small storage vanity next to it to store more elements without spoiling the room’s aesthetics. 

Lean on Wall Shelves 

If you are wondering how to decorate home while managing your storage, wall shelves can be a great choice. You can install a few minimalist wooden shelves in your living room, above your sofa set, serving as an art shelf. With these wooden shelves, you can keep some succulents, books, photo frames, and other cherishable or beautiful decorative elements. Irrespective of your interior decor style, wall shelves can fit into it. 

Varying Heights for Unique Pieces 

To maximise the use of your storage zone plan your shelves to your specific needs. According to the items you want to keep there you can choose and plan the heights of your shelves. Whatever your shelves may look like, they can serve as the focal point in your room. 

Stunning Wall Decoration Items 

Curate a Gallery Wall 

Nothing can inject your personality and style into your interior walls like a self-curated gallery wall. So, create a display collection of your favourite quotes, art, or photographs with simple, cohesive frames. Or, you can try combining different wall hangings with ornate variations to a focal point in the room. Your gallery wall can be a conversation starter or something that inspires you every day to take a step forward towards your goal. Also, you can think of extending the gallery wall to the ceiling to make any low-ceilinged areas look taller. 

Incorporate an Accent Wall 

Besides installing objects on interior walls to make them shine, you can think of decorating the walls themselves. You can try installing high-end decorative wall tiles, like EHG 3D Block Wave Multi to create an accent wall with a captivating design. This is one of the best house decor ideas that can make a huge visual impact in small spaces. 

Eclectic Shelving 

Adding shelves on walls is another great way to elevate the boring wall looks. Plus, open, floating shelves look sleek, and their wooden tones can complement the white walls, providing a rustic charm. Wall shelves also provide convenience when you have limited floor space. They are perfect for displaying hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends. 

Desi Touch with Jaali and Wooden Furnishings 

One of the most classic home decor ideas to add an impressive and symbolic aesthetic to both interiors and exteriors is incorporating jaalis. Jaalis often have intricate arid ornate patterns, symbolising historical, religious, and cultural significance. They are quite useful in controlling the entry of harsh daylight and maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature indoors. Also, you can add wooden furnishings, like wooden floor tiles and chairs, to enhance the traditional feel of your interiors with jaalis. 

Best Colours to Decorate Your Home 

Colour Drenching for Impact 

If you are looking for house decor ideas with impactful colour choices, you should consider embracing the colour-drenching trend. You can pick a medium-strength shade, in only one or two closely related hues, to cover a particular space, creating a cohesive interior that serves as a focal point. For example, if you select any wall in your living room that you want to turn into a feature wall, consider using pattern wall tiles, like EHM 3D Block Grey which features a multi-coloured 3D brick pattern, and pair it with wooden floor tiles like HLP Level Walnut Wood with contrasting notes. This helps bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design concepts. Even though this concept does not make a small room appear larger, it can embrace the room size and lift the mood and feel, providing an inviting ambience. 

Strong and Muted Colours 

Oftentimes, it is said that if you are using different colours within a room, one colour must be stronger than the other, helping you to achieve a sense of balance in the room. A fun colour combo is a choco brown wall tile shade like BFM EC Terra Brown with beige wall tiles like Moon Pro EC Beige, where one colour is more intense, perfect for your accent wall while the other is more muted in tone. Therefore, combining a more unusual and strong colour in the space can alter the ambience in the space. The greater the degree of contrast is, the more dramatic effect you will have in the space. 

Natural Palette for Accessories to Shine 

If you need house decor ideas that can make your antiques, art, and other embellishments shine in your interiors, you must consider neutral colours with tiles like Carving Statuario Marble

and Plain Pro EC Grey. A soft natural palette serves as a solid base for decor elements to draw the attention they deserve. You can add layers of interest to your neutral-toned, simplistic decor by adding tactile surfaces and eclectic furnishings, bringing a certain timelessness to the design. 

White and a Matching Undertone 

One of the most amazing small home decor ideas that you should use to create a colour accent in a white scheme is picking a white tile like HBG Plain White with an undertone in the same shade. You can find wall and floor tiles in different shades of white, like Plain White and Nano Ivory. But you can go for warm whites and combine them with orange, blue, or yellow undertones to balance the colours in the room. 

Calming Scheme with Green 

Green is the ultimate colour that offers a psychological calmness. Be it mint green, dark green, or anything in between, if you add green shades to your decor, you can feel restful and make a wonderful choice for interiors. You can pair lovely, earthy, and rich green tiles like GFT Anti Viral Sea Green and DGVT Green with wooden tiles and furnishings, bringing the outdoor nature feel indoors. 

Interior Design Styles 


Bohemian interior designs can breathe new life into any interior setting, from traditional to refined. This eclectic interior style features classic decorative pieces with modern touches to deliver a unique and stylish look. It is perfect for everyone who wants to express their personality and unique taste in their home. So, if you are looking for trending house decor ideas that create a distinct, carefree appeal in your interiors, go for the boho interior design. 


Scandinavian interior designs represent elegance in simple, functional, and warm decorating concepts. This design style mixes clean lines, neutral tones, and natural woods to create a cosy and light interior. You can bring in warm and cosy textiles, wooden furnishings, and durable soft-toned wooden tile flooring to make the space look simple and functional. 


One of the trendiest home decor ideas is to embrace bold styles and create maximalist interiors. You can create an interior design like that by using rich and intensive colours. Black, yellow, red, sapphire, and navy blue are taking the lead. From floors to walls, you can infuse colours into every space to create a fun and interesting look. Also, you can combine an extravagant rug and colourful furniture to complement an eye-striking checkerboard flooring. 

Home Decor Ideas with Rugs 

Weave a Welcome 

Adding a rug to the interiors can complete their look, especially in front of your doors. So, you should consider elevating your entrances with a statement rug that greets your guests with warmth. Rugs are visual storytellers, which set the stage for interior decor and create an inviting ambience. Besides, rugs also help define the entry point while keeping out debris and protecting your home tiles design from potential scratches. 

Table Talk 

If you consider your lunchtime or tea breaks a luxurious affair, you should use rugs to add charm to your tabletops. You can go for a table rug like a chic laced table runner that can be placed at the centre of the dining table, infusing elegance. The texture and pattern of the table runner will inject life into the otherwise boring look of the dining table. The soft fibres against the table’s solid surface offer a visual feast while providing a tactile experience with every touch. 

Sink Into Comfort 

Don’t forget your bathroom decor while focusing on other areas in your house, and rugs can be a wonderful addition to the bathroom, creating an opulent and comfortable bathroom design. You can go for small-sized rugs with a soft, warm surface that goes well with your bathroom tiles, adding comfort to your daily routines. You can place the rug near your bathtub or sink, and use them to the fullest in cosy bathrooms where comfort meets convenience. 

Unique and Quirky Items for Home Decoration 

Unique and Exotic Plants 

Infuse the power of plants into your interiors to change the game. Indoor plants and succulents can provide an unmatchable vitality to the space while adding a touch of nature and freshening up the interiors. You can go for typical ferns, snake plants, jade plants, and cactuses. Also, you can bring in colourful flowering plants to add a burst of brightness to your space. 

Decorative Mirrors 

Decorative large mirrors can be another captivating decor element that you can add to your interior walls. Nowadays, you can find countless options in decorative mirrors, from round mirrors to rectangular mirrors. If you want to add more organic or quirky lines, you can go for an irregular-shaped mirror for a fun look. Or, you can opt for a cheeky round mirror that can be a great accent piece in your living room. You can style it up with a wooden cabinet and ceramic sculptures. 

Artwork for Your Wall Decoration 

Hung Decorative Rugs 

Transforming walls into bespoke galleries is one of the most amazing ways to elevate any room’s decor. The best way to upgrade any wall is by laying wall tiles. You can go for any attractive home tiles design, like decorative stone tiles, to create an accent wall. To further elevate it, you can carefully hang beautiful rugs with intricate patterns and vibrant hues. It will serve as a magnetic focal point that breathes an artistic flair into the space. 

Tap into Texture with Macrame Wall Art 

If you are looking for simple home decor ideas to infuse textures into your interior walls, you can consider macrame wall hangings that are great at warming up gloomy walls. You can either follow a simple DIY tutorial to make it or get it online to enliven your room while serving as the focal point. 

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Creatively designing your home interiors will not be different anymore if you make the right choices and mix and match different elements. Irrespective of the decor items you pick, you should pick home tiles design options carefully for your walls and floors as they need an investment. To find suitable durable tiles for your walls and floors, you can connect with Orientbell Tiles today! 

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