Don’t know how to remodel an existing home or how to transform the blank four walls of an apartment into a cozy, perfect home? Look no further! These phenomenal architects are ruling over Instagram and making eyes (and hearts) swell!

We Design Studio by Nupur Shah and Saahil Parikh @we_design_studio): The duo founded the company in the year 2011 and is an award winning entity in the architectural space. Based in Mumbai, We Design Studio has been accredited with various awards and accolades and has also had great press coverage over the past few years. Meticulously working on in depth curation of accents and aesthetics of every project that comes their way and also sourcing raw materials ethically and responsibly for the furniture the design for the spaces is the USP of this team. A common observation that has been made of them is that they love playing with elements of nature and that trans;ates into their color themes as well. Tones of beige, nudes, browns seem like their quintessential color palette. They believe that leaving spaces bright and allowing the sunlight to fall into homes is a beautiful sight that should be left unaltered. Maintaining synonymy and minimalism is what works for most of the spaces in cities like Bombay, according to them.

Studio 4A (@architecture4a); This Bangalore based architect and design studio was founded in the year 2006 by two gentlemen, Vijay Narayanan and Appachu Nanjappa. They like to employ and decode structures based on modern day technology and apply them effectively to the existing structures. They quoted “Making spaces look beautiful is always on the agenda, but to make them efficient is our foremost goal.”

The entity masters the art of transforming the client’s vision into reality. They also take thorough effort in explaining to their clients the introduction of technology and the changes that will be brought about with them, keeping the client’s ideas intact. “Our practice is technology driven. This is due to our understanding that technology sets the boundaries on what is feasible. In the conception and the execution of the design and the design process itself, the latest technology is constantly engaged and harnessed to put the limits on what is possible.”

Workshop Inc ( Founded in the year 2018 by Varun Shah and Keta Shah, this firm services into not just architecture and interior designing but also aces in graphic and art. Based in Ahmedabad, the team believes in having a complete interpretation of what the client aspires to create. They obtain a detailed narrative from the client on the miniscule aspects of spatial design and then, with a plethora of creative options and possibilities, create spaces that quite seemingly stand out of the crowds. Infusing architecture with art allows them to create magnificence on a single canvas of space.

Thought Parallels(@thoughtparallels): The firm was founded in 2014 by Nikhil Mohan and Shabna Nikhil. These two individuals were practicing separately and have worked both in and outside India on several projects. The brand’s most primal ethos is to pay attention to detail in the vast ocean of architecture and design. The firm promises its expertise in innovation and the ability to design and supervise construction anywhere in the world. They have worked on all sizes of projects, from modest to large houses, boutique hotels, art galleries, experience centers, commercial, religious and corporate buildings. Actively collaborating with clients and understanding the client’s technical and economic circumstances helps them create the most optimal spaces. The result of such spaces is what resonates absolutely with the client’s requisite and vision. The firm also practices sustainable designs which they believe create a richer, more powerful architecture.

Shiraz Jamali Architecture (@sjamaliarchitects): The firm was founded in the year 2016. This firm has specialized in creating luxury second home and residential projects on the outskirts of Mumbai and other parts of India. They practice an unconventional approach of understanding landscapes, weather and vision of the client and blend in a balance between design and functionality. The team further stated “Born and brought up in India we are exposed to the obstacles that we face, understanding how we are different from the rest of the world and one size can’t fit all. Using that approach of thought, sensitivity and context gives us an upper hand in creating truly workable spaces that function as they need to with an ability to be flexible to the needs of the user.”

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