3D look tiles are currently a popular decorating trend that can help you turn your space into an eye pleasing landscape. These stunning tiles help add some texture and visual depth to your space – be it commercial or residential. Install the tiles in any space and you can be assured that you can bring in a new dimension with little effort.

The term ‘3D’ signifies an additional ‘depth’ to the already present height and length. 3D tiles help elevate the look of regular 2D designs by giving the tile additional depth that creates interesting shadows when illuminated.

Today, 3D tiles are a top trend that works well for maximalist and minimalist spaces. Available in various colours and designs, 3D tiles can be used to sprue the look of any design or colour scheme – in any space that you desire!

Let’s take a look at all the various spaces you can use 3D tiles in!

Living Area

The living room is one of the central places of the home, where we tend to spend most of our time relaxing, entertaining guests, and spending leisurely time with the family. It is important to decorate the space to make it relaxing as well as inviting at the same time.

3D tiles are a great choice for a living area. They can be used to create accent walls or create accent niches behind televisions or art pieces3D floor tiles can be used to create patterns on the floor and give it a bold look.

Brick look 3D tiles, geometric 3D tiles and floral 3D tiles are the most opted for designs for living rooms. 


It is very common to see tiles installed in kitchens – and that is not without reason. Tiles absorb minimal water, are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance – properties that are always a plus in a space that sees a lot of exposure to water and spills.

3D tiles can be used for the backsplash area or to create a stunning accent wall that gives your space a striking look. Available in a plethora of designs and colours, you will always find a tile that works well with any decor or colour scheme.

However, it is essential to ensure that the tiles fit well with the colour scheme of the rest of your kitchen. Multicolour tiles can compliment grey cabinetry, earthy shades can be paired with woodsy furniture while pastel shades can work with sleek modern furniture.

On the design side, floral tiles can be used to uplift the mood of the space and geometric tiles can add another layer of visual depth.


Be it a shower before work, or an unwinding bath experience after a long day, bathrooms serve the purpose of relaxing and rejuvenating us. It is the space that needs to be functional yet pleasing to look at.

Similar to the kitchens, tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms since tiles have minimal porosity and protect your floors and walls from water related damage. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for your space.

Tiles are available in numerous geometric, floral, and landscape motifs to make your bathroom look picture perfect. You can pair these tiles with matching bath accessories and ambient lighting for a dazzling look.

Exterior Walls


Tiles are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them the perfect material for installation on your exterior walls. Just like interiors, decorating the exterior part of your home or commercial space is equally important. This is because they help create the first impression for your guests and visitors.

3D tiles can be used on your exterior walls to create an angled impression and give the whole space an artistic look. Brick look tiles can be used to give the space a rustic and timeless look.

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor living spaces need to perform a functional role, while being attractive to look at. The flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand the onslaught of the elements as well as heavy foot traffic. Tiles can be a great replacement for natural stone – not just due to their durability, but also due to the attractive designs they are available in.

3D tiles can be installed in your outdoor space to give it a stunning look. Geometric tiles or brick look tiles in earthy colours can be installed to go well with the natural vibe of the space.

Offices And Other Commercial Spaces

Just because offices or commercial spaces are formal spaces, it is not necessary that the space needs to look bland. You can add some 3D tiles to add an element that has a visual impact on the space, while looking sophisticated at the same time.

Adding a subtle patterned 3D tile can give the space some texture and design without overwhelming the space. These tiles can give the space an inviting look and pair well with all kinds of decor and colour schemes. You can either tile one wall to create an accent wall or tile all the walls for a stunning visual.

3D tiles can make for an exquisite addition to your space. They can elevate the look of your residential or commercial space and take it from basic to stunning. It can be very easy for a 3D tile to overwhelm a particular space, so make sure you use it in small doses in confined spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Want to see how a particular tile will look like installed in your space? Use the TriaLook feature to see the tiles installed in your space!

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