22 Jan, 2021
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Advantages of Ceramic Tiles and are they Waterproof

Tiles have been the answer to interior and exterior needs of any setup, be it commercial or residential. Ceramic tiles have donned the cape of alpha tiles as they are an all-round solution to all setup needs. Ceramic tiles have been the talk of the town since their inception. They are one of the most popular tile types and deservingly so. 

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made of clay which is later shaped and then fired in a hot kiln. Earlier, non-glazed tiles were fired only once, whereas glazed tiles had to go through the process twice. But now as the technologies have become advanced and more easily available, this practice no longer exists. 

Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles

One of the most prevailing myths about ceramic tiles is that they are not fit for flooring and aren’t waterproof either. Busting it, let us talk about some of the tile ranges and series that Orientbell offers. 

One of the very popular series by Orientbell, which smashes all such beliefs is the series called the Forever Tiles. Ceramic tiles have always been very affordable. They are known to provide the best quality and are value for money. 

Ceramic wall Tiles for Bathroom

They come with vast options in finish, style, sizes, colours and patterns. These tiles are one of the most popular tiling option as it requires very low maintenance. People install tiles from ceramic and forget about it because these tiles are extremely easy to maintain. Your flooring needs, walls, accent walls, and everything that you can possibly think of, can be taken care of by forever tiles. The low porosity in them makes them a fine option to go for when you plan to revamp your floor. 

No amount of mopping and cleaning and water splashing over these will affect their finish, colour or pattern. They definitely make a good case for themselves when you are considering to use tiles to up your floor looks. 

Ceramic Tiles Design

Hygiene has also been given equal importance. With technology advancement tiles are now germ-free as they come with an anti-microbial layer that kills over 99% germ causing bacteria. And that's not all, tiles are not just germ-free but Anti-Viral as well. Anti-Viral tiles are the need of the hour and fight viruses.

Make your homes and offices safe, stylish and trendy now!

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