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Bedroom False Ceiling Ideas - Add Style To Your Relaxation

The bedroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house. After an entire day of hard work and toil, we all look forward to the blissful sleep that awaits us in a restful bedroom. Multiple studies have shown the importance of a good night’s sleep and the right kind of bedroom design can enhance the quality of sleep. A well-designed bedroom can recharge our batteries and enable us to face all the responsibilities that the new day will bring.

Unlike the living room, which tends to have a busy feel, the bedroom should have a tranquil, calming factor to it. Since the bedroom is a much more private space than the other areas of the house, its decoration also needs to be different from the rest of the home. Most people attempt to achieve this by choosing a soothing colour palette, but why limit yourself just to the colour palette? 

Another effective way to create the ideal ambience for your bedroom is by focusing on the ceiling. The ceiling is often the largest unobstructed element in a room and also the element that most people see a lot, once they lie down on the bed. Ceilings, therefore, have a crucial role to play in determining the aura of the room. False ceilings, also called POP (Plaster of Paris) ceilings, allow you to exploit the maximum design potential of ceilings, in order to immediately enhance and transform the look of the room. 

Benefits Of False Ceiling

  • Makes even ordinary decor look modern and elegant. 
  • The air trapped between the main ceiling and false ceiling acts as insulation, reducing the heat of the room in summers and retaining warmth in winters. This is one of the biggest benefits of a false ceiling. 
  • It is one of the best ways to conceal cluttered wiring for a sleek look. 
  • As the total area of the room is lessened, the cooling costs and power costs are lowered. 
  • It absorbs excess noise and plays a key role in acoustics, thus reducing overall noise pollution in the bedroom. This makes relaxation more comfortable and convenient. 

Now that we know what false ceilings can do for us, let us check out a few designs. 

  • POP Half-spheres for a Theatrical Effect

This design is specifically inspired by vintage theatres and showrooms to add layered modernity to your bedroom. The grand sweep of the half-spheres creates an expansive look, making the room look larger and more plush. If you enjoy a more luxurious look, then this design will tick all your boxes. Add lighting along the grooves of this design for subtle illumination throughout the room. If there are existing light fixtures or other electrical fixtures, keep those in mind while planning this implementation.  

  • Striped Designs In Black and White

This minimalistic design combination features protruding and recessed coloured stripes on the ceiling. The straight lines and contrasting colours create an elongating effect, which can enlarge the dimension of the room. This design can be placed centrally on the bedroom ceiling, as it has allowances for electrical fixtures such as fans and lights. The protruding border that runs along the edges of this design provides the illusion of a higher ceiling, further enhancing the sense of space in the room. One way to elevate this idea is to play with the colour combination: choose a palette that matches the aesthetic of the room. In addition to all the benefits already provided by false ceilings, this design is easy on your pocket as it is almost an extension of your natural ceiling. 

  • Peripheral False-ceilings

As the name suggests, peripheral false ceilings run along the walls to create added dimension and depth to the room. If you want to give the illusion of a higher ceiling without any distracting visual elements, then this minimalistic design can give you the best of both worlds. White is usually used for peripheral false ceilings, but you can experiment with colours that fit the ambience of your room. The use of a soothing pastel palette with gold accents can provide a luxurious look that flows together without any harsh clashes. 

  • Inverted-cove False Ceilings

If you are looking for a way to re-align the proportions of your room, especially the ceiling, then this design is perfect for you. The inverted-cove design provides the illusion of a slightly lower ceiling, helping to make the room seem balanced. Used extensively by high-end hotels, this design also helps to diffuse natural light more effectively.  This is also a great option if you want to conceal wires and cluttered electrical boards. You can install lights all along the insides of this ceiling to add a very modern and elegant touch to an otherwise simple room. Apart from having bordering lights, you can also experiment with coloured lights to add a touch of excitement. Coloured lighting can be especially suitable for the children’s bedroom, adding a sense of playfulness. 

  • Layered False Ceilings

If you have a large bedroom with a high ceiling, a layered false ceiling can have a striking impact. Similar to the inverted-cove design, this idea features concentric coves to provide a layered look. The play of light and shadow creates interesting patterns of depth, making your bedroom look more complex and sophisticated. Add some subtle recessed lighting to discover new reflections and transform the ambience. Light colours, like beige and light brown help to accentuate this effect. Experiment with materials such as wood, glass, vinyl and metal to complement or contrast the layered false ceiling. 

In conclusion, false ceilings are a durable and cost-effective addition to your bedroom that can dramatically change the ambience of the room. Their high degree of customisation allows you to experiment with design, colour, pattern and lighting to create a dream bedroom for a happy and healthy life.

Have you used any of these ideas in your home? Reach out to us with your comments and suggestions!


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