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Bungalow Interior Design Ideas for Home

Modern open-plan living space with kitchen, dining, and lounge areas.

Choosing the best interior design options and plan for your bungalow can not only make it look stylish and stunning, but it can also help you make it more comfortable and peaceful.  

It is all about achieving the delicate balance between beauty and functionality, which on the surface may seem like a very difficult and challenging thing to do, but with proper passion, ample guidance, and good planning; you will be able to do so in no time. And if you still think that it is not something that you can handle, then don’t worry; there are plenty of professionals available in the market who can help you design your bungalow to make it your dream home. 

Professional guidance not only streamlines the interior design process but also ensures that your bungalow becomes a true reflection of your unique taste and preferences. Ultimately designing the bungalow is an investment of money and time that brings in a lot of worthwhile rewards. To make things a bit easier and clearer, here are a few things that every homeowner must keep in mind while planning to design their bungalow: 

1. Basics of the Bungalow Home Design

Cozy living room with modern furniture and a winter landscape outside the window.

Designing the interior of your beloved bungalow can only start properly when you understand the basics of the bungalow. While the term “bungalow” does not have a strict and perfect definition, the word is mostly used to talk about a large and old house, often designed in a traditional manner, which has a lot of large rooms and yards. These homes, prevalent for decades, carry a unique charm and architectural heritage. Preserving and modernising such properties require a delicate balance, aiming to enhance their original flavour, integrity, and historical significance. Remember, a bungalow is always a matter of pride for its owner, which is why, when planning to design the bungalow, it is always recommended to keep the choices and tastes of the owner at the forefront with complete focus. 

a. Architecture

To keep things simple and manageable, it is always better to start from the basic structures in the bungalow i.e. the floors and the walls. Beginning with these elements, you can then slowly move towards the centre of the place. 

Bungalows come in various types, distinguishable by unique features or the era of their creation. If your bungalow has a distinctive architectural and interior design style from a few decades ago, consider preserving and modernising it while retaining its flavour, integrity, and heritage.

b. Colour Palette

In many classic bungalows, neutral shades dominate the interior design, offering an easy mix-and-match palette. However, rooms like bedrooms and the living room can exude regality and class by introducing jewel tones like sapphire blue and ruby red. Embrace experimentation with colours and shades to infuse personality into your bungalow’s design. Do take into account the science of colour theory which showcases how a particular colour or shade can affect your mood while designing the different rooms in your bungalow.

2. Bungalow Design Ideas: Focusing On Individual Elements


a. Crafting Lounging Areas

Swing bed with cushions on a wooden deck next to a tropical hut.

Most bungalows feature an open-space concept where the living room becomes the centre of the bungalow from which various branches shoot, taking people to various rooms and private areas. 

Create inviting and functional lounging spaces throughout your bungalow, enhancing both beauty and utility. Ideal locations for these relaxing corners include gazebos, balconies, gardens, backyards, and cosy spots within the living room. These lounging areas provide perfect settings for moments of relaxation and socialising with friends.

b. Bungalow Interiors: Living room 

Cozy rustic-style interior with comfortable armchairs, a coffee table, and large windows overlooking nature.

The living room in any bungalow is the centre of the house quite literally which is why every homeowner must focus on the living room bungalow interior design plans and ideas to create a living room that is both stunningly stylish and incredibly functional. 

For a beautiful living room bungalow interior design idea, you can choose some statement pieces of furniture in wood or similar classy materials and finishes. Instead of cluttering the living room with various items, be more selective about everything- right from the choice of furniture, upholstery, and colours, to even accessories on the walls and on the shelves. Wooden living room tiles made using various materials such as ceramic can add that classic and vintage charm to your bungalow’s living room without the excessive hassle of cleaning and maintaining real wood. 

c. Bold and Beautiful Bathrooms:

Modern bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower, freestanding tub, and dual vanity sinks.

Each bathroom in your bungalow can be designed according to your personal tastes while also following a universal theme so that all of them look uniform. For a classy and elegant look consider adding copper or brass fixtures (but with a special coating to avoid water damage) as these can not only add a traditional touch to the bathroom but can also create a distinct art-deco style. Similarly, choose jewel tones to design the bathroom in your bungalow for a glorious look that will grab all the eyes. You can use various accent tiles and bathroom tiles in various spaces in the bathroom to create accent walls and nooks or you can also use stylish styles to define the shower area. Tiles that have intricate patterns and distinct colours can also be used as frames for your mirrors and vanity. Another way to make the bathrooms of your bungalow look glorious and stylish is by using vintage mirrors instead of going for the basic and simple ones.  

d. Kitchens and Culinary Arts: 

Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, white marble countertop island, and wooden cabinetry.

While designing the kitchen in your bungalow, always keep ventilation and lighting in the forefront so that your kitchen feels fresh, bright, spacious, and airy all the time. Large windows and ambient lights can create a nice combination of natural and artificial light, making the kitchen a luminous presence in the house. 

While designing the kitchen in your bungalow, do not forget to focus on the gadgets, equipment, and storage options. Choose gadgets and kitchen equipment that you will use frequently instead of buying everything that you see on the market to keep the kitchen of your bungalow free from chaos. Similarly, invest in high-quality storage features for your kitchen including shelves and cabinets. You can use a variety of kitchen tiles, which are available as both floor and wall tiles to add a distinct charm to the kitchen of your bungalow. These kitchen tiles can also achieve the aesthetic look and appeal of certain materials such as wood which are generally avoided in kitchens. 

e. Decadent Dining rooms

A neatly set dining table in a bright, contemporary room with large windows draped with curtains.

In many traditional bungalows, you’ll find a distinct dining room usually located adjacent to the main kitchen. When it comes to outfitting this space, selecting a high-quality dining table is a key investment. Since the dining table becomes the focal point, its style and functionality matter. A dining room should have ample natural light and ventilation which can be quite easy if the room has some large windows. These windows need to be decorated with curtains that go well with the dining table and table mats. A decadent chandelier hung over the dining table screams grandeur and luxury like nothing else. You can decorate the dining table or the dining area in the dining room with distinct carpets or beautiful dining room tiles

f. Fancy and Phenomenal Corridors

Modern residential interior showcasing a hallway with hardwood floors leading to a well-lit living area, featuring glass panels and a tufted wall accent.

As the living room is often the central element of various bungalow interiors, it often serves as the nucleus from which various corridors emerge going in different directions towards different rooms.

This is why it’s crucial to design corridors thoughtfully, ensuring they look as stunning and inviting as the rest of the house. Since corridors experience frequent foot traffic, the flooring in these areas needs to be both sturdy and durable. The best flooring option for corridors of bungalows continues to be tiles. Tiles i.e. floor tiles can be found online as well as offline making it quite easy to find the best tile for the corridors of your bungalow. 

3. Modern Bungalow Interior Design: Doors, Floors, and Fireplaces

a. Doors: 

A blue front door on a white brick house, flanked by matching black lanterns and potted plants.

There are two major kinds of bungalow doors- the interior doors and the exterior doors. These can be further divided into the main door, the pantry door, the door to the bathrooms etc. Regardless, for exterior doors, especially the main ones, it is recommended to get high-quality wood that is solid and features a stunning stain. 

An intricately carved wooden door can be the best introduction to your bungalow. Remember, doors are not meant to be painted, rather they should only be stained, especially when you are dealing with a traditional bungalow. 

For interior doors, the ideal choice is generally French doors which can enhance the beauty of your bungalow while also being quite functional. Do remember to hang curtains in the necessary spaces to enhance the beauty even further. 

b. Flooring: 

Modern living room with green accent wall, round coffee table, and cozy armchair.

For flooring, you can consider natural stone or plank wood- both classic and vintage choices that exude style and elegance. But do remember that most of these flooring options that employ natural and often organic materials prove to be quite difficult as far as maintenance and cleaning are concerned.

When deciding on flooring for your bungalow, why not go for tiles that replicate the look of real materials? This choice combines style with easy maintenance, offering a practical yet visually appealing solution. But let’s not forget about the floors themselves – leaving them bare is a missed opportunity. Enhance your bungalow’s charm by adding stylish carpets and functional yet beautiful area rugs. These rugs and carpets can make your already beautiful floor even more beautiful, especially if you choose to use oriental rugs- a classic choice for bungalows. 

c. Fireplace: 

Spacious living room with a stone fireplace, elegant seating, and an open concept leading to the kitchen.

Fireplaces, a common feature in older bungalows and modern designs, often grace the living room. Whether or not you plan to use it, the key is to ensure its design adds a stylish touch. Consider using tiles to create an attractive surround, adding warmth and cosiness. The mantle becomes a perfect spot for cherished souvenirs, enhancing your bungalow’s charm.

4. Bungalow Architecture Design: Ceiling Details and Designs

An empty room with gray walls, dark flooring, and modern lighting fixtures.

Instead of leaving the ceilings of your bungalow empty and unused, design and decorate them to suit the overall aesthetics of your place. You can use moulding on the ceiling such as PoP or other similar mouldings to create stunning false ceilings. You can even invest in painting the ceilings with beautiful murals, especially in the living room and the bedroom. For a more affordable option, use water-proof and intricately designed wallpaper on the ceiling in various rooms of your bungalow. 

5. Bungalow Home Design: Lighting Options For The Bungalow

Modern living room with leather sofa, hardwood floor, and chandelier.

Choose a combination of functional and aesthetic lights and use them in your bungalow carefully. 

Illuminate your bungalow with a thoughtful combination of lighting elements to cater to different needs in various areas. In spaces like kitchens and studies, prioritise functional lighting for enhanced visibility. Functional lights should also be used in other areas of the bungalow, including the living room, corridors, and areas that generally tend to be dark. 

But instead of just sticking with functional lights, pair these functional fixtures with a variety of aesthetic lights, including ambient and decorative fixtures. Ambient lights are a great addition to any bungalow as they can create a nice and cosy atmosphere that is not as harsh as the overall effect of harsh white lights, i.e., functional lights. 

As far as decorative light fixtures are concerned, the sky’s the limit for owners of bungalows. Right from giant and classic chandeliers to modern sconces- owners can use a plethora of different light fixtures to illuminate their bungalows while also adding a designer feel to them. Along with electric decorative lights, definitely consider adding other sources of light including but not limited to candles and lamps which can add a regal touch to your bungalow. 

6. Bungalow Interiors Ideas for Walls 

Modern living room with large windows, grey sofas, and a view of greenery outside.

When it’s time to add a touch of personality to the walls of your bungalow, the options are diverse and intriguing. While the classic choice involves painting or wallpapering, a contemporary trend sees an increasing number of individuals favouring wall tiles as their treatment of choice. 

Wall tiles stand out for their practical advantages, offering a seamless blend of easy cleaning and maintenance, surpassing the longevity of traditional paint and wallpaper options. The durability and aesthetic appeal make wall tiles a smart and stylish choice, elevating the overall ambience of your bungalow while ensuring a long-lasting and visually pleasing wall treatment.

Stencils and Accessories can be added to the walls to make them even more beautiful. Choose classy stencils that last long but can also be replaced easily so that you can update and modify the walls of your bungalow whenever you feel like it. You can also choose a high-quality wallpaper and use it to create accent walls in certain spaces or areas of your bungalow. 

7. Bungalow Design Ideas: Wonderful Window Treatments

Elegant dining room with wooden table and chairs, bright artwork on the walls, and sunlit french doors.

Ideally, the doors and the windows in a bungalow should feel like they belong to the same family, but you can always make the windows look more regal and lavish using various items and materials. For instance, different types of glass and paints can be used to create a stylish and classic stained glass effect. Use high-quality drapery and curtains to enhance the overall look of the windows while also serving various functions. 

Use a window treatment that reflects the bungalow style as the windows can add a lot of style to the overall design scheme of the bungalow.  

8. Adding Furniture and Accessories to Your Luxury Bungalow Interior Design:

Modern living room with a fireplace and a snowy view outside the window.

Most traditional bungalows generally look amazing with traditional wooden furniture made of various kinds of wood. Choose a few distinct pieces to be used as artwork or accessories in the bungalow. Choose authentic artworks or high-quality reproductions and antiques for a stunning vintage and luxurious look. 

9. Bungalow House Interior Design: Authentic Design with Minute Details

A cozy living room with warm lighting, featuring a dining table set with candles, a sofa, fireplace, and decorative elements.

While designing your bungalow, it is necessary to consider both the major factors along minor details in the house so that every aspect of the space looks stylish, appealing, and smooth. As a homeowner, focus on every little detail in your bungalow and try to personalise it. You can also incorporate pieces, accessories, fabrics, design elements, and materials from your respective state or culture for a more authentic and stylish bungalow. 


1. What is the concept of bungalow design?

A bungalow design is a traditional house that generally features a distinct and classic architectural style. A traditional bungalow is spacious, oriented horizontally, and tends to have an open floor plan with elements such as verandas, eaves, yards, and more. Most bungalows are heritage or old and are passed down in families but it is also possible to find newly constructed bungalows with all kinds of modern amenities nowadays. 

2. Is a bungalow better than a flat?

While the choice between a bungalow, a flat, or any other type of residential space solely depends on the personal tastes as well as requirements of the homeowner, it can surely be said that buying a bungalow can be a good investment for people who are in a need for an independent space that where you are not bothered by the constant hustle and bustle of your neighbours. A bungalow is also a great choice for people who love a peaceful day-to-day life where they can have their own yard and a beautiful garden. 

3. Which is a better villa or bungalow?

Both villas and bungalows have once again become quite popular recently and sometimes they are also used as synonymous terms for each other, but there exists a difference between them that sets them apart. If looked at from the perspective of an architect or an interior designer, a villa is a house that is constructed and designed in a way that is focused on modern customers, while a bungalow is more traditional in construction and appeal. Generally, bungalows often tend to get passed on through families while villas are built on plots in the modern setting. 

4. Which Are the Latest Interior Designs for Bungalows?

There are a plethora of options to choose from while looking for bungalow house interior design options that are trendy and updated. For instance, you can choose a more open-space concept where the space can look and feel brighter and larger. Similarly, using large glass windows in specific spaces can allow the interiors to be connected with the exteriors making the room feel classy and rich. Another way to enhance the beauty of the interiors of your bungalow is by neutral shades for interior design elements of the space. 

5. What Is the Best Plan that you should consider for stunning Bungalow Interiors?

There is no one ‘best plan’ for a bungalow’s interiors which can fit every bungalow. Every bungalow owner has their tastes and personal choices, which is why it is possible to find bungalows with a lot of distinct features. That said, a classic structure or plan for a bungalow- which seems to be the most common and popular is the open space structure in which a large open space is created in the centre of the bungalow which can serve as the living room of the house. This living room can then have various branches for the other rooms as well as private areas of the house. It is recommended for a bungalow to have at least two wings. 

6. How can you design or style a small bungalow?

A small bungalow can often be seen as a difficult house to design and decorate, especially when you compare it with the ample space and design options that are available for a large bungalow, but rest assured it is not only possible but can also be quite easy, may prove to be a bit difficult to design and plan as compared to the interiors of a large and spacious one, but it is not an impossible task. You can always overcome the challenges and issues of designing a small bungalow through various creative ways including creating the illusion of a larger space through light colours, having hanging furniture, introducing hidden storage and more. 

7. How to plan a Luxury Bungalow Interior Design to design a bungalow?

To begin the planning of a rehaul of your bungalow, analyse and assess what kind of bungalow you have. This includes looking at the age of the bungalow, the style of architecture, structural plans, and more. Once you have assessed all of this, you can check what elements you would like to keep as it is in your bungalow. After this, you can always move on towards planning out the whole design idea with the help and guidance of an expert interior designer. 


Bungalows and similar large and traditional houses are the best choices for people who prefer to stay away from the noise and cacophony of day-to-day life. If you want to make your bungalow into a luxurious and palatial haven, you just need to design it properly with the help of curated materials and talented brains. Do follow the design tips and ideas given in this blog, as they have been curated by keeping bungalows in focus. For more design tips, you can always visit Orientbell Tiles website!

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