Until a few years back, designing bathrooms was simple. A dry and wet area, simple flooring and half tiled walls. Bathrooms were given least priority and often left smaller than other rooms and spaces in the home. However, with evolution in technology and the way home owners are reimagining their dream space, bathrooms are considered a space where your hygiene and personality are reflected. Now bathrooms are tiled wall-to-wall, and the floor tiles that you choose, should be in-sync with the overall theme of your home.

In the year 2020, when everyone was at home due to the pandemic, homeowners realised the importance of designing a bathroom according to everyone’s need in the family. And with 2021, the trend only continued. We saw homeowners inclined towards germ-free floor tiles to keep bacteria and germs at bay and vitrified tiles in large sizes dominated along with tiles in different patterns and colors.

With new year around the corner, here is a list of bathroom tiles trend that will dominate the year 2024:

Light Shades for Bigger Appearance

Lighter shades of whites, beige or even greys were a hit in 2021 and would continue to dominate 2024 as well.

These light colored tiles need to be plain and boring, with new designs entering the market you can now explore marble tiles, textured tiles, light colored tiles in glossy or matte finish. You can explore an array of white, beige and grey colored tiles here, along with other wall tiles. These tiles can be used in the concept of dark or light tiles along with a matching highlighter tile.

Moroccan & Mosaic Wall Tiles

The Moroccan tiles trend is now catching up, especially in the bathrooms. These tiles look fabulous not just on walls but can also be mixed and matched on the floors as well.

Similarly, mosaic tiles were a hit in 2021 and continue to be one even in 2024. Now mosaic tiles are no more about gathering smaller tiles and putting them together but they come in a mosaic pattern which is way less complicated and easy to install without any hassle.

You can now not only view the product you like on www.orientbell.com but also try the tiles you like in your own room using the ‘See this tile in my room’ feature. If you are satisfied with your choice, you now order a sample or just shop the tile from the convenience of your home.

Germ-Free Tiles that Kills Bacteria Causing Germs

The new normal has made us all realise the importance of hygiene for us and our families. Germ-free tiles are a great option for tiling bathroom floors and walls as most germs penetrate in bathrooms. These tiles can kill 99.9% bacteria causing germs upon contact and are best suited for households with kids and senior citizens.

While you thought these germ-free tiles must be boring, you must explore Orientbell Tiles’ Germ-free tiles that come in various patterns and designs to suit your taste. What’s more?

Germ-free tiles work well between mopping cycles and come with scratch-free technology. You can shop Germ-free tiles from here.

Vitrified Tiles for Bathroom Walls

Vitrified Tiles once considered the best tiling option for living room and bedroom floors is slowly making its way into the bathrooms and how. Vitrified tiles in glossy finish on bathroom walls is gaining popularity especially for the elegance and class it adds to the entire look of your bathroom. If you want to bring natural elements to your bathroom like marble and stone then vitrified tiles in glossy finish should be your go to. Most popular sizes to tile your bathroom walls are 600x600mm and 600x1200mm.

Other than that Orientbell Tiles’ Inspire range comes in various shades and patterns of marble that can be used on bathroom walls.

Additionally, you can also choose matte finish tiles from the Inspire collection. These tiles are exquisite and one of a kind designs that elevates the look of the space without adding too many elements.

Accent Walls for the Bathrooms –


Usually a bathroom concept includes dark, highlighter and light tiles that when put together forms a pattern. You can know more about creating and choosing bathroom tiles on a specially curated tile buying guide here.

However, 2024 will see accent or statement bathroom walls especially behind the basin, WC or just behind the shower area. Bold statement walls stand out among other monotone tiled walls that make your bathroom memorable for your guests. This statement tile can be a completely different color from other walls or a pattern like brick, stone or even styles.

You can also choose from a range of highlighter tiles here, which can be tiles on a single wall to give it a bold look.

Elevation tiles which were once considered an ideal choice for home exteriors can be used to create accent walls in the bathrooms.

Basin Counter Tops that are Better than Granites –


Yes, you read that right. Tiles for basin counter tops that are even better than granite stone.

Granite was used extensively across the years for its durability, look and the fact that it comes in a single slab. This way a granalt slab would usually check all boxes as a first choice for basin counter tops however, it comes with its own cons like – boring colors, lack of variety, high-maintenance and is expensive on the pocket

With the newly launched Granalt range, which comes in 12 designs with various marble and granite patterns making it a versatile option. What’s more? Granite Tiles come in 800x2400mm which is a big slab and can be cut, drilled or molded as per your requirement without any damage.

You can know more about the Granalt range here.

Any of the above tiles will help you enter 2024 with a dazzling effect. What’s not to love about these tile options?