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Best Bathroom Designs for the year

Bathrooms are extremely private spaces from time immemorial. Over the years, mindsets have changed and people take special care in designing and decorating their bathrooms. It is a much more trendy space now, complete with sophisticated accessories and amenities. It’s where a lot of people find their peace of mind by taking a relaxing bath. To do that, you would need appropriate ambience and surroundings. A beautiful bathroom decor can help you relax and unwind.

When designing a modern bathroom, you have to be careful about the looks of every nook and cranny, from the floors, walls, wash basin area, bath and shower area and the bathroom fittings from taps, commode and bathtub. Bathrooms require substantial investment if you want to use modern technology innovations.

The bathroom designs that will trend in 2022 will be much ahead in time. In 2022, we will see different kinds of wall tiles in the bathroom. One of these are 3D tiles with diamond effect that will give a good light reflecting effect to make the bathroom look brighter and cheerier.

One of the latest trends is to use wooden look tiles on the wall near the wash basin area behind the mirror combined with a sparkling white basin placed on black or any dark colour granite top, with a cupboard underneath to keep toiletries and bathroom essentials like washed towels. The wall tiles that are much in demand are porcelain small square tiles with multicolor effect on one side, where accessories like the geyser and shower are fixed, with 3D wall tiles on the opposite wall.

For bigger bathrooms, the trend in 2022 is to use designer tiles with carpet patterns in rectangular shape at the centre and white vitrified non-slippery tiles in the surrounding area. Modern bathrooms also make an effort to give a natural look by introducing a wooden base and stainless steel fittings. This combination is surely innovative and classy. The main requirement of a modern bathroom is a neat and clean look, with a touch of luxury.

It is estimated by interior designers that in 2022, we will see higher use of marble tiles. Marble tiles in white, grey and reddish colours with fluid lines will add a touch of organic and elegant comfort. Small handmade tiles are also a trend you can go for. These are used in some parts of the bathroom walls to give the whole space a rich texture along with the use of wood which will add a classy look.

Tile designs with geometric patterns have become quite popular and are considered creative options for bathrooms. Another pattern that will be trending for wall tiles in modern bathrooms will be the basket braiding pattern.

Never ignore the basin and faucet when designing a trendy bathroom. Nowadays a large variety of faucets, hand showers and head showers are available in the market. Bathroom mirrors are also available in a wide variety, in round or rectangular shapes, with a designer lamp fixed on top. Consider these accessories before choosing the tiles around the mirror area. In 2022, we will see more sensor fittings to reduce manual handling.

Good quality of wooden or wooden finish tiles are returning as a trending style in 2022, and are also being used in the bathroom unlike earlier. Wooden look was never a part of the bathroom as this space is prone to seepage, but wooden tiles have solved that problem as they are non-porous.

Bathrooms in many posh and expensive homes and hotels amalgamate vintage and contemporary styles. In 2022, the vintage look in the midst of natural ambience (which you can create by placing some plants in your bathroom) is another trend that will catch on. The combination can give an exquisite look to your bathroom.

If you desire to remodel your bathroom in 2022 with the latest trends and styles, it’s definitely a good idea as having a nice bathroom can help you make a good start to your day. Follow the latest bathroom trends to make your space smart as well as luxurious.


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