To figure out answers to all such questions and concerns by your customers, welcome to the world of Orientbell Tiles, where our Channel Partners have figured out and upgraded the way tiles are sold. With over 3,000 tile designs available in multiple sizes, an average Orientbell Tiles Channel Partner not just sells tiles but ensures their customers make the right choice.

Orientbell’s channel partners, with the new visualization tools and digitalization, convert two times better than any other tile supplier. But this is not all. Here is how becoming a part of Orientbell Tiles’ dealer chain will benefit you:

  1. Increased Walk-ins Result in Better Sales

To increase footfall in exclusive Orientbell Tile boutiques, we optimize the online presence for your store. On becoming an Orientbell Tile boutique, stores get an additional 50 walkins in a month. So whenever customers in your location search for tiles, they will get all the details of your store which will increase your chances to have them walk into your store.

  1. Designs, Sizes and Colours

More than 3,000 tile designs in all standard sizes are available for you to order. Marble tiles, wooden tiles, wooden tiles in planks, large-format tiles for countertops, ceramic wall and floor tiles, the list is long, very long. There is something for each of your clients and they will surely not go back disappointed.

  1. Visualizing Before Selling Builds Customer Confidence, Increases Sales

The industry’s first visualization tool, QuickLook, is often termed as the ‘Bramhastra’ by our existing channel partners and business associates.

They say that if your customer is confused between multiple options or is not sure how they will look in their spaces, they make use of the QuickLook tool and convert them in no time.

QuickLook helps showcase tiles for both walls and floors to your customers in set templates like the bedroom, living room, kitchen and many more in three simple steps. Our Channel Partners can give a 360-degree walk-through, create catalogs and simply WhatsApp the designs created for the customers.

Don’t believe us? Listen to what our Channel Partners have to say. (QL Testimonial video)

  1. QR Codes for Ease of Buying

Orientbell’s technological innovation is not just limited to the online space, all its products are now QR code enabled. Each tile delivered to you comes with a QR code that you can scan to get all the details of the product in one place.

Informed customers make the right choices and add value to your business.

  1. Manufacturing Capability and Ease in Delivery

With three manufacturing units in Sikandrabad, Dora and Hoskote along with many manufacturing partners, association with Orientbell is what you need to ensure your order reaches you on time. What is better than availability of the products? It’s delivery!

We can deliver in small batches of 10 tonnes helping you save space. Each batch is delivered on time. Now your customers won’t have to wait until you order a truckload.

  1. OBL Connect App for Latest Company Updates

Orientbell Tiles’ dealers are just a tap away from all the information about the products, their availability, stock and their invoices etc.

The OBL Connect App lets our channel partners know about stock availability, orders placed by them and other crucial company updates for them.

  1. Industry-First Website Features, Making Tile Buying Easier Than Ever

The past two years have changed the way consumers shop. Now they look for you and your product online, choose, visualize and then place the order. And if you think walk-ins is the only way you can convert, pause and reset.

Visit, which has revolutionised the way tiles are bought and sold with a never-seen-before range of products and AR-enabled tools that help your customers try tiles in their homes before they buy.

If you don’t believe us, see this demo