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6 Essential Considerations for Designing a Small House

Have you heard of the term “micro homes”? Or do you know how a large percentage of people have started moving towards compact houses due to an array of reasons spanning from cost of living, high property prices, unaffordability, urbanisation, and more? House prices have shot up to 15 times in the last 30 years. In that case, small housing is not a problem but is seen as a solution by many. But designing a small house is tough for people, or is considered such. Limited storage, a compact outdoor area, restricted airflow, and many other issues arise when you think of a small house design. But in this blog, we will help you find ideas for a simple small house design and stuff you need to keep in mind so that you can make the most of whatever space is available. From choosing perfect tiles for the house to picking up the right colours, we will be discussing a lot.

  • Sort Your Furniture Smartly

If you have been facing a major issue with space in a small house, try your hands on multi-functional furniture. There are numerous options in the local market and online where you can find amazing stuff that takes up less space and requires more work. There are trendy sofas that turn into beds when required, storage stools and cabinets with storage options that can be a great option to bring home. And not just that, but some tables can be expanded or adjusted to a smaller size when required. Built-in shelves and cabinets are also an option you can search for, as they provide storage without taking up extra room.

  • Combined Space Ideas

When the space is confined, you might have to combine two spaces into one. Like in many flats these days, the living area and dining area are combined. Now you may wonder how to differentiate the two areas. Placing a rug is the best way to introduce a vibrant element and also create a beautiful separation factor between the dining and living areas. Additionally, when designing a combined living and dining area in a small home, the choice of flooring is crucial. Use large format tiles and the same colour of tile throughout the combined living and dining area so that the space looks big and there is no breakage in the appeal. 

Orientbell Tiles have light-coloured tiles that can help reflect natural light, which is essential to creating an airy and welcoming environment. You can never go wrong with options like nu-seawave-white, nu-canto-creama and similar ones.

If you have the option of a large window or a good source of natural light use them as much as you can because they make the area look wider. Light-coloured walls and ceilings also reflect light and make the rooms feel brighter and more open. Bring some mirror décor items and place them to enhance this effect by reflecting light around the room.

Small areas, if left unorganised, and even when guests arrive, may feel a bit suffocated. Hence, good airflow and ventilation are key to making a small space feel fresh and comfortable. If there are windows on opposite walls, it can help with cross-ventilation for the entire space.

  • Tiles for a Small House

In a small house, to create a visual appeal, a minimalist approach is very crucial. It makes a space feel big and cohesive. When all parts of a home look connected and flow well together, it creates a more open and spacious feeling. For that, you know, tiling comes at the top. Using the same flooring material throughout the house, for instance, with PGVT Classic Dyna Marble Beige, PGVT Onixo Beige etc., it is one of the easiest ways to create a consistent look. Whether you choose ceramic from Orientbell Tiles like bdm-travertine-brown or porcelain tiles like pcg-breccia-marble-creama in glossy, matte, or wood finishes; keep it consistent in all rooms. Consistent flooring helps the eye travel smoothly from one area to another, making the whole house feel more unified.

  • Colours You Must Invest In

Your best friends in terms of colour for your walls are neutrals like off-white, light pink, pale green, grey, beige, lavender, and so on. As you did with tiles, stick to a consistent colour for the entire house. Select a shade and play around with it to create a sense of flow. And if possible, bring furniture and decor with a similar kind of shade throughout the house. For example, if the colour of your house is off-white, you can buy furniture similar to any shade of white or a colour that complements it. But if you are wondering about how to add some attractions in vibrant shades, then add pops of colour with accessories like cushions, rugs, or artwork, but keep the main colour palette neutral to maintain consistency.

  • Uncluttered Kitchen 

Here comes another important part of a house, which is also one of the busiest areas: the kitchen. When it is a small house, designing a kitchen that is stylish and practical can be challenging. In that case, utilise vertical space as much as possible. Add light-coloured tiles on the floor such as linea-statuario-gold-vein and patterns like SBG Mosaic Plain White, and SHG Wave Onyx HL  to the wall to add drama.

The L-shaped or U-shaped layouts for kitchens in small houses provide enough space and storage while keeping everything within easy reach. Use large cabinets that reach up to the ceiling to store most of the items, like dishes, cookware, and pantry items. Add open shelves and bring containers of the same size and shape to keep the kitchen organised and make it look more spacious. Light colours on walls and similar or complementary shades on cabinets and counters can make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Good lighting is also important. 

  • Balcony or Outdoor Space in a Small House

Even in a small house, having a balcony or outdoor space is a must for some green and peaceful time. Go for vertical gardening, hanging pots, or wall planters to grow plants.

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So, now you do not have to panic about designing your small house. Because with smart ideas and planning, you can show creativity, no matter the size of your house. Focus on a minimalist approach with tiles, colours, and decor, and you will play the designing game for a small house. Remember, a well-designed small house can be just as comfortable and functional as a larger one with thoughtful planning.

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