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25+ Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Luxury Homes & Resorts

A swimming pool is no doubt a luxury, but did you know that this luxury can be taken even further by just a few simple methods? You can’t put a price on luxury and comfort, so why not design a swimming pool that is personalised as per your style and create your private haven in your yard? This beautiful oasis can truly be a remarkable choice for anyone.  While many different swimming pool designs are available, it is necessary to choose your design wisely as a perfectly designed pool holds the power to transform your space into something truly extraordinary.

If you want to transform your home or resort into an oasis of luxury and are looking for exciting, new, and classy pool design ideas then look no further. In this blog, you will learn more than 25 amazing ideas and designs for your pool that will instantly elevate your property and add a lot of visual interest to it. In fact, with proper placement of tiles, high-quality materials, and a stunning personal pool are more than enough to turn your simple restaurant (or home) into a masterpiece. Let us now dive deep into the amazing swimming pool designs and ideas that can make your space look regal instantly. 

1. Ravishing Rock Inspired Swimming Pool Designs

The combination of rock or rock-inspired decor with water can help you create a beautiful nature-inspired look for your swimming pool. While many people consider using a rock to be an expensive affair, you can always achieve the same look with the help of natural stone tiles that look and feel the same but are quite affordable. When paired with stunning foliage plants and flowers, these stone tiles can take your swimming pool to the next level instantly. 

2. Wooden Tiles for Swimming Pool 

Wood has been used to create magnificent swimming pool facades for decades now. Right from comfortable floors to patios to gazebos- wood can be used in a lot of different places around the swimming pool. While wood can bring a lot of warmth and cosiness to your pool- it might not be a good choice for places that are exposed to the elements all the time. For places like these, you can go with wooden tiles, which look just like the real deal but without the hassle of excessive maintenance. 

3. Personal Tropical Pool Design Ideas 

Bring the beauty of paradise to your yard with the help of a tropical swimming pool design. Suitable for both large and small pools, this design features all the elements that make tropical beaches and poolsides so iconic. Set up lounging chairs with umbrellas to complete the ‘tropical’ feel of the pool. For larger pools, such as resort pools, you can also incorporate other elements, such as tropical plants, waterfalls, etc. 

4. Modern Swimming Pool Design Ideas  

For a modern-looking swimming pool, you can consider going for elements such as crisp lines, sleek design, and a neutral colour palette.  A modern swimming pool design combines various elements of the minimalist theme along with highly personalised elements, such as beautiful tiles that can help you create a swimming pool that feels like an extension of your home or your resort. Just remember to use crisp geometrical elements and modern and dramatic lights for a sophisticated and contemporary look. 

5. Luminous Pool Design Ideas with Stylish Tiles

For a stylish and modern swimming pool design that looks good not just during the day but also comes to life at night, consider going for a combination of different lights. These lights may include ambient lights, functional lights, decorative lights, and task lights. To take the overall look to the next level, you can also add solar lights, rice lights, and lights in different colours and luminosity. 

6. Waterfall Features for Modern Swimming Pool Design 

Want your pool to feel like a relaxing escape? Well, waterfalls are here to help you. A decadent soak in a warm pool with the delicate sounds of water cascading can truly relax anyone. This ultimate experience of relaxation can be introduced into your pool by installing a beautiful waterfall feature. These features have become quite popular now and are available in many different sizes and designs. For instance, the most popular waterfall feature designs currently include nature-inspired waterfalls, industrial waterfalls, fantasy waterfalls etc. Choose a style that suits your taste and you will soon be able to create a pool that you will love forever. 

7. Iconic Indoor Pool Design Ideas

If the ever-fluctuating weather is ruining your swimming plans every day, then why not consider going for an indoor swimming pool instead? Indoor pools come with all the pros of regular pools and more. They are indoors, so they are a lot easier to maintain and additionally comfortable. Just be sure to check if your space can support an indoor pool or not before starting construction. 

8. Round Stylish Swimming Pool Idea

Round pools offer a classic aesthetic and adaptable footprint, making them a popular choice for diverse spaces. Their curved shape softens the landscape, making them ideal for smaller yards or those seeking a more intimate swim experience.  Round pools can be enjoyed in a variety of styles, from sleek above-ground options to partially or fully in-ground designs. Consider incorporating custom features like tilework or surrounds to enhance the visual appeal and create a unique outdoor retreat.

9. Sensational Sauna for Your Swimming Pool

Turn your backyard into a relaxing escape with a pool and sauna!  Swimming is a great way to get exercise, and afterwards, the sauna helps your muscles relax.  Try to build your pool and sauna close together so it’s easy to go back and forth.  For that true spa feeling, use natural materials like wood and stone, maybe add a gentle fountain, and use soft lighting at night for a peaceful mood.

10. A Rustic Pond+Pool Design 

Bring nature’s serenity to your backyard with a rustic pond and pool combo. Imagine the pool blending seamlessly with a natural pond, edged with rough-cut stone. Lush water plants spill over the edges, and maybe a waterfall tumbles in, adding a soothing sound. Earthy colours and textured materials throughout create a timeless, rustic feel. It’s a tranquil escape that blends beautifully with your surroundings.

11. Freeform Pools For Iconique and Dreamy Landscape

Forget those boring rectangular pools – freeform pools have beautiful curves that look like a natural pond. This makes them feel much more relaxed,  like a little escape right in your backyard! You can add features like rocks, waterfalls, and a shallow entry that feels like walking into the ocean.  If you have a smaller yard or an odd-shaped space, a freeform pool is a great solution since you can design it to fit perfectly!

12. Moroccan Swimming Pool Tiles Ideas

Transform your backyard into a luxurious escape with a pool fit for a sultan! Moroccan tiles with swirling patterns line the bottom, creating a dazzling display under the water. Cool off with a dip and feel the smooth tiles beneath your feet.  Moroccan tiles can also be used in combination with other printed and plain tiles to create an eclectic yet personalised pool space that you will fall in love with instantly. 

13. Small Pools for A Cosy Feel

If you think swimming pools can only work in large mansions and resorts then think again. You can always follow smaller design plans to create iconic pools for yourself. Small pool designs transform even compact spaces into inviting oases. Think plunge pools for a refreshing dip, lap pools for exercise tucked into narrow areas, or creatively shaped pools to maximise limited space. Add features like waterfalls for soothing ambience, built-in seating for relaxation, and clever lighting to set a magical mood.

14. Bold and Luxurious Swimming Pool Design for Home 

For a bold swimming pool design, go with unique designs and patterns. Don’t settle on the quality of the materials that will be used for the pool, instead always choose the best tiles, the best concrete, and the best labourers as well. You can further enhance the luxury aspect of your pool by adding jacuzzis, spas, showers, and more. 

15. Slides and More: Playful Swimming Pool Designs

Slides can be installed to make your swimming pool a place for fun and enjoyment. Slides can be regular, spiralled, or covered- the choice is completely yours. Consider adding colourful floating toys, a basketball hoop for friendly games, or even a built-in climbing wall for added thrill. Include a designated shallow area with sprinklers or fountains for younger swimmers to enjoy safely. These playful elements will make your pool the ultimate summer destination for fun and relaxation.

17. Accessories and More for Pools


Stylish floaties, vibrant pool noodles, entertaining beach balls, and various other pool and underwater toys can truly be the best investment for your pool. These toys will make all of your swimming sessions fun and refreshing. Getting larger accessories such as chaise lounges and sun mats can help you make your swimming pool and the nearby area the best and the most relaxing space in your house. 

18.Natural Elements for An ‘Organic’ Look

Create a natural, organic feel for your swimming pool by incorporating elements found in nature. Use smooth stones along the pool’s edge, mimicking a natural shoreline. Integrate lush greenery and aquatic plants for pops of colour, and consider a waterfall cascading over textured rocks for a soothing, natural sound. Choose earthy tones for the pool’s surroundings and materials like wood or stone decking to complete the harmonious, natural aesthetic. Natural elements such as plants, rocks, etc. can be used in all kinds of swimming pool plans and designs including swimming pool designs for resorts. 

19. Umbrellas For a Beachy Vibe: Pool Design Ideas

Beat the heat and add a stylish touch to your pool area with umbrellas! Consider large cantilever umbrellas that can be angled to provide maximum shade throughout the day. For a classic look, go for fabric umbrellas in vibrant colours or natural tones to complement your outdoor decor. If you have a smaller poolside area, umbrellas with tilting mechanisms offer flexible shade options. For a resort-like feel, try adding a thatched umbrella or two, creating a tropical escape in your backyard. And don’t forget the freestanding umbrella bases to ensure stability, especially on windy days!

19. Grand Gestures and Glorious Pools

Your swimming pool and the adjacent area can be very well converted into a luxurious outdoor sanctuary by adding elements to the pool such as bold and beautiful gardens, luxurious tiles, and stunning seating arrangement. 

Winding paths lead through lush foliage, offering hidden seating nooks and vibrant flower beds. Use soft lights to light the path to the pool at night. You can also go for solar lights, as they will turn on automatically and won’t require electricity. 

20. Custom Pool with Different Levels: Modern Swimming Pool Design 

While the basic ‘one-level’ pool design continues to be the classic choice for many, you can introduce a unique twist to your pool by adding levels to it. Instead of a plain simple pool, add a couple of small pools on a higher level just next to the main pool. These smaller pools can serve as kids’ pools or even as jacuzzis and more. 

21. Divided Swimming Pool Designs

To make your pool look and feel more interesting, you can always divide it into multiple sections. These multiple sections can be used for different purposes- for instance, a distinct section with a shallow pool can be your kids’ pool or a deeper section can be used to relax. Use dividers to create divisions in the pools. An easy and quick way to create division is by using tiles for swimming pool options. 

22. Infinity Swimming Pool Designs

Infinity pools offer such a unique and remarkable addition to any property as they can truly elevate the way your property feels and looks almost instantly. What makes infinity pools so popular is that they look grand, luxurious, and incredibly stylish- as if they are endless and blend with the horizon itself. While it is true that infinity pools are more common in commercial spaces, you can still include them in smaller and residential properties such as bungalows, houses and more.

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23.L-shaped Swimming Pool Design

L-shaped swimming pools are a nice option for all kinds of spaces- commercial as well as residential. Thanks to their versatile and adaptable shape, these pools can be used to create a beautiful landscape feature in your yard. An L-shaped swimming pool design achieves the best of both worlds- it’s not too simple or basic like a rectangular swimming pool nor too avant-garde like an eclectic-shaped pool. 

24. Have a Hammock

Make your pool area even more relaxing! Tie a comfortable hammock in a shaded nook around your pool. This will become your haven as the hammock is the best place in the house to have some ‘me time’. Add some comfy lounge chairs (definitely with umbrellas!) for soaking up the sun. Want some privacy? A cabana feels like a fancy getaway, especially with breezy curtains. And don’t forget the extras – fluffy towels and a sunscreen station make it feel like a true resort.

25.Fountains and More

Adding fountains can make your pool even more special! Think about fountains that have multiple levels so the water cascades down – these offer a classic, elegant look. For a modern waterfall effect, sleek sheet fountains create a dramatic visual.  Playful fountains can shoot arcs of water into the pool, adding a touch of whimsy and fun.  Besides looking beautiful, the gentle sound of the water is incredibly relaxing – imagine the soothing soundtrack it will create for your entire poolside area.

26. Fireplace and Kitchen To Amp the Pool Side

Make your pool area even better for hanging out with friends and family!  Fireplaces are perfect for regions that tend to get quite cold on winter nights. You can roast marshmallows in this fire and come up with an impromptu camping session. 


While pools can be quite an expensive investment along with the continuous expenses of maintaining them- it is still true that nothing can beat the beauty and functionality of a pool in your yard. A pool can not only make your house stand out among the rest, but it can also become your favourite place to hang out with your friends and family all the time. One way to make your pool stand out is with awesome tiles. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, check out the Orientbell Tiles blog – they have tons of tile options and helpful articles about designing your dream space.

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