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Which Tiles are Best for Wall Cladding?

Wall Cladding Tiles

When we speak of tiles, the options, the types and the styles of tiles are limitless. The diverse choices are even more diverse now that the tiles are available as area-specific too. One such type is called Cladding tiles.

What are cladding tiles?

A lot of us may still not be aware of what cladding tiles mean and what their uses are. Cladding tiles are used as a layer on top of the existing materials for walls, both interior and exterior that protect the spaces from weather changes, moisture and dampness. Cladding tiles are made up of ceramic or vitrified material. These tiles are made to be super durable to endure the harsh weather that they may face.

Types of wall cladding:

Wall cladding is done in different ways using different materials. Thanks to the technological advancements that have taken place over years we have been able to add various options to the list of wall cladding.

Natural Stone Cladding:

Natural stone cladding is done using natural stones like slates, sandstones, marble, granite, limestone and quartzite, to name a few. The natural look that this kind of cladding gives makes the spaces look welcoming and beautiful. This kind of cladding can be done either on a concrete or a steel surface. The cost of natural stone cladding may differ from stone to stone.

Natural Stone Cladding

Brick Cladding:

Cladding bricks are made from lightweight material. These materials come in various colours and offer complete protection from exposure. The brick cladding has a natural density that does not allow it to fracture or degrade. It also has thermal insulation properties which help in maintaining a comfortable temperature within the spaces.

Brick Cladding

Wood Cladding:

Wood has continued to be a preferred choice in cladding because it bears the most aesthetically pleasing cladding materials. The most common of them all, timber cladding is installed in long, narrow boards that can be put up horizontally, vertically or diagonally and each style can represent a unique ornamental finish, which is beautiful.

Wood Cladding

Cladding Tiles:

Cladding tiles, which are the most widely used in most homes, are most commonly seen in the exteriors, but nowadays are also becoming very popular to be used in the interior walls as well. Tiles are water resistant and they offer great durability to weather exposure and keep the walls safe, whilst making them look great with their innumerable, gorgeous designs.

Cladding Tiles

Exterior Wall Cladding Tiles Options:

For most of us, only what is inside the house matters, so we put all our energies into making the interiors spectacular and flawless. When it comes to the exterior, more often than not, we settle with a coat of exterior wall paint. But if we only realise that by cladding the walls of our exteriors, we are not only creating value by enhancing the aesthetics of the house, but by also safeguarding them against the harsh consequences of weather and giving them a long, healthy life.

Quarry tiles:

Earlier, external quarry wall tiles were mined from actual quarries. But today, the quarry tiles are made from a highly dense, unfiltered layer of clay. Quarry tiles are a great choice for external wall cladding as they stand strong against harsh weather conditions and maintain a nice, cooling temperature. They are highly water and slip-resistant.

Quarry tiles

Ceramic external wall tiles:

Ceramic external wall tiles are resistant to most weather conditions, thus they are also a popular choice for external wall cladding. They are mostly found in glazed form, which makes them stain and scratch-resistant too. These tiles are also used in bathrooms, countertops and kitchens. They are economically priced and are available in various colours and designs which makes them a good choice for external wall cladding. They are very low in maintenance and are easy to replace in case of a mishap.

Ceramic external wall tiles

Granite exterior tiles:

One of the strongest materials that you can use for your external wall cladding would be that of Granite. The strength adds to the durability and makes it even more resistant to weather. Plus, the granite that is used for external wall cladding usually comes glazed and polished. There are a few downsides to having granite as well: They are porous so regular health maintenance in terms of sealing and lamination will have to be conducted. Not to mention that Granite is an expensive stone. Unless you have both the budgets to install and to mention, this may be a questionable choice.

Granite exterior tiles

Soapstone exterior wall tiles:

Yet another metamorphic stone, soapstone exterior walls are highly resistant to water and stains. They are also decently resilient towards harsh weather conditions. Soapstone exterior wall cladding tiles have a smooth, silky texture. Alternatively, they are also good to be used around your patio or swimming pool.

Soapstone exterior wall tiles


A form of limestone, travertine is mined from various parts of the world, such as China and Turkey. The quality of Travertine may vary depending on the mine that it is quarried from. It is a hard stone, which means that it is durable. It has a rough texture, which makes it perfect for external wall cladding. It is reasonably priced, which makes it another good reason to have it as exterior wall cladding tiles.


Natural stone:

Natural stone in external wall cladding is an age-old practice, followed centuries ago in places of heritage like forts, monuments, etc. Classy in its look and strong in its nature, natural stone tiles are available in different, abstract shapes. They can withhold all storms of weather, thus they are a great choice for external wall cladding.

Natural stone

Grey-coloured tiles:

Grey-coloured external wall cladding tiles give a rustic and simple look to your homes. The biggest advantage of having grey tiles is that you don’t have to be worried about the walls making home dust on the exterior. This makes maintaining them very easy. You can even mix them with other dark colours like blue or black to make them look bespoke and make your exteriors more eye-catching.

Grey-coloured tiles


Using cement on the exterior of the walls is an inexpensive way to protect them from the weather conditions it is exposed to. It gives the house a vintage look too.


Printed or Moroccan tiles:

This is for those who love colour and design. Although we have not yet reached a point where Moroccan tiles are comfortably used for the exteriors, there is always room to try something new and innovative. The walls are your blank canvas. You could go all out and make it a creative wall by putting them throughout, or then just create Mandala patterns for a more creative look.

Printed or Moroccan tiles

White stone:

Seeing white on the exterior is nothing new. It is an eternal favourite for most people, both for the interior and the exterior. You can use a single shade of white for exterior wall cladding or have a mix of shades, which could be in different hues of white. The only downside to having white on the exteriors is that the dust on the outside will settle on the walls in no time and it will be visibly clear. It will need regular cleaning to keep it maintained.

White stone

Interior Wall Cladding Tiles  Design Ideas:

We have a lot to thank for the pandemic, as only after its arrival has we begun to give due importance to the look and feel of our homes a lot more than before. Plain walls are a thing of the past now. A lot of homeowners are taking an interest to make the interior walls of their homes attractive and good-looking. As statement walls are gaining popularity, wall cladding is becoming a popular choice.

Classic brick wall cladding tiles:

Brick wall cladding is one of the most trending wall cladding designs that we get to see in most homes. Making an accent wall behind the TV unit is an ideal spot for brick wall cladding. Even the ones behind the sofas are an accomplished spot. The colour and texture of the brick wall cladding tiles are so versatile and so real, almost feels like a brick wall itself. This one is for those of you who wish to have a hint of rusticity in your homes.

Classic brick wall cladding tilesContemporary grey stone cladding tiles:

Another favourite for most homes, grey stone cladding tiles add a beautiful, subtle texture to the wall and work brilliantly as a backdrop for cabinets or wall decor or even a backsplash for a counter. This one is for those who want subtle elegance in their homes.

Contemporary grey stone cladding tiles

Sophisticated black stone cladding tiles:

Black stone wall cladding tiles look bold and opulent in homes. For an accent wall, black stone wall cladding is a great, unique choice to make the wall stand out and add a hint of bold luxury to your home.

Sophisticated black stone cladding tiles

Rustic touch with terracotta cladding tiles:

Terracotta wall cladding is the perfect way to add that rustic charm to your home. The good thing about having these wall-cladding tiles is that they don’t need to be made any more ornamental. The aesthetic that these tiles have to offer is timeless and will never go out of style.

Rustic touch with terracotta cladding tiles

Get playful with mosaic cladding tiles:

For those of you who love a display of colour and creativity on your walls, mosaic cladding tiles are a great choice. With mosaics, there are no set rules on how to install them. Your creativity gets a chance to be boundless and you can choose to let go of the symmetry and choose a bit of disarray. This way, you will outdo the usual outcome without even knowing it. These rough, unpolished and distinct tiles are a great way to create an appealing look in your home.

Chic ceramic cladding tiles:

The simplest way to beautify your homes would be to use ceramic cladding tiles. Using ceramic brick tiles as cladding tiles in a modern home is a great way to set the tone of the entire decor by adding a hint of vintage chic. These tiles are available in various colours that will allow you to select the one that works best for your home.

Chic ceramic cladding tiles

Add warm tones with solid wood cladding tiles:

Who doesn’t love the solid wood look in their homes? Anything wood is loved by almost everyone as that makes the spaces a warm, inviting effect. To achieve this look in wall cladding, the walls will need to be treated with plywood pieces one by one into a large and intricate assembly. But all that effort is worth every bit of it once the final look is out.

Add warm tones with solid wood cladding tiles

Urban Spaces with Multi-Textured Cladding Tiles:

Take the game up a notch by experimenting with interior wall cladding with multi-textured cladding tiles. Either marble that is found in various colours, textures and designs or a cladding stone with different textures on it combined can form a chic look for your urban home.

Urban Spaces with Multi-Textured Cladding Tiles

Herringbone Cladding Tile:

Herringbone as a design has won our hearts not just in wall cladding but also in flooring as well. They are great to have on the floor as they create an illusion of a larger space and also make the spaces look conversational. This style of cladding makes the spaces look niche and high-end.

Herringbone Cladding Tile

Sandstone Split Face Cladding Tiles:

Sandstone cladding tiles add a hint of heritage and make the spaces look like they have descended as a legacy. This kind of timelessness looks great as wall cladding in homes.

Sandstone Split Face Cladding Tiles

Serene White Washed Brick Cladding Tiles:

White-washed brick cladding tiles will take you back in time and make you feel like you are in an apartment in New York. The white colour is great to brighten up the spaces and the brick cladding brings in the rustic charm in homes. This also means that you have a versatile wall that you can design and decorate as you please as anything you do with these walls will look great.

Serene White Washed Brick Cladding Tiles

Things to keep in mind while choosing to clad:

Before you decide to take the leap of faith and go for wall cladding, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind before you decide to go ahead with it.

Weather protection:

When you are looking for cladding tiles, the foremost important aspect is that they need to shield your exteriors from external weather conditions to maintain the life and earth of the walls.


Cladding tiles are made up of ceramic or vitrified materials which makes them durable, robust and versatile. It is always preferable to opt for tiles that are branded and made with high-quality materials. This way, you are assured that you are buying the best tiles for your homes that will last a long time and protect your homes well. This is a one-time investment so you must leave no stone unturned and endure there is no compromise on the quality used for cladding tiles.


For anything to last a long time, there has to be some amount of regular maintenance that goes in. This holds even for cladding tiles. You may wonder, what kind of maintenance would cladding tiles need after all? For example, if you have used wooden tile cladding for your exterior, you may need to apply a rot-resistant coating on the timber cladding to combat the effects of moisture and dampness. Thus, it is advised that you devise your budget before choosing the cladding material you want to go for to understand the extent of maintenance it would need. A professional contractor who bears the expertise and the knowledge will be able to help you understand this well.


The kind of cladding tiles you choose for your home needs to not only be robust and durable but also need to complement the architectural structure of your home and add to its beauty. There are various cladding materials available in the market for you to pick from, right from vinyl to wood to metal to stone. Choose the right kind of material that suits the weather of your demography and that looks good. Seek professional help if you think this is a decision you can’t make by yourself.


Everything that you do, comes at a price. You must have your budgets planned out well so that making this decision becomes easier. A reasonable budget for the cost of installation, materials and estimated maintenance that it will need over some time will bring you many steps closer to the material you should choose.


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