A bathroom in any home is one of the most significant places. You start your day here and it sets your mood for the day. While designing a bathroom, you should understand its importance as a stand-alone space inside your household. Your bathroom should be well designed not only for its functional and practical value but should also be artistic, with a sense of style, comfort, and luxury. Your bathroom should also be hygienic, flexible, highly practical, easy to maintain and clean. As all these prime parameters can easily be handled by tiles, cladding your bathroom walls with tiles is a great way to revamp your space in a refined, elegant and modern way.

With a gigantic range of designs, artistic patterns, glamorous colours, interesting shapes, remarkable finishes, and vast tile material options, modern bathroom wall tiles options can be endless and selecting the right tile for your space is easier said than done. Orientbell’s range of contemporary bathroom wall tiles stands out for its texture, colours, patterns, and styles with the choicest materials like ceramic tiles, marble tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, 3d tiles, wooden plank tiles, and hexagonal tiles. You can find tiles that suit your taste and interest in our series of trendy bathroom wall tiles. These bathroom wall tiles are water-resistant and can be installed in the shower area, near the bathtub or as a backsplash. With the unique water-repelling feature, these washroom wall tiles are the most sophisticated, hygienic and durable choice for your space. You will never stop your kids, who love to have fun in the shower water while taking bath as these wall tiles will give a sense of safety with their exceptional anti-skid and germ-free features.

Let’s explore the best options available for cladding bathroom walls:

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain bathroom wall tiles are considered the best option due to the aesthetic appeal and practical features offered by them. With a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures these robust and durable wall tiles are water and stain-resistant and easy to maintain. With all mentioned benefits, ceramic and porcelain bathroom wall tiles are priced reasonably and are best for modern bathrooms.

These beautiful grey and white ceramic wall tiles with the mosaic tiles highlighting the shower area are adding an artistic touch to the bathroom.

Wood Plank Wall Tiles

Orientbell plank wall tiles range is a great modern choice to redecorate your bathroom walls. With a laminate finish, these tiles are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. The wooden look plank wall tiles with nature-inspired elements can give a subtle yet beautiful and elegant look to your bathroom. With the durability and longevity of colours, these are the perfect choice for your bathroom walls.

Floral Bathroom Wall Tiles

Floral tiles give your bathroom a garden-fresh, delicate and near-nature feel. These tiles can be used as a feature wall, or border tile, or even as a backsplash. Create a subtle look with natural theme floral tiles or experiment with rather bold and bright colours to get a warm and chic look.

These English colourful floral tiles running across the bathroom walls of pure white textured tiles give a refreshing and cool feel in Indian summers.

Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles from the house of Orientbell will give a luxurious and spacious appeal to your contemporary bathroom. These wall tiles are easy to maintain, mould-free, and water-resistant. These tiles in complementing colour or pattern can be used as a backsplash too.

Stonewall Tiles

These tiles are one of the prefered tiles for cladding bathroom walls. Available in different finishes, textures and colours, these are made from natural materials like marble, limestone, or granite. Orientbell brings to you a wide range of bathroom wall stone tiles in different sizes, shapes, colours, and finish. Though they are slightly on the higher side of the price range, nature’s presence and the earthiness they offer is priceless.

Mosaic Bathroom Wall Tiles

Mosaic tiles are highly versatile, attractive, flexible and available in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Orientbell mosaic wall tiles can be mixed and matched to create illusions and set out your creative nature. Mosaic Tiles create a unique appeal that you will adore for years to come

Mix and match marble or other ceramic wall tiles with Orientbell’s huge collection of mosaic wall tiles, to create wonders in your bathroom. Experiment with these tiles for your next perfect backsplash, shower-stand, or feature walls and create marvels in your space.                

Textured Bathroom Wall Tiles

The contemporary textured wall tiles, with advanced technology and high-resolution printing, makes textured wall tiles a preferred option for interior decoration. These special 3D tiles with the ocean and dolphins specially designed for your bathroom walls will add a new dimension to your space.

Marble Look Bathroom Wall Tiles

Marble tiles give your bathroom a sophisticated, stunning, and plush look. These everlasting marble tiles were used in home décor for decades and are still in demand by homestyle enthusiasts.

Apart from the material, colour and size, the finishing of the tiles is also important to be considered. For bathroom walls, glossy finish and light-coloured wall tiles are preferred as it makes your space appear larger and appealing.