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Beyond Boring: Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your House

Bored with the same old look of your house, or want some smashing home interior design ideas that will make you go wow? Don’t worry, because all this is possible with some cool ideas and a little creativity. A big or small house is not going to cause any problems when you are styling it. Just with a few tips and smart ideas, you will be able to ace the game. Get ready to transform your home into a place you love!

Don’t Stick to One; Play Mix-and-match

This is the simplest and smartest way to transform your space into a style heaven. Play, mix and match with the colour of your walls furniture, rugs, and curtains. You can add smaller and bigger rugs on top of each other; this will add beautiful layering to your home interior design

Alongside, you can use different kinds of materials together, like wood, metal, glass, and jute, in furniture as well as in décor. It’s like the various musical instruments you add to a band!

Instead of plain pictures, try hanging woven wall decorations like macramé, paintings with textures, etc. Baskets, vases, and sculptures with some kind of art form add the next level of beauty to the house.

Tiles Are Evergreens

Transform your home with the timelessness of tiles from Orientbell Tiles. Let’s look closer at how you can use them entirely or with creative cuts for a custom touch in your house.

  • Hexagon Tiles for Balcony

If you are looking for a modern vibe, add a honeycomb effect with hexagon tiles, ODH Hexagon Brown HL. The beige, brown, and grey colours in the honeycomb tile design give the balcony or porch area a sophisticated effect.

  • Large Floor Tiles in the Living Area

Floor tiles can give an extremely timeless and modern vibe to the area. You can use large-format tiles, super-gloss-jeriba-quartzite-blue, in living areas, dining rooms, or even in bedrooms. They do not break the view and make the room look bigger. The key is to choose colours that complement any decor style, just as ODF Adams Crema FT did in the image below.

  • Textured in Bathroom

Are you scrolling the internet for such home interior design ideas? What is more beautiful than adding textured tiles like linea-decor-leaf-multi, which has a beautiful floral texture, to the walls of your bathroom?  Choose from subtle textures like those shown in the image for a minimalist look that makes a statement without cluttering the space.

  • Marble Marvel For Dining Area

For a luxurious touch in your dining area, consider Orientbell’s marble-look tiles, such as BDM Madura Ivory. They maintain a balanced look and add elegance to the space. 


Make Your Art; Don’t Be Afraid to DIY

Do you know that adding a piece of art made by you makes your home more personal and also makes you spend less money on expensive store-bought items? This will not just save a lot of money but also let you unleash your inner artist. Transform your space with these amazing home Interior Design hacks and add hanging of your art on walls. Group smaller pieces for a gallery vibe, or let a larger piece be the star of the show. Remember, there are no mistakes in the world of DIY art! 

Mirror-Mirror, Not Just on the Wall!

Don’t think that mirrors are just for checking faces! They can give your home a bigger, more stylish, and brighter feel. The best hack is to place a mirror opposite the window so that it reflects natural light. This makes small spaces feel bigger and dark corners feel brighter. Or you can also hang a mirror across from a beautiful piece of furniture or artwork. But what if there’s no window in a room? Place a big square mirror in such a way that it does the job of a window. A large mirror on a blank wall can add instant style and open up the space. 

For the Love of Bold Colours?

Are white, beige, and all such neutral shades boring to you? Then, incorporate dark colours and bold patterns into the walls and furniture of our house for a little drama. Some hacks, and you can ace the game: 

  • Try Accent Walls: Don’t paint the whole room dark! Choose one wall as your accent, which means you have to paint three in a lighter shade and only one in a deep, rich colour. This creates a focal point and adds a touch of drama without being too much. 
  • Furniture Fun: Don’t be afraid of a dark sofa or a chair. It can make a room feel more cosy and inviting. But it would be better if you paired them with a neutral wall colour.

Smart Gadgets For Easy Breezy Life

Do you still use old-school gadgets when there is smart technology around the world that makes everyone’s life easier and more comfortable? Ditch them right now! Start with smart lights; they are a game-changer. You can control them from your phone, set schedules, or even dim them with your voice for a relaxing movie night. Then there are smart locks, with the help of which you can unlock your door with your phone, even for guests when you’re away. Also, to make your home secure with smart technology, use smart. Get alerts if there’s a motion sensor trigger, or even see live video from security cameras—all on your phone!

Green Spaces are a Must!

After doing all of the above, if you feel that something is missing, go to the nursery and buy yourself some amazing plants. Adding plants to your house will help you in two ways: cleaning the air and maintaining its beauty. 

In the corner of the room, which is still empty, place a big, leafy plant like a Monstera or Areca palm and enjoy the pop of greenery. Smaller plants, like money plants, snake plants, jade plants, or succulents, look great on tables and shelves. Beautify empty walls with hanging plants like spider plants. Their cascading vines add jungle vibes. With a little care, your plant friends will thrive and add beauty and life to your space for years to come!


Add good tiles, pictures, colours, plants, and more, which we discussed in the blog. Embrace the power of DIY art and mirrors; there are endless possibilities to transform your space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours, patterns, and even smart home technology. So, enjoy this house and design it in a way that compels you to come home as soon as possible from work. 

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